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25 Aug 2020 16:56:24
Hey everyone. First time poster. Doc to Spurs. Been gathering some traction. He is so underrated and I would hate it if it happens. Mate who is a Spuds fan reckons 30m bid will happen?

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25 Aug 2020 17:06:05
This rumour was kicking about this time last year just before he signed a new and improved long term contract. With Johnny out for most the season the value Nuno will have on Docs (with his versatility on both sides) will be FAR greater than the misery fee Levy would give us. I wouldn't be surprised if Niles is coming to free up Docs to play on the left again to be honest. Can't see it happening 👍.

25 Aug 2020 17:22:08
Won't happen mate as for a start we have no cover, also welcome to the site :)

25 Aug 2020 18:33:35
Just been sent the article by a friend (who's a Spurs fan:) and the journo is saying that this is all based on Mourinhos need to increase homegrown numbers. Only problem there is (correct me if I'm wrong) BUT I'm pretty certain Docs doesn't even qualify as home grown?! Quality Journo research there then! 🤣.

25 Aug 2020 19:54:40
U. K and ROI players are classed as "Home Grown".

{Ed001's Note - no they are not. Only players who have played for teams in the English FA umbrella (so Cardiff, Newport and Swansea would count) for 3 years before the age of 21 count as homegrown. No Scots, Irish, Northern Iron or Welsh unless they are at a team playing in the English league system with that caveat.}

25 Aug 2020 20:29:53
Yeah I made that error on Football manager 20 I assumed ROI and Scottish players counted as homegrown for UK but as ED pointed out they don't it messed up my Europa league campaign on it lol.

25 Aug 2020 20:39:32
Rated- I feel ya pain buddy as I made the same error on FM (which is what I was basing it on) . I also thought Docs would be homegrown to the club but alas we loaned him out during his early days! Doh! ;)

25 Aug 2020 20:40:03
Doc's ok tho as he was with us for the required period so classes as home grown. Hopefully it won't happen.

{Ed001's Note - he was on loan in Scotland wasn't he? He has to be registered to a team in the English league. I am pretty sure this has come up before on another site when discussing him and after checking he is not homegrown because he was on loan elsewhere and only actually spent 1 or 2 years at Wolves before the age of 21.}

25 Aug 2020 20:57:41
Pretty sure that's spot on Ed, think he arrived just past the age required to get the necessary three years! As I say I had the same thing as Rated on FM, relying on him as a Homegrown to the club then shocked when he wasn't home grown at all! And agree ES, hope it doesn't happen ;)

{Ed001's Note - that could be it, that he arrived too late. I was sure there was something which stopped him but thought it was a loan.}

25 Aug 2020 21:21:25
Seen a few comments saying that Doc is quite a big Arsenal fan so I can't see him going to Spurs.

25 Aug 2020 23:00:21
Darren Bent is an Arsenal fan, didn't stop him playing for Spurs.

26 Aug 2020 10:32:23
Home Grown Player’ shall mean a Player who irrespective of his nationality or age, has been registered with:-

33.9.1 his current Club; and/ or

33.9.2 a Club and/ or any other football club affiliated to the Football Association or the Football Association of Wales, for a period, continuous or not of three Seasons or 36 months prior to his 21st birthday (or the end of the Season during which he turns 21). For the purposes of this definition of Home Grown Player only, a Season will be deemed to commence on the date on which the first Transfer Window in that Season closes and expire on the date of the final League Match of the Season.

33.10 For the purposes of Regulation 33.9.2, but not otherwise, a Player who was at all times registered with a Club (or club) affiliated to the Football Association of Wales shall be treated as having been registered with a Club (or club) affiliated to The Football Association, and vice versa.

As he's been registered with Wolves the loan shouldn't make a difference as it's where the registration is held. Another point which may give it away is that in the championship you have to have 7 homegrown players, in our last season there there were games when, if you check the squads there were only 6 excluding Doc.

26 Aug 2020 12:28:25
I see Sky are saying thay he's valued at £12m, that doesn't want to be true else someone should be sacked! That's just over one Benik Afobe for one of the most reliable and consistent attacking full backs in the League! Seriously we would struggle to even replace him at that! Hopefully just more paper talk nonsense! 🙄.

26 Aug 2020 15:38:43
Now if this was only possible. sell Traore £80m and Doherty £20m.
Bring in Maitland-Niles £20m, Ocampos £50m and Dias £55m.
That to me, is extremely good business.
Pissin ahout with £15m bid for AMN, we'll lose him to foreigners if we are not bold enough. Great talent and so versatile. Cough up Jeff.
And Nelson Oliveira - you're having a laugh.

26 Aug 2020 16:03:14
Home grown players don't necessarily need to be British, Eric dier doesn't qualify as home grown. They have to play a certain amount of games before they're 19.

26 Aug 2020 16:33:22
Sean- they don't need to play any amount of games fella (they can in fact just stay in the youth teams), but they DO have to be registered at the club for three full years before their 21st birthday (which is precisely why Dier doesn't qualify as he moved to Portugal at 8 years old and didn't return with enough time for the three years) . Also Nuno you are right but that does not count if they go out on loan to a club not playing in England or Wales, which is precisely what Matt did with a season stint at Hibs in his second season.

26 Aug 2020 20:04:07
The Athletic reporting it's going ahead 15 mil.

I hope not.

26 Aug 2020 21:30:50
Sorry TT, I hope it does. Age for age AMN is an upgrade on Matt. He's given us 10 wonderful years service. Now it's time to move onwards and upwards. £15m is a fair price. £20m would be even fairer.
Thanks Matt for all you've given us.

26 Aug 2020 21:51:59
There is no way that Fosun will allow players to leave without having replacements lined up. If Doherty does go, we'll get a replacement in. Likewise Jimenez and co.

26 Aug 2020 23:58:06
Interesting to see the Doherty to Spurs for various prices - £12m to £30m gaining credence whilst many seem happy to replace him with Maitland Niles for somewhere between £15m ( what Wolves allegedly offered and was turned down) and £30m apparently what Arsenal now want?
Doherty as a wing back in the Prem is not the best, that is Alexander Arnold, but he is certainly in the top half a dozen - year on year stats and performances that are widely acknowledged, (except it seems by Wolves fans), to be top drawer.
Maitland Niles, who is 23 this week, however has only played 53 games for a side that is at best a peer of Wolves. He has been a fringe player over the last few years (whilst scoring 1 goal in his entire Prem career) and is obviously not considered good enough for the Arsenal squad. Reading Arsenal chat rooms it seems he is considered a Jack of all trades master of none - weak defensively (don't be taken in by 1 good game against what was one of Wolves worst performances) and only modest going forwards. Yes he is reasonably young, versatile, athletic, not stupidly over paid (allegedly on £30k a week) and apparently willing to come to Wolves but before Nuno works his magic on him he is probably not in the top 15 wing backs in the Prem and if he is worth £20 Doherty should be £40 +
Please remember this is not Game of Thrones We don't have to bend the knee to our masters "the big 6" allowing them to pick over our goods for their satisfaction paying us peanuts whilst tugging the forelock and being grateful to buy the crumbs off their table for vast sums.
It is the prevalence and seemingly acceptance of this state of affairs that contributes to them remaining the big 6 with others looking in!
PS I see Chelsea have bought Chilwell (also 23 but 99 games for Leicester for a fee of £50m+) I'm not going compare him to Doherty but instead note that this surely makes Alonso - in my opinion the 2nd best wing back in the Prem ( note Chelsea don't play WBs but we do) available. Whilst he would need to take a pay cut from his alleged £100k per week salary to join Wolves he would be cheaper to buy and in a totally different class to Maitland Niles.
Obviously Nuno thinks he can work his magic on AMN but at the moment he is a project/ squad player and not a ready made replacement for any of the first team regulars and only competition for Vinagre. Alonso would be an upgrade not only on Vinagre but also on Otto
Consequently I do not believe we should sell Doherty unless someone bids well in excess of his true value AND we have a ready made replacement lined up. Until Nuno tells us this is AMN I'm far from convinced he is the replacement!

27 Aug 2020 09:09:10
Doherty’s stats are impressive. He is a real threat in the opposition box and gets on the end of crosses not only from set pieces but also in free play. The goals and assists of the last two seasons, tweeted by the club to acknowledge his 10 years at the club, clearly demonstrates that aspect of his game. I personally think his game is adversely impacted when Traore plays in front of him but that is more to do with the latter’s lack of movement off the ball.
Rumour seems to be gaining momentum and there is a real likelihood of Doherty being a Spurs player. Don’t think Nuno sees Anyone in the club as a replacement: Burr and Sanderson are right wing backs. We were linked with Max Aarons earlier and I think he would be a good option.

27 Aug 2020 11:50:43
Please read Sky Sports somewhat hyperbolic coverage of Doherty's performances over the last few years today.
Even a big fan like me wouldn't put him in the De Bruyne or TAA category but you get the gist.
The article clearly shows that he is one of the best WB in the game and thus worth far more than the measly sums Spurs are allegedly offering. Additionally it shows that, as I think there is with Traore, there is still upside to his game. His goal to good chance ratio is actually poor, but very importantly, unlike virtually any other Wolves player not called Jimenez, he gets into positions to have chances!
If he can just improve his composure a little bit think where we are.
Before you go breaking up the current side "to get better" remember we were, despite European football's impact on a small squad and Boly's long injury, only a couple of bad VAR decisions away from 3rd in the league.
We haven't been there in my lifetime and having watched Wolves from the mid 1960s I would still preach caution and patience
Build slowly - improve the squad, Neto and Podence will make us a stronger side already next year, don't tear it down and start again you may never get back to where we are now.
I don't understand all the doom and gloom about where we are - we are still improving.
yes it is hard to break into a top 6 who have double or treble them money available to them but with Nuno's management we are on track
PS I'm not against Maitland Niles as a project. He may turn into a first team regular at one of a number of positions and become a great success - as many of Nuno's projects have - but you don't sell your Volvo to buy an experimental car until you know it works
Nothing Maitland Niles has done so far indicates he is anywhere near Doherty's level so be careful. Spurs (Levy) have a long track record of buying quality players cheaply exploiting other clubs weakness ( look at the players they bought from WH and Leeds when the got into financial difficulties) let's not become another of the fools easily parted with their money (player) .

27 Aug 2020 13:16:32
Futureisoldgold that is an excellent piece with a very persuasive argument to keep what we have and try to develop it further.

The contra argument is that in the games against Chelski Olympiakos and Sevilla we looked like a good championship side trying to outmanoeuvre a good premiership side.

Any significant spending is likely to have FFP implications. So pragmatic options require cashing in some of the family silver.

Am I scared of the possible outcome of this change based on all the points you raised - you bet I am. Do I trust Nuno Jorge and Jeff to make it work - yes I do. Do I have any other option than sitting on the edge of my seat to watch it unfold - absolutely not.

27 Aug 2020 13:56:30
Futureisgold and Victory - really good posts and both are stating views with which I concur. I am confident that the powers that be in the club have their eyes on the next stage of our journey. With very few exceptions, we have a young squad and some key players will undoubtedly improve. However experience has shown that many of our incomings are unexpected and quite leftfield (not literally) . As stated above all we can do is sit and wait to see what transpires.
No harm in airing views on possible incomings. In the absence of games to watch it is the nearest we get to indulge our love of the game and our club.

27 Aug 2020 21:33:24
Ecosse and Victory thank you
Victory I agree with what you say about those 3 games and indeed would add Arsenal and Sheffield and in fact nearly all our games post lockdown except Everton, Palace and perhaps WH. We looked like we has run out of puff and were far too defensive.
However you have to believe that not only will we start the new season with greater vigour but that we can develop both the first 11 and the squad depth - clearly too many players simply failed to go the distance.
This brings me to your 2nd point re FFP, it has been discussed ad nauseum on this site by many including me but please read some of my other posts where I postulate over what I believe its impact will be - which is pretty modest really. That doesn't mean we will be competing to sign Messi or anything like that any time soon. However given sensible management by Fosun, developing our non football revenue streams year on year, we should, particularly by the summer of 2021, be able to buy players as we have in the past without too much difficulty and certainly without fire selling our best players.
I think it was JasM who asked if some of us were scared of change and I suppose I am guilty of that. However as we enjoying arguably the best and most successful Wolves team of the past 60 years you surely can forgive me for not wanting to change too much
I do accept though that we must change not only to grow but also to avoid regressing ( eg. At some point reasonably soon we have to develop a plan to replace Moutinho or he will retire on the pitch! ) and I also accept that we will all have different views of the qualities of the player we sell and buy and different views on the team selection and tactics employed. This is what makes the game interesting and why this site exists.
PS I also accept that we don't get a vote but fortunately I do, at this stage, like you Victory have faith in the man who does, Nuno!
PPS delighted to see more posters backing the pro Doherty case this afternoon and finally I would point out the player you propose Ecosse, Max Aarons, won't be sold by Norwich for anything less than Mid 20s - far more than it seems we are thinking of selling Doherty for?
Something doesn't add up?

28 Aug 2020 10:53:13
If it is true that the fee is circa £20 plus a player them may be if that player was Ryan Sessegnon and we could parlay Doherty into Sessegnon and AMN then maybe that is a deal we would be happy with?
2 v young, athletic, versatile and promising WBs for Doherty (especially with OTTO out)?
ps note Alonso now linked with Seville for £18m surely a steal?



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