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14 Jun 2021 12:28:12
Hi. I know I always see rumours on here where the person says they have heard it confirmed that this or that is going to happen. Well I have info from the Security guards at Compton. Neves def Arsenal for £35 million and (as we know ) our stopper is off to Roma.

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14 Jun 2021 13:06:54
The security guard on the outside. How would they know?

14 Jun 2021 15:50:12
may be someone told him, verbally. Don't shoot the messenger. It could be a load of rubbish.

14 Jun 2021 18:06:00
Smell that it smells a bit like bs to me, I highley doubt the security guard would know.
No pop at you goggs mate you're just passing on what you got told.

14 Jun 2021 20:06:00
Good to hear neves ain't been that good if can get 40_50 million for him happy days should be able to get upgrade on him and change.

14 Jun 2021 21:45:46
I'm not shooting the messenger. I just don't understand how the security guard outside would know. 😃.

14 Jun 2021 21:49:17
Plus Rui to Roma isn't a simple deal. Roma have to get there accounts in order as well. Will they want to invest in an over 30 player? Obviously what Jose wants is a completely different matter.
Same with Neves if Neves wants to leave I can't see wolves chaining him to Compton and releasing him for matches. 45 is triple what wolves paid for him plus that's 4 Pedro Neto. 😂 I think Neves will stay unless he has European football offer.

15 Jun 2021 07:47:54
The phrase a bird in the hand is worth 2 in the bush comes to mind. This easy to say but v hard to do upgrading for less money is a lovely idea but the history of clubs selling diamonds and buying several lumps of coal is long and wide.
Liverpool succeded with Coutinho but Shearer for Dixon and Speedie or Bale for lots of players only 1 of which, Ericksen, was a success, are much better examples.
Would you rather have Jota or Hoever and Silva or perhaps Jota or Vitor, RAN and Marcal. Each of these swaps balance out and don't have a balance. They also almost certainly increase the wage bill as well.
Before we sell our better players be careful what you are wishing for. We many not see their like again!

15 Jun 2021 11:56:49
The Bale comparison is a little unfair. They brought 7 players 6 of them played a role in Spurs success over the last 7 years. Mainly champions league football and finals. Levy is the main protagonist at spurs. He puts more pressure on the manager and players. Maybe being a fan of the club you own is a hindrance. Spurs just chase vanity projects every few years they need a stadium to compete with arsenal. When they should have saved some money and spent a fraction of that money on two or three players and won something.
Just saw the gossip on BBC that Leicester are close to signing soumare from lille. I am sure wolves put a bid in for 40m in 2019. Wonder why he didn't fancy it.

15 Jun 2021 12:50:54
Strange how when any of our players are linked with moves away some fans start pointing out that “he isn’t that good anyway”, last season was an injury hit nothing of a season where Nuno decided to play mainly negative football through necessity rather than choice, to criticise him or the players for the situation the found themselves in is a little unfair, we’re still in the Premier League which was an achievement in itself, should’ve been ready to go again in a few weeks time, but for some unknown reason, it wasn’t to be and the Club took a giant step backwards.

15 Jun 2021 13:12:59
Madman - I'm not a spurs fan so can't really comment in detail and frankly wouldn't argue with you if you said it was a good or bad deal.
I made it they bought 8 in and 5 were gone (at a loss) within 2 years Fryers, Soldado, Chirches, Capoue and Paulinho. don't think Nacir Chadli lasted much longer leaving Ericksen a clear succes and Lamela still there but v ordinary?
The obvious one for Wolves fans would be the sale of Robbie Keane in 1999. We bought 6 players and Akinbiyi and Oakes could be said to have been ok or even better but Keane, well he was a bit better than ok wasn't he?
If we hadn't sold him maybe a front pair of Bull and Keane would have brought Prem football a lot earlier than we eventually got it?
The point I'm making though is that it isn't easy to sell high and buy low. We are arrogant if not foolish to think we can do it consistently and if even half the rumours coming out about the club are true then seemingly this summer we are planning to do it more than once!

15 Jun 2021 13:43:43
The future is old gold. You aren't wrong. As I said those players were important at the time. Chadli, Eriksson and Lamela were important signings at the time. Obviously how can they replace Bale though? 😂 As I said in previous post they just needed to make a sensible plan and stick with a manager. But they did it the Spurs way.
I understand what your saying with Keane could say the same for Lescott and build a team around both players. However we do do have links with Mendes these days. Apart from that first transfer window when they had two weeks to find a manager and 12 players. How many players haven't been a success? Surely it's good that Goncalves won the portugese league this season. Mir had a terrific season in Spain. Just shows what Fosun are building both with the first team and academy for the club overall.
I'd trust the club to reinvest 60m from some sales this summer for Bruno. But I reckon there is a larger fund available.
They are selling well and buying even better players. To think a Barcelona right back is playing for Wolves. I understand the defensive issues but his forward interplay with an unsettled team was good for his first season in the prem.
To think a top 20 wonder kid has moved to wolves.
Let's get behind them and see what they can deliver this summer.

15 Jun 2021 14:51:16
I got nothing against neves he has done well for 3 years and OK the 4th and yeah I thought after jimenz injury we would struggle and I'm happy we stayed in the Premiership but if we get 40_50 million for neves you trying to tell me we can't upgrade him on that? I think you forgot how much we payed for him a 3x profit if get nearer the 50 million which is exactly what FOSUN do and do it good we had 4 years out of him and brought some excellent football at times but if you can't see that then all I can say is "YOU SHOULD OF GONE TO SPECSAVERS"

15 Jun 2021 15:01:47
Madman - good post!
I really hope you are correct on all counts and will - as we all have done for more years than I can count in my case and in far worse circumstances ( Div 4 springs to mind! ) - get behind whatever is done and whoever is wearing the shirt!
Up until last summer I wouldn't have even blinked at the statements you made as we were going in the right direction and v fast!
But as I have said numerous times (and Oxley expresses the same view above) I do think we massively messed up last summer and whilst I am perfectly happy with Semedo, (not quite as much a you are though? ) the "Wonder Kid is def not "top of my pops" or even top 20 and I fear won't be any time soon - v v hope i'm wrong as we are v committed to him (transfer fee and wages! ) .

15 Jun 2021 15:51:57
Giant - Could and perhaps should if we get £50m but Silva £35m and Vitor £20m on last year's form aren't fit to lace his boots. Do that again and we are relegated.

15 Jun 2021 16:16:03
Nothing wrong with changing the bath water now and again to freshen it up. I just hope when you chuck the bath plug away as well you need to be certain you get the right one to replace it. On that we will have to wait and see. I very much hope that Jeff has got this right because if not as we know getting to this point wasn't a quick or easy journey!

15 Jun 2021 19:06:06
No I agree silva we brought because shi think he is a very special player and could be a diamond in the rough he wasn't brought to play but to learn from jimenz and watch how he plays and were he puts him self IMO he needs a season in championship and get goals and do the movement he needs to best help the team but time will tell and shi was bold enough to pay price and he has more money in bank than I'll ever have so I'll leave that up to the professionals they don't get there status for no reason FOSUN ain't no mugs so TRUSTINFOSUN.

15 Jun 2021 21:26:32
Giant Silva has more money in the bank than virtually any 19 year old. Wolves seemingly no longer do though as seen by our statements re having to sell to buy.

But Fosun are as you say defintely no mugs, you don't run a multi billion conglomerate without being v v switched on.

However the evidence would seem to point to Shi being a prize one and as I wrote earlier if Lage isn't an immediate success he won't be able to blame Nuno again for his failings and will be promoted to that job in Juneau.

15 Jun 2021 22:25:15
thfutureisoldgold. If he has got it wrong baked Alaska will probably be the least of his worries!

15 Jun 2021 23:13:20
Future I think that we all new that FOSUN like to buy players devolpe them and when they get to numbers like 40_50 million sell and go buy similar players devolpe them get them playing week in week out and sell for 3x what we payed so at some point we are going to lose 1 or 2 stars the main thing is getting them off wage budget and making 3x what they paid for instance if both traore and neves are sold and say we get 90_100 million and fosun invest that money in the team and get the money no players at make weight straight cash I pretty sure we will be getting players in and going by fosun usual deals be at least 3x 30 million players with potential to be sold 3_4 years down the line at 70_80 million and repeat process as I've said many times FOSUN brought us out of dark days and brought exciting football so until that declines I have every faith that they now what they are doing and are still as committed as they always have been few will have surprises after this euros and we will all love them again some used to still being let down by former owners promising us the world and delivering nothing FOSUN set a plan and will stick to it as they say Rome wasn't built in a day but then again I wasn't on that project LOL.

15 Jun 2021 23:25:52
G.a.g I hope very much you are right in your trust in Fosun. I remain to be convinced that this is the right way to go and I'm not saying that for any other reason than I'm just reserving my opinion for the time being. I didn't do handstands when Nuno came in so I'm not about to now. Managers earn loyalty and respect by the performance of the team on the pitch.

I hope he is brilliant I really do for us all. We shall find out over the coming months. I think we may be in for a few more shocks yet and I'm ignoring all the speculation because that's all it is. Facts and actions are more important. I thought his arrival was far to low key an interview with the press should have happened instead they just kept their heads down!

16 Jun 2021 21:36:37
Giant I am certainly not going to argue with you if you and everyone else knew what Fosun's strategy was/ is. As I see it the only player we have sold for anything like that sort of sum was Jota and he wasnt sold in my view due to some cunning plan but because he was the 4th ranked wide player behind Podence, Neto and Traore and so was unlikely to get many minutes on the pitch.

When someone offers 35% of your annual turnover for a reserve player it is madeness to turn it down.

However I am highly sceptical that Silva, the player bought to replace him, is ever going to be worth £105m, ie 3x £35m, indeed today I am far from certain we would get anything like the £35m we paid for him!

But its a v nice idea and as you say Fosun have done us proud - even 13th in the Prem is amazing from where we were.

For me though in the summer of 2019 I was hoping the upward trajectory would continue but ever since Shi has taken sole control - sacking Dalrymple and Thelwell who over saw the uptick - its all been downhill and it is now essential that this disappointing trend is reversed or we will struggle this year.

Fingers crossed that Shi has learnt his lessons!

16 Jun 2021 22:08:30
future. It would be nice if he was as good as he thinks he is frankly . The current connection to this 20 yer old lad is a start but he's hardly likely to have the experience required to be anything other than a bench warmer for while anyway. Not many of that age are Premier ready. On a positive to take a chance for 5-6 million I wise the Silva money last year was nuts and so far is being pr4oved to be.

16 Jun 2021 22:31:50
Summer 2020 sorry!

17 Jun 2021 02:56:31
Ken when I read your posts they alwways seem so reasonable but when I read mine back I sound like a right old ranter!

17 Jun 2021 09:32:48
future. I usually, when reading my own later on think I bet he's a right miserable old git then I realise it was my post. Repent at leisure as they say! On the subject of being a misery it's lovely today, so much cooler, I can't take the heat anymore used to love it!

17 Jun 2021 10:54:42
Ken as you can tell from the time stamp it was a long and heavy day yesterday - far too hot and thus .
Today its been raining hard though so been round checking all the water butts and filling buckets and watering cans as well ready for the next hot dry spell!

17 Jun 2021 14:06:27
Yesterday was tough, the heat and air quality took it out of me. I was still up and about at 2am before I gave in and closed the windows. The downside of Oakham is being on the freight railway line from the Midlands to Harwich/ Felixstowe. A lot of which moves at night. Passenger services are quite light hourly during the day on the Birmingham/ Leicester to Cambridge/ Stansted route and a couple of London trains a day. So hot weather is a mare overnight.



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