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10 Jul 2021 08:07:57
Looks like Kurt Zouma has turned down an approach from Wolves. The good news is Lage is addressing the problems with defence.

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10 Jul 2021 09:51:00
Shame as he is a good defender and a real goal threat at set pieces. Loads of premier league experience and only 26. If others are only looking at loans we might be able to get a change of heart by looking at a permanent deal. Showing faith in a player can make that all important difference.
May well be one of these deals that goes right to the wire. Not ideal but would rather Zouma than Tarkowski, who I thought showed some vulnerabilities in his game last year. Wear and tear taking its toll!

10 Jul 2021 11:23:21
For sure Wolfthistle.
I'd go for dunk and Zouma all day long. i'd also monitor Laporte at Man City. He had a great euros and Man city want to offload according to reports.
I don't rate Tarkowski. I think he has had good seasons but they have been near the bottom half for a few years now.
Id also keep an eye on Ben White. If its 50m for one of the most outstanding cb in english football he may be worth a massive punt. Not sure if Arsenal are serious. As I think we might find they just offer the lowest fee and then back out when its not accepted.

10 Jul 2021 13:17:42
Zouma? His loss not ours. We only want players who want to be at Wolves. End of conversation we can do better!

10 Jul 2021 13:30:59
If we were after Zouma, that shows sense and ambition. If he doesn't want to come its probably because he wants to stay in London. Any London team could do with him. He will have options.

{Ed002's Note - That is not the reason he is not interested in Wolves.}

10 Jul 2021 13:51:32
Intriguing Ed. Do tell.

{Ed002's Note - He has better options.}

10 Jul 2021 14:52:04
Deep whilst you should note Ed 002 is not a Wolves fan and therefore may not rate Wolves as a destination as highly a you do it is also fair to say that after last year we aren't as attractive as we were. A year ago we were the next cab off the rank euro 1/ 4s fa cup semis and 2 7ths but sadly not only did we move sharply backwards last year others WH, Leeds, Everton and even Villa moved sharply forward.
Add our v low wage structure and let's be honest the somewhat limited charms of living in Wolverhampton cf London, the south coast or indeed many other places not in England and it is not surprising that he may have better options.
This does present us with a serious issue. I know many won't want to hear it and will claim there are still weeks to go in the transfer window and we don't have to stress but the cold reality is that we do need to sign several "oven ready players" and getting the first one in is the hardest. Doing it early sends out a marker of our ambition and status as an "established" premier league team that a player can safely and happily join. It will therefore obviously make it far easier to attract the others.
Our problem is that the squad was not good enough last year - without the v impressive and unlikely to be repeated 17 points from the first 10 games before Jimenez was injured, [we have no real idea if he will ever return to the level he was physically or mentally], we would have been in serious difficulties.
Since then the squad has got markedly weaker - Otto re injured, Neto injured, Moutinho and Patricio one year further beyond their prime, Boly and Saiss AFN bound to name but some of our issues.
So signing a few unproven kids, which is all we have done so far this summer, is not going to persuade many that we have solved all of our problems and it is safe to sign for Wolves.
Ironically if we can just get a couple of genuine solid pros in we will be fine as there is still the skeleton of a strong squad there particulalry once/ if Jimenez, Otto and Neto return but at the moment this board seems to prefer to sell the remaining handful of stars we have Neves, Traore, Podence etc.
Just don't get it?

10 Jul 2021 15:40:00
Are you classing Trincao as an unproven kid?

10 Jul 2021 16:45:58
Jas M

I think what he meant by unproven kids is they aren't signings that will attract a experienced ready player, but we all know silva, trincao, vitinha, all are very talented.

The future
Yes I agree, we did have a lot of problems last season with injuries which made us finish past the mid table, and main reason players aren't tempted to join Wolves like Zouma is because this team has no UCL or UEL this year. Still time to get more signings on the team. I think we will be okay with another CB/ CM/ ST.

10 Jul 2021 16:50:12
Yes I am.
He has played a couple of half seasons at Braga and then was a squad player at Barcelona - he made 28 appearances in La Liga but his minutes played are equivalent to handful of full matches.
He is a v young player who has had injuries and is joining a totally different league - much more physical and faster whilst playing for a very different side - not all conquering favourites - but, let's be honest, a small unfavoured mid table or lower side.
He won't be getting the protection from the refs that he got in Barcelona or the benefits of having world class players all around him creating space and opportunities.
It is completely unfair to burden him with any sort of expectations as many did with Silva.
I am hopeful he will be great and will contribute over the year but it is madness to place that sort of pressure on him or to rely on him. He may stand up but he may fail - we don't know as he hasn't done it before here or in reality anywhere on a consistent basis. He may have potential and look great in highlight clips, (6 caps for Portugal are also a massive positive), but he is not an experienced and proven Prem league player.
The you can't win anything with kids mantra is not wrong just because 4 or 5 super stars of the UK game (Beckham, Neville, Giggs and Scholes) playing with some all time great like Schmiechel, Cantona, Keane and Irwin were so succesful.
If we had a v strong side he is potentially the cream on the cake but at the moment we don't need cream we need cake.
Absolutely nothing wrong with taking him on a sensibly structured loan deal but its not the final piece in our jigsaw or frankly even a major one. We need to be signing the oven ready players to ensure their is a base from which our young players can develop without crippling pressure - look what happended to Silva. Even Jose - who didn't pull up trees - helped deflect pressure from Silva and he looked much better in those later games!

10 Jul 2021 17:20:55
So what signing are fans looking for?
If we had a squad like this at the end of the summer I would say it is a step in thw right direction.
Dunk/ Tarkowski Coady Zouma/ another
Semedo Palinha Diawara Marcal
Trincao Raul
Ait nouri

To return Neto and Jonny.

10 Jul 2021 17:59:03
I can see everyone's point of view but the first thing we need to sort is the spine of the team. That's what got us up to 7th place, with that the rest will come together. Two or three first team regulars to follow who I assume will be Sa if Patricio goes and it will fall into place. I'm my opinion obviously.

10 Jul 2021 18:08:08
Madman - can I keep Neves and Traore instead of Diawara and Trincao/ Podence in first 11.
Strongly suspect though that the 2 news cbs will be v expensive as will Palinha so money might dictate that you have to sell them to fund the acquisitions. (Assume you have sold Saiss, Moutinho and Patricio as well as the aforementioned 2 plus some fringe players like Cutrone, Mir and Vinagre)
Would sacrifice Vinicius and Diawara if that helped keep Adama and Reuben.
Your team will be fine though and won't go down but might be a bit light on goals unless Trincao really is as good as his hype and Jimenez comes back flying.

10 Jul 2021 18:53:22
Yeah the future is old gold sell the players mentioned.
Can see us changing the dynamic of our midfield. Out of all the players we may lose I'd keep Neves. Maybe deals can still be done for a Sissoko or Kessie?
Traore is to hot and cold and not consistent enough. His deliveries can be poor. Unless he wants to stay as an impact sub.
He probably got us 10 points and lost us 10 points last season.
Id also argue we probably still need another lwb. Someone like Telles on loan would be good.
And an attacking midfielder like Goncalves or Olmo who we've had or been linked to under Nuno. Maybe Coutinho? 😉
I don't trust Podence consistently either. And see him as a squad player.

10 Jul 2021 19:36:24
Dont need to tell you my views on Traore.
If Marcal is fit he is solid defensively but seemingly gives you little going forwards so unless we can pick up a free - like Van Anholt - or as you say a loan - like Telles - I wouldn't prioritise LB over a better CM/ AM - maybe your Coutinho (fear that might be a break too far)!

10 Jul 2021 20:31:04

Telles would be a good option loan, but other players also worthy to look at are Dembele (Barca), and Perisic (Inter) . Both clubs are in some financial situations so I wouldn't see inquiring about a loan. Coutinho, last I heard about rumours is Barcelona is negotiating him at 21m taking a huge loss in profit.

I don't know what his demands on weekly wages would be, but worth a try in asking. And last I like your option of Goncalves at attackinf mf, but another option I really like is Kang-in Lee from Valencia. Such a phenomenal player and he's declined a contract extension that's up in 2022 so maybe cash and players like mir/ cutrone their way would open a nice trade?

10 Jul 2021 21:41:50
I mentioned Kang-in a few weeks ago, I think we should get him as a straight swap with Mir. He was valued then at 7-10m so should be possible. He has what we are looking for and is a good age.

11 Jul 2021 04:02:58

Missed your post, but it’s a nice suggestion. I think his value might be around 20m now that a couple teams are interested but no serious bids have been launched. I would give up Mir and possibly cash if it were to bring Kang-in to the molineux.

11 Jul 2021 09:26:25

I agree I like all thw players mention. But as I've said before it maybe loans before we sign.

I do think the club really has to sell a project to some experienced players. The prohect shoukd be winning a domestic troohy and getting european football.

The obstacle around Coutinho is his salary and whether it is so much more than other players at the club. that's not forgettingn if everything went to plan with Coutinho and Raul wolves really would be looking up the table. Especially if some of the big teams falter.

11 Jul 2021 10:23:11
Madman - From the various websites I have seen his salary ranges from a modest (? ) £165k pa upwards to something crazy like £20m a year. That is 4 times what Moutinho and Patricio, who may be gone anyway earn - leaving Silva and Semedo as top earners at circa £4.5m pa.
Assuming the worst and he earns just over £400k a week a deal where we pay Barcelona £21m and him say £21m up front for a 3 year contract might mean he (if he accepts his salary has to plummet - which surely it must as no one will pay him £400k a week now will they? ) might be willing to play for similar money ie £5m a year. This means that over a 3 year contract he earns £15m + £21m = £36m or £12m pa, but as he has 2 years left on his Barcelona contract not sure he would as seemingly he makes £40m just by sitting still over next two years?
However if the worst case scenario is wrong and we take a midddle case this might well work
But can Wolves stump up just over £40m for a fee.
It would be a massive statement and if we just kept the rest of the side together and Jimenez comes back flying adding Coutinho alone may well mean we would be challenging to be a top 4 side. Ironically thise would mean that the money would rapidly flow back in.
If ony we hadn't wasted £70m on 2 over priced players last year.
Neves and Traore are too important to lose and Saiss, Patricio, Moutinho and the fringe playrs don't move the dial but perhaps we could sell Semedo - who isn't bad - for mid to high £20s and replace him with a cheap option even Hoever looked ok?
Really like the idea but strongly suspect he will, as Ed 002 will undoubtedly point out, sadly have much better options.

11 Jul 2021 10:43:58
Love all this banter about what the club should do and who they should buy and at what price.

I've just finished watching the Spurs documentary and in it, Daniel Levy who a lot of Spurs fans don't like gives an insight on how the transfer market works. Also the Sunderland doc is good as it looks at a club at a different end of the spectrum.

Well worth a watch.

11 Jul 2021 11:14:55
I understand what your saying the future is old gold. However I doubt the club want to keep all the team as it was last season anyway. a lot of players let us down.
For example if they keep Moutinho, they then have 3 players that can play that position (with Neves and Vitinha as it seems that will be finalised) that have cost the club 40m. Does Bruno want to play with a midfielder like those three?
I can see a lot of change in midfield. It was to predictable last season. No driving runs from midfield and fire from the midfielders. We missed Jonny and Jota on the fire front.
I don't think the club would be able to offload Semedo as he has a long contract. Plus its almost admitting we got it wrong trying to play possession based football.
Although we finished 12th with raul we would have finished higher. So don't look at Semedo and Silva as bad deals. They were deals that could be done during a C.V. Most top clubs held onto top players last season. Even last summer I didn't expect Silva, Vitinha, Hoever or Ait Nouri to play many games. I think they did okay for first season in the circumstances I didn't expect Silva to play 20 games let alone score 20 goals.
I also can't see bruno playing silva and Raul as they are similar. Silva is a young inexperienced raul. So that leaves the strike force to be sorted out.

Jas- your damn right mate. There so many different factors that turn players heads. From the missus knows her favourite shop isn't in the city. To the dog has no where to play. 😂 I just hope the club are selling a project that is achievable within 2 years. A trophy would entice players in more than europe maybe? Winning the prem and fa cup over the last 6 years has definitely helped Leicester attract young talent from across the world.

11 Jul 2021 12:53:58
Madman - I had assumed that Moutinho had gone and we didn't sign Vitnha. We obviously won't sign Coutinho ( I really don't think we have much if any chance of doing so even if we wanted to! ) and Vitnha.
Puts the putative cost of Vitnha and for that matter the actual cost of Silva into context though doesn't it. Silva doesn't cost that much less than the scenario above and whilst I don't know what wages we might offer Vitnha the suggested £20m fee is insane!
Agree we won't sell Semedo (as he is one of our better players and pefectly competent in his role) but he is probably the only major player we can afford to sell. I accept his contract, where he is overpaid on a multi year deal, will limit how much you'd get anyway.
Of course if Jimenez had remained fit we would have come much higher up but not sure your next statement follows though?
Indeed your next 2 paras pretty much confirm that the Silva deal at least was v v bad. You don't pay £35m and top top wages for a player you don't expect to contribute for 2 years if you are Wolves. That is well over 25% of our latest annual turnover. Look up what City, United, Chelsea etc etc would have to pay to represent 25% of their latest reported annual turnover (its well over £100m) and see if that sort of player would be expected to contribute?

11 Jul 2021 14:24:26
Your right as a fan it looks odd thefutureisoldgold. But remember no club has really took on the top 6 like Wolves have planned to under Fosun.

Fans need to differentiate between investing in players for the future and players ready for next season.

The first team squad of last season under performed regardless of injuries. Our forwards included Neto, Podence, Traore and Jose.
Vetween them they scored 10 goals. that's rubbish for Portugese and Spanish internationals.
Same goes for midfield not enough goals. Neves was the top scorer.

I'd class Trincao as experienced he has more games under his belt than Neto did when he arrived.

The non purchase of Vitinha and the possible sale of Neves and Moutinho would show Bruno wants a very different midfield. Although I would keep Neves.

There is no comparison between the purchase of Vitinha and Silva and a loan for Coutinho. Also throw in the mix Coutinho may have thought he had a better chance under Koeman last summer or did he go on loan to Bayern again. Emotions feelings and attitudes towards options move with times.



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