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06 Jan 2022 18:22:28
This Doherty/Traore thing seems to be gathering momentum. Can`t see the sense in it. Do we really need the Doc back? Is Semedo on his way just as he is establishing himself as a very good signing?

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06 Jan 2022 19:47:10
No way should Docherty come back, he wanted to go and failed miserably his time has gone.

06 Jan 2022 21:02:25
Hope the powers that be agree with you Mike!

07 Jan 2022 00:24:36
Athletico supposedly want Semedo to replace Trippier so that may be why we're looking at Doherty (or journos think we are looking at Doherty)

07 Jan 2022 10:53:29
Putting Doherty to one side for a moment, would Semedo leaving be a good move and at what price? Is Hoever ready to step up? If the answer to these questions is yes and we can get the majority of the transfer fee back I might be inclined to go with it. As other posters have said why sign young players and not give them a chance. The downside however is do we have sufficient injury cover?

07 Jan 2022 12:22:09
Arddunby - the majority of the fee?
Given he has improved significantly defensively and is no worse offensively than when he first played for us either you believe we hugely over paid for him or you are happy for the club to be selling him cheap?
Neither says that you think management have/are going to cover (ed) themselves in glory.
Surely as a player who is clealry better than he was when he arrived 2 seasons ago his fee, if we were selling, should have gone up not down?

07 Jan 2022 13:06:38
Future, I suspect fees will be down across the market for the next few windows, did we overpay? that's a matter of opinion, maybe the market will decide that.

07 Jan 2022 13:40:32
Arddunby -V sorry. I was merely stirring. I actually am on record as saying we over paid for him and although he has improved (markedly) I agree we still wouldn't get our money back - that is how much we over paid!
All that being said I still wouldn't sell him as our recent record in the transfer market, (Sa and maybe Marcal excluded), indicates we would almost certainly merely double down on the error and end up buying a far worse player for not much less than we sold Seemdo for.
Not a Jeff fan!
Not as certain as you however that fees at the top level (where Wolves play!) will be down, although of course covid must have had some impact. Not as much as people think though as the vast majority of the money in the top end of the game comes via TV and commercial activities, (not impacted greatly by Covid) not gate money (which of course was decimated for a period by the virus). I accept this isn't true outside the top end of the game particulalrly if you are a lower league team but they don't exactly drive the transfer market.
If prices are down though then we def should be buyers not sellers - see Warren Buffet's first rule of investment!

07 Jan 2022 14:13:27
So the latest rumour is that Atletico are readying a £50m bid for Semedo. Would you sell him for that price and buy Doherty back?

07 Jan 2022 15:07:31
Future. I think we overpaid, and we were buying from a club with serious financial issues also, but I wouldn't like to try to put a valuation on the player, its always easier said online than a real negotiation. Yes we should be buying if prices are down, and you sure have a point about spending money wisely. Not much point if you waste it, better to find an alternative investment. Regards the fees last window I think City overpaid for Grealish and that is probably the current going rate. I also have doubts Spurs will get much more than that for Kane if he leaves.
Judging by the transfer news it seems clubs are interested in loans and swap deals more than usual at the moment.

07 Jan 2022 15:40:13
Jas v good q!
Not sure though that i'd link the two
As I have stated elsewhere on here I'd only take Doherty back on a free/loan and then only for modest wages - i.e. he would have to take a big pay cut or Spurs pay a chunk of them for the rest of his contract.
Although I loved him - unlike many - he is two years on from his glory days and it is a big ask to expect him to come back.
However if the risk was low enough i.e. low wages and no fee then maybe you take a gamble that he, (with Lage's help/coaching), can return to his former self?
Actually I think both issues - gambling on a Doherty return and/or selling Semedo may be linked to Otto's situation.
If he is fit and we are comfortable he will come back to his best, (best defender of all the FBs/WBs discussed here and ok going forward - not as good as Doherty was or Semedo and RAN hint, (but sadly, for various reasons dicussed regularly on here previously, rarely deliver) they might be), then he could be first choice at RWB. Given we have Hoever as cover and have RAN/Marcal on the left we would be better than adequately covered for FBs, WBs.
If money is tight, in reality only Jeff knows the answer to that, then £50m is an awful lot to turn down when we have pressing needs elsewhere that £50m would really help fill. Originally I thought our biggest needs were an ACM and a back up CB sadly now however I believe a new CF to cover/replace/help Jimenez (who it seems needs longer to get back than we had intially hoped) is a further and possibly even more pressing priority. {Of course the longer than expected return time may as discussed on here only recently with respect to Netto may apply to Otto as well!}
Further point worth noting that a Semedo sale would reduce our wage bill markedly - he is a top earner - and give us a huge uplift in our FFP situation as a £50m sale would represent a large profit on his ammortised value!
Net net if we could get £50m then yes I think I would sell and if we could get Doherty on my terms then again i'd love to take the gamble - sadly though I don't see either happening.
What would you do Jas?
Anyone else?

07 Jan 2022 16:47:38
At £50mil I would sell Semedo but want Doc on a free. Bruno might get Doc back to his best for a couple of years. There's no doubt that Bruno has improved Coady, for example, so there would be hope for Doc.

07 Jan 2022 16:58:45
I am if on totally honest not overly worried about Jimenez. His work rate is as good and he's not exactly been overwhelmed by a massive number of chances either taken or missed tbh.

Personally I would give him more time. I know it was a massive injury but was a top quality striker and I still think he can get back to top form. My opinion and hope!

10 Jan 2022 16:40:51
Good debate gents (as always). For me I would go with option c, I mean why does selling Semedo have to equal Docs return?! Personally I'd sell Semedo for £50m on the simple basis we'd never get such an offer for him again (nb in fact I suspect the whole things academic as if honest I can't see anyone offering that for him:)! Whatever us fans might think the whole reason we did what we did with Nelson and Docs was to improve our quality at RB so I'd stick to that programme. Take Athelticos hand off at £50m then take £20-30m and offer it for another quality young RB (Lamptey or Jayden Bogle spring to mind) ?



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