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18 Sep 2020 16:57:36
Wolves are set to sign Liverpool defender Ki-Jana Hoever on a permanent deal. Fee quoted is £10m for the 18-year-old.

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18 Sep 2020 17:30:02
We've gone Borussia Dortmund 2.0 on this window. let's hope they all turn special ay.

18 Sep 2020 18:38:03
Jota is gone, 35m

Shame but he's a player Wolves would have struggled to keep.

18 Sep 2020 18:46:12
I don't mind selling but again the price seems VERY cheap! For the same price we paid for an 18 yer old with a hand ful of starts Liverpool are getting what is now a seasoned Prem player?! Always said I don't mind him going cause his form is too erratic BUT we seem to being selling off players in the worst possible window which just seems bizarre to me! 😳.

18 Sep 2020 18:57:31
Is Fabio in for 35 million and Jota out for the same good business?

18 Sep 2020 19:21:49
Bully’s I agree the point about Jota being erratic but I do think this transfer makes sense in that it’s dual purpose is to balance the books and allow opportunities for other talented players in the forward line.
Clearly Nuno has stated that this is a new cycle and you can see from the players recruited that this is genuinely a 10-year project. The thing that does concern me is will this erode that tight-knit Portuguese circle of players and encourage the likes of Neves to look for that next move?

18 Sep 2020 19:26:21
Have to say, this one has me concerned, unless they have someone to come in, it makes no sense to weaken the squad again, sell him for the same price as an untried player in Prem is a big gamble.
Nuno surely didn't see this when he signed his contract.

18 Sep 2020 19:53:35
Guys: what I think you are really asking is not is selling Jota for £35m too cheap but should we have paid £35m for Silva?
Strange as you were all v happy when we did the deal?
Surely a few mins being kicked by Stoke hasn't coloured views already?
Selling Jota for £35 is perfectly reasonable. He has had some fantastic spells for us but these have been few and far between recently. Podence and Neto are ahead of him and what did we pay for that pair?
You can also ask if we should pay £20m for Vitor and £10m for this new Dutch lad from Liverpool?
Going all in in on youth?
Don't want to bore you all even more but £35m for a player who has lost his way and is not really a first choice or even guaranteed to be on bench anymore isn't half as crazy as the other big sale this summer - first choice player, one of best in league in his position and with no cover in place for substantially less than half of the Jota sale price!
ps at least FFP won't be an issue anymore as the profit on the sale of Jota will be v significant in books at what less than £5m now?
pps Chuffed to say I predicted this, the sale of Jota, in my very first post on this site a couple of weeks ago!

18 Sep 2020 20:14:14
Nope, thanks Future but I know what I'm asking and that's not it! No what I am actually asking is £35m for Jota enough? Was just using the Fabio deal for perspective cause Porto got a good price for that deal. Jotas currently breaking into the international scene and his value is likely to only go one way. And when I see Sarr from Watford rated at £40+ despite having half the experience in the Prem that Jota has then as I said (much like Doc) the sale doesn't surprise but the price does. I trust Nunos judgement completely but they need to get this window right cause if they don't it could really set us back! COYW 🐺.

18 Sep 2020 20:15:28
Heard the Jota news earlier this afternoon but was a bit too upset to post so thought I'd take a bit of time before posting. Now that I have, I am quite content with this move for a number of reasons:

Jota was not at his best after Project Restart. This is easy to understand as he and his partner were in the early stages of a 1st pregnancy and his mind was probably elsewhere.

The season before, his form at times was electric but at other times was frustrating. Most of last season he flattered to decieve too often.

Podence plays in a similar role and so we have a ready made replacement.

Neto is also looking to cement a regular place so if Jota stayed, one of Podence or Neto would have possibly have moved on.

The fee is £43m including add ons so we are making a £27m profit.

A RWB is the priority as possibly a CB. We were overstocked in the attacking winger position so we have sold a player who let's me honest didn't quite hit the heights that we all expected.

I'll admit that I loved the way that Jota used to run directly at defenders but about 80% of the time he'd either mis place his final pass or we'd lose the ball.

Maybe Nuno felt that Jotas game couldn't be honed any further and as he has Podence and Neto available, now was the time to sell so that other areas of the squad could be strengthened.

Although not entirely happy about the sale, I can see the reasoning behind it. Jota would not have gone if Nuno didn't want him too, just like Doherty.

We have sold 2 players for a total of £50m with further money to come for the add ons. We have spent £37m on 3 players and more are on the way. Let's all keep the faith. COYW.

18 Sep 2020 22:13:41
Yes Jas!

19 Sep 2020 08:47:46
Yes the team is what counts and it shows we are doing something right when the champions knock on our door for players

He is erratic yes but probably Klopp likes that Mane is erratic even Salah is erratic but they are great players and like Jota you play them because you believe there is a goal in them

We have Raul who is anything but erratic and it looks like he's staying

Feeling like Leicester when they sold Mahrez and Kante but I think Nuno has a better plan B.

19 Sep 2020 16:55:09
Dam it Jas, very sound reasoning, I really like Jota and feel he has not yet reached his potential, as you state still blows hot and cold, that said we have a current sprinter as a player said to be worth £60+ mil that blows cold, cold, cold redhot cold cold cold.
We still have him, suppose patience is required and someone will oh please someone.



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