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07 Jul 2021 17:05:01
Now rumoured that Nuno may want to take Traore to Spurs. My reaction is please do at the right price, he's over rated as seen by Spain at the Euros, difficult as seen by contract talks and the money, providing it's enough could be better used for the team.

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07 Jul 2021 17:21:00
Would hate for Traore to leave the club, but I think the wolves will be fine with the addition of Trincao. I hope that money could be used to bolster the center midfield and bring in another CB or two.

07 Jul 2021 18:12:28
Funny how Nuno is being linked with all the Wolves players who ended up costing him his job last season. Today its Traore, yesterday it was Jimenez and last week it was Neves and Moutinho.

It's just the papers making stuff up.

08 Jul 2021 09:34:32
Jas M pretty much summed it up.

08 Jul 2021 09:41:17
99% true Jas. Trouble is the 1% of rumours that turn out to be accurate. For example, Jota to Liverpool, Doc to Spurs, Nuno to Spurs (earlier this year) .

08 Jul 2021 11:13:44
Who out of current squad would you sell?
Personally i'd sell.
Traore think he'd struggle in a 442 in prem. Imbalances the team as he doesn't track back. I do get that he can be unplayable but was it 4 goals and 4 assists last season? isn't consistent enough for what wolves want which is european football. Plus likely to get 40m for him.
Boly-not the same player since C.V. struck not sure why.10-15m
Moutinho- if he doesn't want player coach role then I thibk we should move on for both joao and the club.5m
Question marks over
Rui, Neves, Donk, Saiss
Cant see
Neto or Coady being sold.

08 Jul 2021 11:24:23
@ Madman Mir-17m, Cutrone-10-15m, Vinagre-13m not sure about the costs you've suggested, but I'd agree that they're all but sold.

Really need to look at another CB as Boly will likely be gone for the AF-Con and as suggested the 'Rona may have affected him in terms of health.

I can see Dendonker being kept as Bruno likes to play with DMFs which is his natural position. Neto is injured until October so he isn't going anywhere this season.

I really don't envisage Traore staying, if the price is right sell him, he was found this last season. Plus he doesn't seem keen on signing a new contract.

08 Jul 2021 11:29:37
Blimey, Madman, you don't half put inflated prices on our cast offs. If only! I think it was pretty obvious that Boly didn't fully recover from C.V. so hopefully he'll be back to his commanding self next season. Apart from Neto who may not return this year, Adama is our only fit player who can make a difference by running with the ball to effect. I wouldn't want to lose that option personally.

08 Jul 2021 12:58:35
Blimey Old Wulf, you've forgotten Trincao after only 4 days and Podence too.

08 Jul 2021 14:01:38
Tell you what, if we well all those players mentioned above, and for the money quoted, we will be the richest club in the world in five-a-side football. Hang onto Kilman, he's represented England at Futsal football. He's used to the 1-3-1 format. Bruno may prefer 1-2-2 though!

08 Jul 2021 14:17:20
Interesting lads.
To be honest i'd say those fees due to age and the markets you would be selling to.
Mir had a good season in la liga ina struggling side.17m for a 23 year old seem a fair.
Cutrone aged 23 at 10m seems fair as I think he would do a job at a Torino or similar side in Serie A.
Traore 40m would be fair. He hasn't signed a new contract and I think its time to move on.
I had actually forgotten about Podence. I'll put it out there i'd sell him. He was a poor mans jota. And he hasn't hit the same dizzying heights.
We really do need to look at the balance of the squad and having a few options on our bench. Which we lacked last season.

08 Jul 2021 15:52:35
I hadn't Jas. Just that Podence is too injury prone and we've yet to see Trincao in the flesh. Let's hope that he can produce the goods but I reckon he'll need a fair amount of time to bed in.

09 Jul 2021 10:31:40
Siiisenor - how much are we selling Traore for if we can buy a CM and 2CBs oven ready to play in the Prem?
However I obviously agree we should hang on to Traore - our best player by far and at the moment only major attacking threat- at least until we discover if the new players cut it or, like seasons crop, fail to measure up or the injured ones can come back as they were pre injury.
However I agree with you that we need to buy at least 2 or 3 oven ready players as the squad remains v thin and signing 2 new kids plus RAN may well ( let's hope not but we don't know) not move the dial.
Odd that on here criticising certain players - Traore, Podence, Saiss etc etc is abolutely fair game - but others, who haven't delivered, as they have over the years or haven't even kicked a ball yet are viewed as messianic figures and any hint of criticism or scepticism of them or Jeff Shi is met with opprobrium.
I find it strange that our premier league status is taken so casually by so many of you and balance/ conservatism is so poorly received.

09 Jul 2021 12:07:58
I agree Future is old gold.
The issue we face though is we took a gamble on Boly, Saiss, Raul to name a few that were senior players and they all came off.
The 'experienced heads' some fans especially older fans by an large want cost far to much and we have struggled during our success to convince them to sign (whether that's Nuno or what we offered contractually the jury is out) . We also struggle with our location as shown in the reports of the Zinchenko and Franck Kessie negotiations as both players were notsold on Wolverhampton.
If you look at Citys success they have brought players aged between 18-26 normally english players younger to avoid the price increase such as Stones and they have kept tabs on the likes of Laporte and Ruben Dias to purchase as cheap as possible. To think laporte cost less than Raul. And Dias cost nearly 30m less than Maguire.

09 Jul 2021 15:10:08
As usual Madman despite your name you write a v sensible and good post ( as was the one above re Coutinho) .
Wolverhampton is no Vienna and yes our wages are among the lowest in the Prem so its not easy.
But for the money spent last year I showed in an earlier post what we could have got, (others did), and many of them were experienced pros. But agreed it is not easy as everyone wants what we obviously want hence Burnley quoting £40m+ for Tarkowski
ps everyone put that value into mind when valuing Traore.



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