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15 Aug 2020 12:42:01
Wolves have made an offer for highly rated france under 21 left back Rayan Ait Nouri from Angiers

Has many top clubs after him.
Said to be a firm offer

Source: Le 10 Sport.

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15 Aug 2020 16:15:20
The Brummie Mail claims that we might ask £90 mil for Jimenez if Juventus come in for him. I understand that FFP rules were relaxed somewhat due to the virus, correct me if I'm wrong ED, but £90 mil would surely put us in better order financially.

I trust in Nuno to re-invest well if it comes to selling Jimenez, so that we emerge stronger. The same goes if we receive similar bids for Traore. Nuno has bought these players, improved them and greatly enhanced their value. We must get top dollar if we sell, and strengthen the squad in quality and quantity.

{Ed002's Note - They have not been relaxed in anyway that would help Wolves. £90M if not spent would certainly help.}

15 Aug 2020 16:37:40
Just bought a full match day kit all the training gear a mug fridge magnet and the new as much as you can eat and drink all-inclusive concourse package.
Doing my bit 🧐.

15 Aug 2020 18:28:31
Twaddle it has already been stated FFP rules will be relaxed because of the virus "Owners of top clubs will temporarily be permitted by Uefa's financial fair play rules to put more money into their clubs, to cover increased losses " taken from the Guardian.
Sorry ED I respect your knowledge but you may be wrong on this one.

{Ed002's Note - To "cover losses" - not to buy players. There really does appear to something wrong with some of you.}

15 Aug 2020 19:07:40
No ed you clearly typed "ffp rules have not been relaxed in anyway to help Wolves. " ofcourse we know owners aren't going to be allowed to throw hundreds of millions for signings etc.
But Fosun will be allowed to throw say £10million in if that's the level of extra losses incurred so therefore that would help Wolves.

{Ed002's Note - They don't help Wolves. Wolves have been punished and have a spending restriction for the summer and have two years to prove they are where they need to be. The extra losses incurred are going to be far, far, far higher than £10M. You don't get any of this.}

15 Aug 2020 19:16:34
i know ED i'm just plsaying you up mate :P

but just out of interests what happens if they fail the ffp in those two years? Is it ban from European competitions?

{Ed002's Note - Yes that would be likely and a potentially huge fine. Lille have also been punished and they have an additional punishment with new signings excluded from the European squad (e.g. Botman and Jonathan David won't be allowed to play in Europe) - they are appealing it.}

15 Aug 2020 19:43:34
I've heard that Man U are struggling financially due to the ongoing virus. My mate just so happens to be his sons agent and Man U wanted to sign him for quite a lot of money but were outbid by another club because they didn't have the money upfront. My mate also told me that Chelsea are the only club currently in a position to buy due to their previous punishment.

15 Aug 2020 19:43:09
Thanks Ed for explaining.

16 Aug 2020 14:17:36
If Liverpool are spending modest amounts (and they clearly are) then so can we. Also the fact that we are less reliant on non-TV revenues will stand us in better stead than some of the (alleged) Big 6 on the the virus-affect front. Repayment of TV rebate monies will not be straight away and it’s still anticipated that Wolves will generate £140m + from TV and prize monies in the 2019/ 20 season.
FFP is nothing to do with fair play or clubs losing more than they can cope with it is as we know a device to keep the shop closed and keep the current crop of top clubs rich and at the top of their leagues.
I have faith in the Wolves management to retain financial prudence whilst unearthing more reasonably priced gems!

17 Aug 2020 00:08:39
FFP clubs can only spend what they bring in + a little bit.
But I own the club and want to invest in the club.
Yes but our rules have been discussed with the elite clubs only spend what you bring in.
How are we to compete? bring in more revenue/ sponsors.
How do you get more revenue through sponsors? finish higher in all comps.
How do we do we finish higher? invest in better players.
Money from where. ah haa. now you see why we discussed it with the elite clubs.

17 Aug 2020 09:09:02
So true Thor! I think the part that especially grates on me is the notion that it's about 'fair play'! It's essentially a way for the elite clubs to pull the ladder up behind them as they go, what is exactly fair in that?! Clubs like United and Real that are where they are through literally generations of out spending those around them and these guys are supposedly the bastions of financial fairness in the sport?! It really is a shamelessly transparent system! I'm actually pleased City made them looks so silly, hopefully it will give others the idea of fighting them cause this system has NOTHING to do with fairness! 😡.

{Ed002's Note - You are missing the point. The purpose of FFP is to ensure clubs only spend what they can afford to spend and we end the days where we see the likes of Portsmouth ending up being unable to pay back the loans they had taken on. "Better players" does not necessarily mean more expensive players. Better scouting and better coaching is what is needed and perhaps better advice. Jorge Mendes advises the club’s owner, has given advice on players – the manager, Nuno Espírito Santo, is a longstanding Mendes client - and that players “connected” to Mendes have been signed. Whilst no rules have been broken it has been a huge financial drain and has put Wolves in to the difficult situation they find themselves. I have made it perfectly clear this was coming. Now is the time for teh club to start acting responsibly - Jorge still has his fingers very much in the Wolves pie.}

17 Aug 2020 09:55:50
I haven't missed the point of it but if its truly about fairness then I think they have! I would understand if the rules were there to simply stop clubs from burrowing dangerously agaisnt the club or throwing around wages the club can't back and as you say situations like Portsmouth were the catalyst for the change. But the way the change has been introduced simply protects big clubs rather than promoting fairness! Take Man City, if a Sheik who is worth more than most countries wants to spaff their OWN billions on players without burrowing agaisnt a club or endanger it then why shouldn't they be allowed to do that?! Who are we to tell billionaires how to spend money made in other ventures responsibly?! Why is it fair to prohibit the amount they spend if its not actually putting there club in any long term danger? United and Real are only where they are because they have done exactly that for 50 odd years so wheres the difference?! Why is it this was only bought in when those very estaished clubs suddenly started to have to look over there shoulder cause of City and PSG? This is not necessarily about Wolves as I know our model is not based on huge investment without burrowing against the club (I realise they restructured with a loan therefore there is risk attached) BUT if that's what Fosun wanted to do then why shouldn't they be able to?! Can you imagine ANY other industry saying 'well we know you've made your money else where but your only allowed to spend x amount on a new venture in this industry else the other companies already established in this industry won't like it' it just wouldn't happen because in any other business the system would be ridiculed! And is it working, ask Wigan and tell me if there fans feel like they've been protected by it?! I would also point out its not just us saying this it is also new owners. Many have said they are unsure how they are supposed to grow organically when the rules are SO restrictive on levels of capital input. I struggle to see the fairness in a system which was unanimously voted for by the biggest clubs, unless you are suggesting they were all voting agaisnt there own self interest? It would certianly be a first in football!

{Ed002's Note - You appear to arguing against yourself in terms of wanting unfairness and no level playing field in terms of investment - and that protects the clubs with wealthy owners. What makes it fair is that clubs are constrained to spend within their means - to stop clubs running wild and then hitting problems. The clubs voted for a fair solution for all and it has worked well. For those clubs that have abused it (such as Manchester City, Wolves, Galatasaray,, Lille, PSG and many others), there have been deserved punishments. I am astonished that "new owners" don't understand the rules that allow for change of ownership investment.}

17 Aug 2020 10:54:47
I must admit Ed it isn’t my understanding of the situation. Wolves have broken ffp rules but only with European competition it does not affect the what we do in the premier league. We are allowed to make 30% loss under premier league and 27% within Europe. We haven’t broken the 30% so no restriction within premier league. The losses are taken because of 3 years accounts 2 were championship years. Next year only 1 championship and 2 premier. Our turnover has gone up expedentially of the past 2 seasons. Our first season in prem we made a 20 odd million profit. According to Tim spiers we are on to make similar profit for 19/ 20 season. So approx 50 million profit. This almost wipes out the 60 million loss from promotion year. If we had qualified for next season and not this we wouldn’t have broken rules. If we qualify next season for the season after we will be ok. We have this seasons accounts to break even this includes next seasons accounts. So we need to make a 5-10 million profit to comply. Fosun have stated because of this we do not need to sell and it does not change our transfer plans at all. If we sell it will be because we want not because we have to.

{Ed002's Note - The spending restrictions cover the PL as well. The reduction on squad size applies only in Europe. The Premier League may yet go after Wolves. The punishment does not mean that Wolves can keep spending money they don't have. The club will make losses for 19/20 and not a £50M profit. The break even and compliance needs to be done by 2022. Nobody has suggested that Wolves need to sell, they simply need to comply with FFP and work within their means.}

17 Aug 2020 11:26:36
Hang on Ed you are talking like this started at ground zero where fairness was already established?! It wasn't, where is this level playing field you speak of cause I've yet to see it?! United earn just shy of a billion most years, they earn that through years of unfair investmentment why should they suddenly now be protected from others wanting to do the same thing?! Real have been bank rolled by the Royal Bank in Spain, (historically whilst taxing its people) how's that fair exactly?! So why now should City have to play by different rules unless its to protect those already at the top? I also notice you say its worked well without mentioning Wigan or any of the other MANY small clubs it's let down, has it worked well for them?! No because it's a system made for the elite and designed by the elite! Business is not fair, never has been and these rules don't change that! I have no problem with the realities of business I do however get wound up with systems that go 'well these clubs are the best, let's set up a system that maintains that status quo ya know for fairness'?! If the system is SO fair how come we see the same clubs winning the Champs League year on year?! The same teams winning their domestic leagues and Champs league places year on year?! If they REALLY wanted to promote fairness they would consider universal wage caps and drafts systems. People mock American sports but they are VERY rarely dominated by the same handful of clubs for 50+ years! 🙄.

{Ed002's Note - You are picking on extreme cases without even understanding the situation. Manchester United have never earned anything like £1B - and certainly not "most years"; Real Madrid are looking for €190M of player sales profit this year to cover losses. Manchester City have to play by the same rules as both of those clubs. FFP has not let Wigan down, it was the new owners (a Chinese fund) that had promised investment and did not follow through. You seem to simply looking for something to complain about because Wolves have been financially mismanaged in recent years, allowed Jorge to get his hands on the cheque book and ended up breaching the rules. It is just bitterness. Universal wage caps would not be viable.}

17 Aug 2020 11:59:48
The way I see it is that Wolves are already over the £27million they are allowed to lose (only if the owners write off that debt) over a 3 year period just from the last 12 months accounts. That means they have to break even over the next 2 years as we’ve already reached our max overspend. However Wolves will get an extra 10+million from Europa league prize money. At least an extra 14million from Premier league prize money compared to last year. Sale of Costa 15million+ and hopefully recoup some of the fee we paid for Cutrone. The FFP relaxing of rules due to the virus will only help balance the books regarding loss of match day revenue for the games after the return. Wolves will have no problem signing players as long as we don’t spend like we did last season. £85million ish on forward players was spent last season! WOLVES ARE ON THE MARCH but we need to build carefully and be patient.

{Ed002's Note - Yes Kiddywolf that is a fair summary. However, there are also significant losses on broadcasting rights and gate income that will continue well in to next season that need to be accounted for.}

17 Aug 2020 12:26:49
Actually Ed you are not understanding on this occasion because you are talking about profits whilst I'm talking about turnover! I pick extreme cases like Wigan because they are the VERY ones this was supposed to protect! And as I keep saying this is not about Wolves so why is it bitterness exactly?! And again you ignore the valid points, if its so fair why do the same teams win the leagues year on year?! How does that happen with a 'level playing field' exactly?! You have a habit of doing this, making it personal when it's more just a difference of opinion! Your opinion is not the only one that's correct because ya know its an opinion?! Why are universal wage caps unviable exactly?! They work in MANY other sports, you just don't understand them! 🤣 Sorry I couldn't resit 👍.

{Ed002's Note - Actually I do understand. Manchester United' most recent accounts show a turnover of about £625M. Maybe you should reconsider all of these rash and incorrect remarks.}

17 Aug 2020 3:31:27
Right, so I should have said half a billion instead of a billion. At that level of wealth does it make a huge difference, the point was do you think Wolves/ Villa or in fact almost anyone else would be able to achieve that in this lifetime?! If its not possible to 'compete' with there earning power then how is that EVER going to be a level playing field exactly?!

And still you ignore the fact the VERY clubs it was set up to protect have still fallen into administration, hows that an effective system then?! I don't need to reconsider my remarks cause they aren't personal and are my just opinion. Last time I checked opinions were the point of forums?! Didn't see the small print that said my opinions had to be in line with your own?

17 Aug 2020 16:05:41
BullysBoy, let's not worry about the finances at Wolves. Fosun had a 10 year plan which they are 2 years ahead on. Fosun spent big in the Championship in a speculate to accumulate fashion. Yes, we've broken FFP rules but Fosun came out last week and stated that this would not have an impact on the long term plans so this means one of two things:

The losses were already factored in and Fosun have implemented buying a limited number of players per season


Fosun have totally restructured the club including the Academy which is now self sufficient and are growing the brand globally to generate more money ala Chelsea.

From speaking to a coach at the club, it is option 2.

17 Aug 2020 18:45:50
Cheers Jas mate, to be honest though I was never especially worried or annoyed for Wolves. You don't make the money that Fosun have without knowing what your doing or learning how to navigate such things. And it's good to know some inside knowledge on how Fosun see it so cheers for that 👍
As the Ed says they would have known what they were in for before buying so it won't be a surprise to them at all. Despite my being argumentative (most of you will know that's just me:) I actually respect the eds views and knowledge. Weather I agree with her opinion on the current system of not I think it's fairly clear that she is VERY passionate about the idea of fairness within the sport which is no bad thing. I suppose for me I look around the leagues across Europe and its always the same clubs winning everything, which doesn't look like changing anytime soon. In that climate its hard to see where this level playing field is, yes they all have to play by the same rules BUT those rules where invented well after the status quo was established as such all that seems to be happening is the same teams remain 'big' whilst the rest struggle to find increasing inventive accounting to catch up. No matter how much I may argue I would LOVE to be wrong and to see new emerging clubs pop up around the world, time will tell 👍.

17 Aug 2020 18:56:55
There is a very interesting article in Forbes about Chelsea finances which is perhaps apropos to this matter.
Between 2003 and 2013 when Abravomich and to be fair Mourinho built Chelsea in to an "all conquering" side creating a global brand that now generates turnover of well over 400m pa - with match day i. e. football merely representing just over £60m - they lost over £670m.
Given inflation over the last 17 years that is a spectacular amount.
However even since then profits have been in chronological order: 14, -27, -72, 13,60 and -96. As therefore can be seen between 2014 and 2018 they continued to lose money albeit modestly. But in 2019 due to a variety of reasons - wages, player contract amortisation and reduced player sales profits - they once again lost a massive 96m.
{Note during this period they actually made over £450m profit on player sales so imagine where Profits would have been without this! )
So perhaps we can all agree that whilst FFP does indeed now protect the game from the crazy unsustainable spending sprees we previously saw from clubs like Portsmouth and if you recall Leeds we surely have to acknowledge that a hopefully unintended consequence is that clubs can no longer go down the Chelsea route even if, like Wolves, they have owners capable of financing this strategy.
Whenever the rule was brought in it was always going to effectively "freeze" the position and sadly Wolves were on the wrong side of that deadline. It should also be acknowledged that the big 6 - and let's be honest apart from Chelsea who you could replace with Everton- have been the big 6 for far longer than just the last 20 years as they come from the big cities with big stadiums and - except perhaps City - great heritages. {Wolves heritage is from the 50s and sadly that is far to long ago to "count" in most people's eyes)
Yes FFP is clearly going to act as a brake on our incredible rate of progress in the short term but with good management - which I firmly believe we have - we will continue to build on all fronts. Consequently over the next 3 or 4 years I am sure we will bridge that gap.
Having watched Wolves be less than " all conquering for over 50 years sadly I will have to wait a few more but don't worry --its COMING!

17 Aug 2020 19:22:10
Absolute salary caps ARE 100% viable.
Take a squad size of 25 players and multiply by the average gross salary (including bonuses) of each of the 20 Premier League clubs for the previous season and maybe multiply for an element of inflation (say 3%) . That’s your squad salary limit and clubs skill in buying the right players and paying them a suitable salary would truly measure the management skills of a well-managed football business.
The squad salary cap would make it beneficial to bring through younger home-grown players at lower salary levels (maybe not even include youth team players in the cap) .
For whatever reason Ed supports the status quo, his opinions are no better or worse than other opinions on here.
Let me state that many potentially profitable businesses fail not through profitability but through cash flow and badly structured balance sheets. The powers that be could be assessing club balance sheets with any number of ratios that would genuinely detect whether a club is distressed and living beyond its means. They don’t and the reason IS political and NOT financial.

{Ed001's Note - salary caps are not viable because you are not only competing against other Premier League teams, you also have to compete against every other league in the world. If the Prem has a salary cap, the best players will just go to Italy or Spain where there is none. I can see why Ed002 is frustrated with Wolves fans, you are all so one-eyed you are only seeing it from Wolves' point of view when you are just one of thousands of teams.}

17 Aug 2020 19:50:54
Garbage Ed001, what’s wrong with wanting to change your sport for the better?
This isn’t about Wolves and your editorial team needs to understand this and stop trying to ‘talk down’ to genuine football fans and people that probably understand well-run businesses more than you.
OK start with the premise that you are right in our ability to compete against other European teams with a salary cap (and I agree you are), why can’t we lobby UEFA to introduce the cap in all European leagues. Imagine the impact on grass roots football if some of that crazy TV money fed it’s way down.
I’m not being disrespectful guys but let’s open up healthy debate instead of shutting it down with insults.

{Ed002's Note - It is not an improvement, it would never work. There is a vast amount more money going in to some clubs in leagues where others are struggling - there is no comparison between the income Potuguese clubs have compared to English clubs. There is a huge amount of abuse on the Wolves site from some of the vegetables which you don't see. As a club the fanbase do not understand the finances or accepot taht Wolves have an FFP problem they are being punished for.}

17 Aug 2020 20:11:37
Fair enough Ed002, thank you for your point and the comment about other leagues which I will accept at face value as I have limited information on these.
I accept that Wolves have a problem according to the agreed FFP rules and that the next few years will be challenging for us with FFP consequences and the virus.
I do think that this is the ideal forum for kicking around thoughts for constructive change to our sport and its rules and running.
My final point is that if any posters on here want to look at clubs’ financial results and analysis, have a look at Swiss Ramble on Twitter who is an excellent source of up to date information.

{Ed002's Note - A good example might be the total across the major leagues whic see the Premeir League at around €6B, Spain around €3.5B with two clubs dominating, Germany around €3B, Italy around €2.5 and France around €2B. That is a huge disparity and if you take it to a mico level there is a vast difference at club level.}

17 Aug 2020 23:27:21
"{Ed002's Note - You are missing the point. The purpose of FFP is to ensure clubs only spend what they can afford to spend and we end the days where we see the likes of Portsmouth ending up being unable to pay back the loans they had taken on. "

Ed002 I agree with your point on why it was first thought about, and for a very good reason too, supporters of these clubs need protection against negligent owners.

My problem is the way it was hijacked, its no longer just to protect clubs from not being able to pay their debts.

Just about the entire usual Prem elite 6 clubs got to where they now are by massive spending well passed what they brought into the club in revenue backed by owners with very deep pockets.

Now they are in a position where they generate huge revenue well above most clubs, giving them superior spending power to other competing clubs clearly a massive advantage.
Only once in this position have they said okay clubs can only spend what they bring in, what they don't say and this is what this was set up originally to try and enforce, is now only clubs that can afford to spend big can do so.

How about they mean the Fair part and cap all clubs spending to the same amount, or allow spending as long as it is proven secure and safe surely that's what we are trying to do, prove the owner can afford to spend.

It won't happen because as this is all set up, the top clubs will continue to out spend the competition and the gap will continue to grow exponentially year after year.

It is clearly not Fair play at all.

{Ed002's Note - You have to get over this constant whining. The injection of money in to clubs like Chelsea and Manchester City come many, many years ago - long before FFP. There is an allowance in the rules that means that new owners of clubs can state that they are going to make an additional cash injection and FFP will not be held against them. You cannot cap spending to the same amount - clubs bring in hugely different income.}

18 Aug 2020 11:22:47
Leicester won the league finished top 6 this season so a team out the big 6 clubs have broken the usual mould.
This gives hope to clubs like mine
The Wolves.

18 Aug 2020 16:40:43
Jiminez going nowhere. He is happy and settled at the wolves.



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