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12 Jun 2021 13:45:48
Rumour on news sites is that Saiss is to be sold. Not saying it's more than a rumour.

I personally would love to see him go. I think he gets pulled out of position too easily and gives away far too many freekicks.

This would mean we need another player though. And would mean another "transition" season.

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12 Jun 2021 15:29:48
They are all being sold. We are going down.

12 Jun 2021 15:38:17
It’s looking grim.

12 Jun 2021 17:35:05
So right one player might be leaving and we relegated 2 players leave we league one right. 3 players leave Northern Premier here we come. Sack board, sack manager.

12 Jun 2021 19:26:40
Demon give it a rest mate yeah we all know you're not a Wolves fan.

12 Jun 2021 19:55:27
Bring back Morgan and Moxey. We're doomed.

12 Jun 2021 21:45:41
New manager, players go. Stop panicking.

12 Jun 2021 22:22:29
HOLD UP A MINUTE ask yourself this when have fosun ever let us down? The days of Morgan I would agree with you but we all new players would be sold but until fosun let us down then you can get on there back but until that day arises this negativaty does not make sense if players go they will not be sold cheap and I'm sure BRUNO will have been aware who wants to leave then I say thanks for your service but I don't want players who don't want to play for us so get best price and lower wage bill nothing more to it than that I would think you all would want players that want to be here nothing wrong with anyone leaving if they don't see a future with us good luck to them.

13 Jun 2021 07:51:04
Everyone has their opinion but jeez we're going down, its looking grim is way too far negative.
Rumours say Traore and neves to be sold if this is true the money for these 2 players will be re invested into other players.
Will be sorry to see neves and Traore go but it's not going to ruin us if they are sold.
I reckon £70/ £80 million for them which can get us some quality players.

Have faith in fosun because the doubters will be proved wrong (again) .

13 Jun 2021 08:33:32
Could we please have some declaration from Fosun on their intentions for the future. Are we to have an entirely new team for next season? Going to need 10-15 players if the rumours of exists are to be believed. What about quality? Selling Portugal’s number 1 keeper and replacing him with an uncapped Portuguese keeper - will that be the trend? What are they thinking? I’d like to know ahead of judging them.

13 Jun 2021 09:32:55
It's called change, the new manager will want to stamp his own style. This means players will go and new ones will come in, maybe youngsters. This might represent a pause while things settle down but to assume the worst is premature to say the least.

13 Jun 2021 09:58:54
My word what a needy bunch some fans are! I don't understand what people are expecting Fosun to actually say?! Their position has rarely changed so what would they say exactly 'Hi everyone, you know the plan we discussed this time last year, guess what it's still the plan! We just felt we needed to touch base cause some of our fans seem needier than a teenager in love?! ' 🤣
People talking about rumours but I notice they aren't stressing about the players we've been tied with signing (Rafa Leao, Guedes etc) cause they have the sense to know those are just rumours. So then it's only those that have been said to be leaving that are assumed to be true?! Its like half the posters on here in close season just want to hunt for the negatives, SO tedious! 🙄.

13 Jun 2021 10:19:37
Fosun have always made it clear they have a long term interest in Wolves and that hasn't changed. They have realised however there are significant challenges to compete at an elite level and FFP restricts where they can invest. In terms of the playing squad the approach is the same as it was. Buy players that have the potential to be developed and sold on for profit, which will increase the asset value of the club and in the long term allow for more resources to be invested into the playing squad as a whole. This is coupled with their efforts to increase Wolves as a brand and build the fan base abroad for merchandising purposes.

To expect Wolves to regularly challenge the top 6 after 3-4 seasons in the premier league is unrealistic when there are clubs with established revenue streams, established squads and more financial muscle.

As it stands Wolves are a trading club. Players will come and players will go. Who they are is just media speculation until the club announces any done deals. We can't judge anything on transfer activity until we see the team sheet for the first game of the new season.

13 Jun 2021 10:37:49
All I agree trying to be balanced is v hard on a subject that is both full of opinions and views (and v few hard cold facts) and which is so passionately thought of.
Fosun are defintely not stupid and will not intentionally do anything that would damage their investment and further decline/ relegation will hugely damage it!
So we can be certain that everything will done in an effort to maximise success within the parameters allowed: FFP and (if they exist? ) any financial restrictions placed on Wolves by Fosun/ Chinese authorities.
Clearly Nuno going was part of this as Shi or Fosun or both thought he was no longer taking the club forwards.
However humans are involved and mistakes will/ may be made so no guarantees can be given.
Personally I think letting Nuno go was a major one but he is gone and so let's look to see what the new man can do before venting too much spleen over matters.
Hopefully he, Lage, will be backed (within parameters) to rebuild if and where required.
But Giant Fosun/ Shi DID clearly let us down last summer with a truly awful transfer window that left us completely unprepared for what happened in the season ie injuries. So whilst I don't for one minute think they intended it to be debacle ( deliberately destroying 3 years of success in one shocking step) nor do I think they have/ will deliberately let us down again this summer they are both human and let's be honest v new to running football clubs.
If the transfers were all Nuno's fault - seems highly unlikely -then I guess to some extent they are forgiven as he was suppossed to know what he was doing but do you really think he wanted the players he was given and then promptly refused to play?

13 Jun 2021 11:14:19
Alex - v good post!
Clearly Nuno had got the club massively ahead of schedule and was performing miracles on the wage bill and transfer budget - competing as you say with clubs we had no "right" to compete with.
Sadly this ended in tears as injuries and mistakes in the market meant the miracle to some extent popped and the club (or perhaps it was Nuno) didn't handle it well.
Consequently we begin again with a new manager.
Fingers crossed.

13 Jun 2021 11:21:53
Fosun have form for stripping the club of all its players. Remember when Nuno arrived and they got rid of 18 players. Then they only allowed Nuno to sign 12 players so in effect our squad was robbed of 6 players.
Just to reiterate, the players Fosun allowed to go during Nunos 1st season are: Stearman, Saville, Gladon, Iorfa, Ebanks Landell, Bodvarrson, Williamson, Lee Evans, Mason, Edwards, Lonegran, Dicko, Jordan Graham, Prince Oniangue, Deslandes, Price, Zero and Marshall.

The inferior players Fosun signed are: Miranda, Douglas, Bennett, Neves, Boly, Ruddy, Norris, Vinagre, Jota, Mir, N'Diaye and Afobe.

It clear to see that they do back the manager.

13 Jun 2021 11:38:24
Thanks TFIOG - the unfortunate thing with Wolves at the moment is if a transfer doesn't work out there are less resources to absorb the impact that has, whereas at a club like City or Utd they have more depth and can afford to move a failed transfer on at a cut price with much less consequence. Hopefully one day Wolves can reach that level.

Good post Jas - it made me smile a bit. I remember the outrage from some fans when Dicko was sold. It didn't work out too badly for us in the end.

13 Jun 2021 12:39:09
Alex, I get your thoughts regarding the likes of City, Utd, Chelsea etc. They need bigger squads because of the extra competitions they play in year in year out. We managed to get into a Euro comp and found that in the latter stages in both Europe and at home, we looked a bit lethargic. If we were to qualify for Europe soon, the squad will not be as small as we will have learnt that the squad cannot cope.

13 Jun 2021 13:08:09
Jas- yes it is clear that they spent good money in all of the years that Nuno was manager and that in the year you discuss above the 12 bought showed a pretty good hit rate and certainly a major upgrade vis vis the 18 exited.
Think we did ok the next year as well didn't we?
Interesting to see that only 2 of the 12 are still in the squad (plus vinagre and ruddy? ) . It obviously gets harder to find players who can improve you as you move up the league ie Afobe was great in the Champ for us but didn't cut it to the same degree in the prem (albeit for Bournemouth) .
I hope you are correct on your assertion that the squad will be bigger as last year we pretty much ran out of players. Even amongst the inadequate number of players we currently have many come with caveats: old, injured, not good enough, (yet? ), up for sale etc. Consequently the numbers we need to add if we are to increase the size and quality of the squad are quite hard to get your head round.
Given the limitations of FFP and Fousun's budgets this will require an even better year than the one you identified above.
fingers crossed.

14 Jun 2021 09:17:41
Jas, You're absolutely right. I got the feeling when we were in Europe the expectation from the board was we may not get to the group stages or beyond it and so the investment wasn't made, in case we had a bloated squad of players unhappy at not getting enough game time and costing additional wages. There was a cautious and reserved approach to it.

If the expectation level from the club is higher next time we qualify for Europe (yes I'm optimistic it will happen again one day), then I think we would recruit additional players within budget to compete on more fronts.

14 Jun 2021 13:38:30
Alex - Whilst what you say is very calmly and sensibly stated and I obviously don’t want to put words into your mouth or misinterpret what you said but it is quite a sad read and I thought I was the bear.
It seems as if you are saying the club got vertigo. We had overperformed by so much they couldn’t quite get their heads round it and weren’t willing to believe it was possible that we could continue or even go further. This meant – and to be fair to you the club did announce as much – they were taking a breath so to speak and were happy with a slight step back.
Sadly, saying that is easier than doing it and they made an awful mess of it.
Consequently, we haven’t taken a slight step back but a major one. The decisions made last summer, when, {although we had a modest net spend due to the cash (and profits) generated from previous purchases – in line with the strategy you described}, we actually spent a lot of money, continue to impact – and will do for several years. Not only did we make serious errors in the transfer market but we compounded them by handing out ridiculous contracts that will hamstring us for the foreseeable future.
This debacle has now cost us Nuno as well.
Many posters signed “In Nuno we trust” what a shame Shi didn’t!

14 Jun 2021 16:02:13
TFIOG, I think it was a case of Europe was seen as a bonus at the time and a chance to blood a few younger players to either make the first team or sell on. Whether the strategy worked or not is debateable, but it did give Neto more minutes to develop, and I think the same would have happened with Shabani and Jordao if not for their horrible injuries.

For me it's too hard to say how majorly the club may or may not have gone backwards at the moment. Yes we dropped 6 league places. Yes some players values may be lower, although with current worldwide events that to a degree is out of the club's control. Some of the players retained may blossom under the new coach, with new team mates, and with an extra year of PL football under their belt.

The problem with an upward trajectory is there is always a ceiling and the chance for regression before progressing again.

The main money spent if I'm correct was Semedo and Silva. Personally the jury is still out on Semedo as I can see a player there, but at times not for the price we paid. I do genuinely believe we will get our money's worth on Silva in time. The other transfers were loan to buys and if we don't want them we don't sign them. It gives the option of 3 more loan to buys for the coming season.

There's going to be a reshuffling of the pack and it could go a number of ways depending on the ability of the new coach and the players pulling on the shirt at the start of the new season.

14 Jun 2021 17:06:06
Alex - another v good and calm thoughtful post!
I think we disagree on just 2 things: firstly I think we were still on an upward trajectory and with v little tweaking, [I detailed what I thought needed doing last summer, last summer and have reiterated regulalrly since and still stand by it} and probably less money being spent we could easily have been higher this year or given the horrific injury crisis at least as high. I really felt the squad and v importantly the system was still good enough to challenge.
Secondly whilst I think Semedo will be ok although over priced and overpaid I am far less certain of Silva who I believe was massively unconditionally overpriced and is ludicrously over paid.
Yes RAN, Vitor and Jose were loans and can, (and in some cases will), go back. The only other signings were Marcal - the best signing if he was only fit but he isn't and the youngster Hoever bought as cover for Semedo probably for too much money but may be he was wrapped into the Jota deal?



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