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28 Aug 2020 18:31:53
Rumour going around that the Matt Doherty deal to Spurs includes Danny Rose in a swap with Ryan Sessegnon and Juan Foyth on a season long loan. Don't know if there's any truth in this but if it is, what do you think?

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28 Aug 2020 19:03:13
I doubt we would get 3 players for 1
That said I would give any of those a chance in our squad.

Juan Foyth I'd have doubts about in general makes a lot of mistakes.

Trying to get blood out a stone getting a decent deal with Tottenham.

28 Aug 2020 19:10:42
Um. Not massively keen on Rose to be honest mate. Spends more time injured than playing and seems to have a bit of a big man attitude. As for the other two well there loan's, unless there's fees agreed then all we are doing is paying to develop players for another team?! Really don't get the thinking on this one, I'm sure all will become clear 👍.

28 Aug 2020 19:24:30
15 mill for doc. Done.
Best wishes to him.
Bring on the new signings.

28 Aug 2020 19:47:19
15 million agreed for doc according to sky.

28 Aug 2020 20:03:23
15m is a good return on 75,000 - surely there's someone lined up to replace him?
Best of luck Dock, 300 games is a great achievement!

28 Aug 2020 20:05:00
Maybe felt he'd done all could of done at Wolves. 28
It makes space for someone younger potentially future world beater of the Neves/ Adama standard. we hope

We've done well at flushing them out so far. Needed more than ever now.

Maybe Maitland Niles is the man.

28 Aug 2020 20:31:13
If doc has his heart on joining spurs it's best he go.
3 players in for 1 out seems good business I don't know nothing about Foyth but sessegnog and Rose I would be happy with.
A 15 million fee I'm also happy with if we get the lad from Arsenal for the same.
I thank doc for his service but I think if we sell him who replaces him will be better.

28 Aug 2020 21:04:26
Tom- great point on Sanderson mate cause apprently he looks d GOOD for Cardiff! Still need another RB but definitely happy with developing talent, 👍.

28 Aug 2020 22:22:00
Haha, think I misread 'standards' there but clearly was a Freudian slip cause Sanderson deserves a mention! Looks like a great young talent, who's natural attacking game is more suited to wb than RB back. Over to Nuno to do what he does best! We are all unhappy about Docs but answer me this, how many on here would have predicted he would have gone to Spurs for £15m when Nuno took over?! Yes I think its cheap but the very fact I do surely shows how far Nuno has bought this club and these players on! For all the nonsense on here Nuno signing a contract is all it will take to calm us all down a bit! COYW 👍🐺.

29 Aug 2020 06:14:30
Yeah Sanderson could turn into a really good player with another decent loan

As for Nuno, I could see him waiting till the end of the window to sign a new deal. He came out and said it, plain he wants players. That translates as, I want the backing with quality signings Fosun or I'm off.

Apart from Podence last window which Nuno said the same, we need players. The board didn't fully deliver, think there's more in Thelwell leaving. I've said before I won't bash Fousun yet, but they really need to deliver in this window. I do think that will boil down to loosening the coffers.

29 Aug 2020 17:48:08
Jas M
If you are correct and the deal includes the 3 players you mention, although I have seen nothing that says it includes anything other than the v modest cash sum, it still won't be a good deal for Wolves.
We will have a log jam at LB but still no RB.
Even before you count Otto Wolves will have our own young prospect in Vinagre, the 30 year old, (formerly top quality but now in decline and v injury prone - he hasn't played more than half a season in the last 4 years), Rose and an exciting young prospect in Sessegnon (although unless we have a right to buy at an agreed price all we will be doing is developing the player for Spurs to benefit from) .
Also unless Spurs are paying a large part of their wages we will see - even before we are forced to buy a new RB - the wage bill balloon as Rose and Sessegnon are both allegedly on in excess of 60k per weeks and Foyth is on low 20s
With no established RB in place we will also be vulnerable to being seen as a desperate buyer. Look how much Arsenal and, Norwich are asking for the much more modestly talented AMN and Aarons
and Aurier.

29 Aug 2020 18:11:12
sorry pressed send by mistake
note how Spurs are playing hard ball in their sale of Aurier
sell high buy low - smart!
For us though we
1) will have weakened the first 11 - Vinagre and Doherty > Rose and blank
2) seen the wage bill rise sharply - given FFP not a smart move
3) if we end up paying £20m+ for AMN/ Aarons be out of pocket for the privilege of strengthening Spurs and weakening ourselves.
I understand that if he wants to go it may be hard to keep him - although as someone says above his last comments don't indicate he does want to go - but remember he is under contract. Maybe management could just say no and "manage" him. Find out why he is unhappy and try to solve the problem?
If we finally decide - and maybe we already have - that he has to go that still doesn't explain selling him for what, between half and a third of what he is worth?
Even if we have a great, young and cheap replacement lined up but not publicly announced you should still maximise the sale price of your now surplus assets.
If you are lucky enough to own a house and then inherit a 2nd you shouldn't say to a multi millionaire would you like to buy one of my houses at half price - that is why they are multi millionaire and you aren't!
I hope the club eventually explains what is going on because the transfer with 3 players coming in is a bad deal but for just the measly sums mentioned circa £15m it is a truly awful deal.
It also sets a terrible precedent that we are a club that sells low and buys high - everyone you deal with from now on will start with the expectation that we are a pushover thus making it much much harder to get fair let alone good deals which with FFP dogging us is essential if we are not to regress let alone go forwards
V worrying.



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