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25 May 2021 09:46:10
Media reports saying Ruben Neves will be sold for £35m.

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25 May 2021 10:07:31
And so it begins. How to turn a premier league club into the baggies. Boxing boing. Fosun out.

25 May 2021 10:20:03
Surely you would wait for a new manger to assess the squad and see who he wants/ how he wants to play etc etc before making major moves? Although if the rumour that we have to sell before we can do anything is correct and the "new " manager is known and has agreed on the strategy (well he won't becone the manager unless he does! ) then Neves is one of the two saleable (for any sort of significant fee) players in the squad.
If tragically that is the way we have to go then at least he is replaceable - although it won't be easy to put it mildly - but the other one, Traore, is a one off - certainly for Wolves - and players of his calibre won't be joining Wolves again for the foreseeable future.

25 May 2021 10:22:19
I feared this would be the case but fingers crossed nothing will be done until new man in charge there are 4 interviews for the job the top brass are doing so 4 people up for it not just (BRUNO) but fosun will not rush and will be the best man for the job.

25 May 2021 11:22:15
I don't believe this at all. 35m for Neves? not a realistic figure. All guesswork until the new manager is confirmed.

25 May 2021 11:53:30
Yep utter crap if we were to sell him it would be over 50 mill, but window is shut anyway.

25 May 2021 12:20:03
I've been told this morning that his house in wolverhampton is empty, and so is Patricio's.
Not told where Neves is going but definitely Patricio to Roma.
This has come off a mate who knows some of the ground staff at the molineux.

25 May 2021 12:27:28
That article was started by spiers to get more clicks.

25 May 2021 12:34:36
Hold your horses everyone. We were told on good authority a few weeks ago that Nuno was going to Villa. That's how much rubbish there is out there on the click bait sites.

I think the BBC is different. BBC just reported that Bruno Lage is in England for talks with Wolves. Realistically Wolves will have a short list of candidates. Until a new coach is appointed, talk about incoming/ outgoing players will be just talk.

25 May 2021 12:58:43
Big cheese sure he wasn’t up a tree outside Compton.

25 May 2021 13:15:32
Nuno seems to be going to porto seems like he has had enough of not seeing family for over a year I hope that is true and he doesn't take a job in England as that would be awkward for fans that see him as the saviour and I personally don't want to be booing him if he takes the (spurs job which from articles seems levy does not want him anyway) I personally wish him the best of luck just as long as he didn't take our players.

25 May 2021 13:38:20
Not unless the member of the ground staff was up it.
My mate was saying that the groundsman in question looked after the garden's at Neves and Patricio's house's, and that he was saying both are now empty.

25 May 2021 14:09:45
My mate who is a pilot said neves had jetted of to Portugal to see his wife and baby.

25 May 2021 15:34:32
My mate is a welder, he has no real update on potential transfers :)

25 May 2021 15:57:43
My mates a bin man and he says its nothing but its rubbish.

25 May 2021 16:58:53
I'm Brian! my wife is too!

25 May 2021 18:48:06
My mate mate who is the groundsman at Molineux which needs to be maintained to be at its best is also the land scape garden at Patricio's and Neves's house. And it is empty in a day. Bloody hell these wags don't hoard clutter these days. 😂.

25 May 2021 19:03:33
The club have already clarified that he may sold (so likely) but it would be for upwards of £45m+. To be honest if we can get that for him then it's good business. There's a reason we've bought someone in to market players and it ain't so we can flog um down the local market on the cheap! 👍.

25 May 2021 19:18:59
Good point Bully.

26 May 2021 06:56:14
Rumour today Nerves to Utd Lingard to Wolves. May have legs can see the logic should have had him in January frankly! I think we've had success with players from Warrington in the past have we not!

26 May 2021 09:26:43
Ken we have indeed!
Much as I like Neves I would be amazed if we could get a straight swap. A def midfielder coming off a pretty average seaon - albeit for good reaons for an attacking mid who played out of his skin scoring and making goals for fun.
Plus as BB correctly notes Lingard would normally have a home grown premium on him.
Also can't see why he would want to come here - I doubt we pay the wages WH would and let's be honest he will have lot of options and as of today a fair few of them including WH look a lot more attrative than a rebuilding (to put it politlely) club that seemingly has lot it identity, manager and way.
If I was him I'd be waiting to see who the new manager was and also what else we did in the market place - you hardly want to be the "token" tranfer for a club with a differnt time line to your career - he is 28 fter all.

25 May 2021 20:02:07
How can they be empty when they don't own the property, have they pinched all the stuff.

26 May 2021 11:53:45
Their houses are probably empty due to the fact they've gone for a short break to see their families in Portugal before the euros begin.

26 May 2021 11:59:44
thefutureisoldgold. I take your point regarding would he but the run he had out of the Utd team was down to his family circumstances. His mother passed away and he has taken responsibility for younger siblings. He not want to uproot them to far so needs to be considered. He's a Warrington lad and I actually saw him play as a kid. Both my lads played in Warrington junior football though it was my youngest who's in that age group. He still hangs around the local area. Not that we do anymore.

26 May 2021 13:37:51
Ken - Good point even today some players might not want to uproot their family permanently - told RLC won't leave London even for a loan!
Assuming neither Manchester side or Liverpool (might they? ) wants him we are probably competing with Everton, Leeds, Burnely and maybe Villa as "local" options.
Would be a great signing - as you say if we had taken him in Jan we probably would have finished several places further up the league and that would have more than paid his wages and any loan fee we might have had to pay.
If the price is £35m - the supposed price of Neves - i'd def use a chunk of whatever transfer budget we have on him.

26 May 2021 18:48:46
I love the old "my mate is ground staff at the Mol and he knows who is coming and going". Steve Bull is VP at wolves and he didn't know Nuno was going, so I doubt very much they tell the bloke that mows the grass lmao.

26 May 2021 18:49:37
Sorry but if lingard was any good, he would be in the first team playing for man u. The same with jota, didn't take him long to fit in at Liverpool, and the same will happen with neves, play him further up front and you have a world class player, he's been spoilt down here playing him closely to the defence. Only my opinion though. I'm sure when he's at man u, you will see where he plays. Lingard. Your having a laugh.

27 May 2021 12:39:36
I am on hugging terms with the tree at Compton and he says nobody has been climbing him but he did see a bald bloke in his 40s being shown around who speaks French and Spanish.

27 May 2021 15:47:56
Demon - I accept he is no Bruno Fernandes but if you can buy a player who would massively improve our side - well he tore it apart when we played against WH - for £35m then its a no brainer. We paid £35m for Silva who wouldn't get into Man U's under 23 team. The gap between good enough for Man U and us didn't seem so wide two years ago but now how many of our team, the one that lost to their u23s last week, would make it into their first 11- Traore and well maybe Neves?
Lingard obviously isn't good enough for their team or as you say he would be in it but that doesn't mean he wouldn't be a star in ours or indeed WH'S (well he was! ) or in fact most of the teams in the Prem. A few hundred million a year for the last 20+ year means there tends to be a bit of a gap between Man U and most of the other sides in the league. For us, especially since we went backwards so spectacularly last season, its wide enough for a player to be "not good enough" for Man U but still be "a star" for Wolves.
Not a nice read but sadly it is the reality of a world where they can spend hundreds of millions of pounds a year more than we can on players both in tranfers and wages.
It just makes the job Nuno did look so good and perhaps the job various Man U managers did before Ole look so bad!
ps of course Neves would look better at Man U, (as Jota does at Liverpool), all our player would - surrounded by better player and with the support and backing of the ref it would be hard not to?

28 May 2021 08:59:54
Goes without saying I mean Bayern have just signed a Reading player.



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