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29 Jun 2021 11:33:42
Seems we have declined the option to sign Vitinha for 18m. Got something right then. I'm sure he may go on and be a great success but has not shown enough to be worth the money here. Good decision.

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29 Jun 2021 12:03:40
He's too lightweight for me Ken. I'd offer £5mil if we really want him but £18mil is ludicrous. It's the sort of money they put in loan contracts and hope the loan goes so well that we will pay it rather than return the player. Well, that tactic didn't work this time. Time for us to get lean and mean with transfer fees. We should keep our powder dry until Bruno is here.

29 Jun 2021 13:01:34
Ken - where are you seeing this. Various web sites are reporting conflicting stories.
Tend to agree with Deep that it is a silly price but there is obviously something there.

We were taking about Dion Sanderson earlier, (we could also include Ryan Giles here), we know he/ they can play adult football - been a success at Champ and Div 1 level - but don't know if he/ they can play Prem level football.
With these young lads RAN, Vitor and Silva they have/ had great records at youth level which Sanderson, (or Giles) doesn't but other than RAN in the latter half of the last season none of them have much if any adult football experience and it cannot be said they have proven that they can play adult football Note Vitor is the same age as Sanderson and Giles.

29 Jun 2021 13:11:54
sorry was editing and sent by mistake.
Was going to add we could perhaps try to find a rationale price for these transfers.
Sanderson is valued apparently at £2m. So how far from that should these lads be?
Youth football promise against lack of adult football - despite age in Vitor's case.
Also note the lad Liverpool bought the other day for £1.5m from Ghana appears to have more about him than all 3 of the guys we are talking about - sadly we have bought Silva so can't renegotiate that fee.
I would suggest £5m for Vitor, as Deep suggests, is toppy as an up front but I would include "add ons" to protect his selling club - although as they are the same team that gave us Silva they are many many millions up already!
For RAN I would actually go slightly above this level and possibly offer say €10 with add ons again
To put it in context if we buy both for the option prices we have to sell Neves to be square!

29 Jun 2021 13:38:48
What chance did he have really under Nuno who prefered his mates instead, there is negotiating room for Vinthia and I think we'll come to regret it if we don't sign him.
Same with RAN £20million is a bargain for the potential this lad has.

29 Jun 2021 15:23:30
future. my views on Sanderson on Banter page. At a sensible price Vitinha is worth a punt, not 18m same RAN. We paid 36m for potential last year! How much potential could we have bought for that I ask?
You pay up to maybe 10m for potential that's when it's worth a risk. We need a solid squad first then you can play silly b's.

29 Jun 2021 15:42:52
Maybe the difference can be negotiated with future add ons for some of these lads. If the selling club is confident it may be a deal that suits both parties.

29 Jun 2021 16:15:23
Ken - as usual I agree! Although I hope your 10 is € or even $ not £
Agree Man U, Chelsea etc can pay more but they have both a few hundred million more to play with each year and have already got a solid and deep squad - which we dont!

29 Jun 2021 21:20:29
future, I meant pence, sorry ha ha! You get the general point though. There are a lot of players available that have got to be worth a punt at the right price. Our only business so far has been done at that. Everything else is click bait!

30 Jun 2021 21:08:20
Allegedly now Newcastle, who are a Prem team like us, want Sanderson as well?
V odd situation.
If Newcastle think he is good enough are we sure we should be even considering selling him for what in effect is a few weeks wages for Fabio Silva.
It does show though what you should be paying for young prospects and its not £20m let alone £35m.



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