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01 Feb 2021 20:37:58

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01 Feb 2021 20:51:31
Has Nuno gone?

01 Feb 2021 21:01:46
I’m off to bed, good night xx.

01 Feb 2021 21:05:05
Methinks this is a bit of a leg pull Wozza.

01 Feb 2021 21:06:31
Night Debs 😞😔😟.

01 Feb 2021 21:12:35
Nuno is in his slippers in the armchair at home. He don't give a f**k. We ain't signing anyone . Fosun invested heavily in Thomas cooky and that went t**s up, no fans in the ground . however the pharmaceutical side is coining it in. Good night . See ya next year in the championship!

01 Feb 2021 21:14:25
Don't fancy watching everyone else making their teams stronger but us so night.

01 Feb 2021 21:17:07
The Realist tells about as much truth as the prime minister.

01 Feb 2021 21:20:04
Goodnight Wozza you know the truth
Welcome to my world 🤔.

01 Feb 2021 21:23:41
Tim says on twitter four out no incoming, no panic in boardroom.
Nuno job safe.

01 Feb 2021 21:29:44
How could ANYONE see the wreck of a man that Nuno currently is and say he doesn't care?! Question his ability fine, that's a matter of opinion but his passion for his craft should not be in doubt! Especially not by fans on THIS forum! 🙄.

01 Feb 2021 22:21:30
He obviously does care and believes in the project.
I feel for him with his family being in Portugal.
its tough not seeing your family. Not seen my daughter or grandkids for a year. Think we are all down at the moment. Things WILL improve.
Hopefully on and off the field.

01 Feb 2021 23:52:30
Agreed Wom, it's not an easy time for anyone right now. Hope you and Nuno both get to see ya families soon fella 👍.

02 Feb 2021 06:42:00
Close to a double deal yesterday similar Ron the Neto Jordao deal
Midfield playmaker Hekar Shute and young striker Auva Debarr we close to signing.
We just couldn’t get it over the line
(Sounds familiar)

02 Feb 2021 06:50:52
Have none of you not copped on that Wozza10 is a duff account and he/ she/ non-binary/ gender fluid is constantly on the wind up?

02 Feb 2021 11:35:28
Can't believe it Nuno says he is happy with the squad. He says the players just need to improve their performance! He is in cuckoo land! I think Nuno is struggling, the players have lost confidence. Wolves definitely need to improve the squad especially in midfield. Come on Nuno get in the real world, the results show we are not good enough.

02 Feb 2021 12:49:28
Melo- I think you are missing his point, I don't think he is saying tbat the squad can't be improved upon I think he is saying that signings aren't going to fix the current rut. And he's right, you can't sign your way out of a crisis in confidence. In fact it could be strongly argued that the lack of faith shown would make matters worse! Whatever people think of the current crop of players the simple fact is collectively they are better than their current position in the table suggests! Are they top seven better, no but are they mid table better absolutely they are! I think one or two on here are forgetting some of the talent that we have! What do you think teams like Brom or Fulham would give for a player of Netos quality?!

02 Feb 2021 13:56:01
Hi Realist. Can I go to bed yet? I'm knackered!

02 Feb 2021 15:42:28
Nooooo wait til 6 o’clock and nod off with the rest of us😞.

02 Feb 2021 15:46:24
West Brom beat us,!

02 Feb 2021 17:01:53
And Sheff Utd beat Man Utd does that mean they have a better squad than Man U then?!

02 Feb 2021 17:28:18
You just never know. we mite turn up tonight.

02 Feb 2021 20:41:50
Well we've beaten Arsenal twice this season now so I'm assuming that means we have a better squad than them?! Happy days! 🤣👍.

02 Feb 2021 20:59:35
It doesn't matter what time I nod off, I'm a very happy wolves fan tonight.
We rode our luck at the start but we won the match.
All the ins and outs of why and the cause of our bad form and results is either interesting reading or hilarious reading.
But the best is reading fans joy of our win tonight.

02 Feb 2021 22:45:34
First six points of the season!

02 Feb 2021 23:04:55
We were lucky with the penalty decision but who cares well done Wolves and welcome back to form João

David Luis must have nightmares about us after those two games.

02 Feb 2021 23:27:37
Window- we really weren't, it was a clear pen! There was contact as Luiz clipped his heal and be sure Luiz new exactly what he was doing! Where we were lucky (for once) is in the abysmal officiating that plagues our leagues these days as for me both this and the Bednarek calls are NEVER red cards! Just bizarre to me if I'm honest, there's less contact allowed in the Prem than the NBA these days! Madness 🤯.

02 Feb 2021 23:56:13
Wow, what a crap thread, thank the good lord for Bullysboy.
Clearly we are having a confidence issue, good players playing poorly and the signs are there, the rush to pass a ball even if its to know one, even under less pressure than you would expect, its clear the players are feeling the slump.
Bullysboy, absolutely on the money, this cat be fixed by an influx of players, we have good players they don't need a further dent in confidence what they really need is the fans!

03 Feb 2021 02:02:18
Welcome back to form!
When it was 11 v 11 Wolves were losing, this game was nothing more than a gift with no pluses to take from it. Nuno is finished and so are Wolves, you already own a record 35 million striker who is nothing more than expensive dead wood in less than a season, I told you the players Nuno was bringing in were garbage, your best players have gone and so too have Wolves best seasons, all down hill from here boys, ta ta lads.

03 Feb 2021 09:27:38
It's lucky for me Avillafan I am not coulrophobic🤣.

03 Feb 2021 10:16:48
Haha, nothing better to add a shine to a win than a nervous Villa fan popping on here to talk trash cause we look in danger of re finding a bit of form. Ah bless, small club syndrome from a small club fan! In fairness this is a man that knows garbage signings, he supports a team that spaffed £18m on Wesley but still thinks they can pass judgement on Fabio which just hilariously foolish! Cheers Avilla fan, great start to the day to know we are back living rent free in Villa fans heads again! You've had ya lucky run now it's time to let the real quality shine again, now off you trot back to ya own village they must be missing there idiot again! 🤣🐺.

03 Feb 2021 13:57:45
Oh Villa fan you need to get this "sold your best players" thing off your chest. I don't see anyone coming in for Grealish, and he is the one shining light in your overachieving, abysmal squad. Laud it up while you can.

03 Feb 2021 17:34:05
Cheers Thor buddy, good to see you back on here. Don't think I've seen a post from you in a while 👍.

03 Feb 2021 21:41:38
@AVillaFan I see your side are being battered by West Ham, three shots on goal and not one on target (after 70 mins) .

04 Feb 2021 17:32:31
Grealish? Shining light? If he spent as much time on his feet as he does on his a**e then he would be a world beater!

05 Feb 2021 11:54:59
Haha! Wozza10 pretending not to be a troll. Either that or he’s a bitter baggie fan.



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