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14 Aug 2020 14:05:05
Gianluca Di Marzio well known Italian journalist is claiming we are close to signing striker Paulinho from Braga €25 million.

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14 Aug 2020 16:54:03
Look guys, Liverpool SOLD their way to the top. Think about the great players they sold over the last decade. If we get offered silly money (£70k) for Jimenez, take it, he's going to be 30 next birthday! That money would buy 2 to 3 great young players.

14 Aug 2020 17:47:59
Surely he's worth more than £70k. We paid £30m for him.

But seriously, I get what you mean. Sell him and use the money to buy 2 players.

14 Aug 2020 17:56:20
£70k or £70m.?
Deep throat, you're selling our best striker on the Cheap pal. lol.
Apparently we're very close to buying Paulino fro Braga.

14 Aug 2020 20:07:06
Who would you buy to replace Raul realistically. Turning 30 is hardly over the hill.

14 Aug 2020 20:09:43
I think Liverpool were a bit more tactful than just selling their best players. More of a case of selling their limited players. The prime example being Philip Coutinho, not many of the big European clubs are looking at him. Bayern doesn't want him, Barca' doesn't want him. Selling the likes of Fabio Borini was a no-brainer. Suarez is a different gravy, so it would be hard for his head not to be turned by Barca'.

14 Aug 2020 20:33:11
You're not going to get big money for anyone this year with the virus. if we sell it will be less than we could get next year.

You keep your assets in a down market.

14 Aug 2020 20:48:06
See I do agree Deep and I think Fosun have always intimated that this may be a model we utilise (well in so much as they have always predominantly focused on young players which retain a re-sale value) . Thing is though I also think Toms right, cause strikers like Raul are like gold dust! United have been looking for one since Lukaku left (which is why they panic signed Igahlo on loan) . If we can keep Raul (and I realise it is an IF) I would say he's pretty vital, quite literally when you read that he had a hand in half of the goals we scored this season. And even if we could find someone as good they would cost about the same anyway (we had a steal with him at £30m) .
I still think your right though Deep, I just think for that model to work you have to be VERY selective on who you buy and sell. Southampton did it for a while but got it wrong one season and its set them back about 5 years! So for example I would sell Jota or even Neves if we were offered the right price, which allowed us to buy two good players in their place. Think its going to be an interesting window, COYW ;)

14 Aug 2020 21:52:06
I understand the idea that Jimenez is 29 and therefore will not be worth as much in 3 years time as he is now so if you can cash in and buy in 2 or 3 younger players that is great. I also note that the Liverpool example - well you mean Coutinho who was parlayed into Van Dyke and Allison ( brilliant business! ) - is used to support the thesis.
However I think you have to be careful in drawing a comparison with Coutinho and Jimenez.
When Liverpool sold him they had an excess of top class attacking players - Salah and Mane are not bad - but a weak gk and a soft central defence.
With hindsight the attacking threat has not diminished despite losing a world class - he was at the time - attacking player and the defence has been hugely strengthened. Perfect business. So why is this not perfect for us as well?
Well if Jimenez goes we not only don't have an excess of quality central attackers but we in fact have none! So we would need to replace him.
Now many talk about buying 2 or 3 players meaning with wages taken into account as well if you sell for £70m you probably have no more than say £15- 20m available in fees for each player.
To date we have a great record of buying players relatively modestly so perhaps we can do so again?
But surely it is a huge risk. Look at the last couple of years and the forwards signed by rival Prem clubs for this money and above.
Tosun, Moise Kean, Wesley, Solanke, Joelinton, Haller and Batshuayi to name but a few. All total failures!
If we don't get it right - and I have as much respect for Nuno and his track record as any and maybe this chap Paulinho from Braga is the answer- the consequences are v serious.
Without a successful Jimenez replacement where will we be?
Perhaps we could buy 2 replacements? Perhaps add Sammatta to Wesley?
You will find that you rapidly burn through £70m with a couple of " bomb squad" additions and drop down the table like a stone without Jimenez's goals and team play
v risky!
Or you the go the other way and pay more for the a direct replacement.
If we can find a £50m+ player available and willing to join us maybe he provides a greater guarantee of success? Although we all know even £50m doesn't gtee success - Torres at Chelsea?
Note though a player bought for that fee will be demand to be on much higher wages than Jimenez currently is. Indeed he will surely demand higher wages than any player wolves currently employ.
This means that the £20m left over from the Jimenez fee will be used to pay the " excess " wage over a 4 year contract.
Sadly what it will also mean is that maybe 7 or 8 other Wolves players will be perfectly entitled to knock on the door and say that they want a wage increase as well to maintain the differentials in the squad.
Unless we grant these increase - perhaps costing £20 -30 m pa we will potentially disturb the great spirit seemingly engendered by Nuno.
Consequently either way you may well find yourself not in the money but massively out of the money and with a much weaker team.
It is a huge risk selling your better players particularly in a position where you are already weak.
Surely the player to sell is Jota - won't raise as much but more than enough to buy both the new Neves and Boly if you believe we can still find players of that quality at that price ( and if you don't why do you think you can buy the new Jimenez for the same price we bought the original one? ) - as we have Neto and Podence more than capable of replacing him.
The older fans amongst you will recall the cautionary tale of Southampton's sale of Alan Shearer. He was sold for a British record transfer fee and Southampton bought 3 or 4 players for that fee including two CFs - one Kerry Dixon was an English international and one Dave Speedie was a Scottish international.
You all know what happened to Shearer but Southampton? They finished 18th in the league and Dixon and Speedie were both sold at huge losses within 2 years.
I'm not saying we shouldn't sell certain players and reinvest but please be aware it is a v v high risk strategy and Jimenez is one the last I'd consider selling at this stage.

14 Aug 2020 23:34:10
Well said Thefutureisoldgold. If we don't need to sell Jimenez then we shouldn't. The area we need to strengthen the most is defence. Saiss has performed well there but he is a converted midfielder. If we add 2 defenders (to replace Saiss and Bennett) and add a striker we'd be OK. Jota, Podence, Traore and Neto give us a strong attacking option but another striker will ease the burden on Jimenez. Also Moutinho, as brilliant as he is won't go on forever so maybe a loan player to provide cover in midfield.

15 Aug 2020 16:51:25
ps 3 further things cloud the issue.
1) In FY 2018 on our £26m turnover the wage bill for example was over £50m as we successfully chased Prem football meaning we lost a massive £55m. This as Ed says stays on your record for 3 years.
2)In the summer of 2019 wolves spent over £90m net on new players which will obviously have increased the wage bill and increased the charge to the P and L (Jimenez alone is costing circa £7m pa extra in FY 2020 cf 2019)
3)the virus will have hurt income in the last few weeks of the FY.

However it is surely inconceivable that we haven't also strongly grown revenues in all areas. European football brings greater football income and TV income whilst commercial activities must be picking up from their v low base as we become a more established and marketable proposition.
Tragic for so many reasons to miss out on Europe next year but finances are a major one and ironically we still won't have the time to tour China again - where surely we are becoming a v marketable brand - especially as we beat the then Prem League Champs, City (again) on that tour
All will be revealed in October when the FY2020 accounts should become available.
Naturally the club already knows what the numbers will roughly look like and thus this summer's transfer budget will be set accordingly.
Fingers crossed.

15 Aug 2020 19:54:06
Jas M, as you may have read in my first post on this site 2 days ago I agree entirely with what you have said above.
I'd like one of the 2 defenders you say we need to be a LWB and proposed Alonso but as discussed with BullysBoy I accept that the purchases are far more likely to be from overseas where fees and particularly wages seem to be more reasonable.

The CF will only play infrequently and so could either be an old player at the end of their career willing to play modest minutes to extend their career or a youngster still looking to establish themselves - given though that we require them to be good enough to "play" finding this player is far from easy.

Since I'd actually be willing to sell players - including Moutinho if the deal was right- I think we need to buy the CM replacement not loan but perhaps the LWB could be a loan as Otto will be back for the season after next?

If ED is correct re FFP - and I assume he is -it still isn't as bad as he paints. Football clubs account for purchases by amortising the fee paid over the life of the first contract. Thus a £40m purchase over 4 years costs £10m pa (excluding wages) to the P and L but a sale of a player for £40m who was acquired for £12m on a 4 year contract represents a £37m profit, plus the wage saving.

Given we made over £20m profit in FY 2019 and the entire squad was in the books at just over £100m at the end of FY2019 unless we hugely increase the salary bill even modest sales ( Jota? ) would allow for fairly substantial purchases to be made without incurring a loss.

Note in FY2019 we spent a net £91m on players but the charge to the P and L was a net £26m

However it is obvious that we are restricted by FFP and need to massively alter our revenue streams
In the championship in FY2018 revenue of just over £26m came largely (£14m) from football related activities gate money, shirt sales, catering etc with TV contributing just about a third of income at circa £8m and Sponsorship making a v modest contribution.

By 2019 our income of over £172m is driven by a £125m increase in TV money a £8m increase in football income and an uplift of £13m in sponsorship i. e. TV money now represents circa 75% of our total income.
The big 6 only earn approx 33% of their income from TV with Sponsorship/ advertising etc being the largest part of their income. For us to compete on a level playing field we need to increase our income by circa £200m+ pa. The only way this can be done - it won't be by raising ticket prices will it! - is to sell the brand more effectively and that is Fosun's job!

15 Aug 2020 21:33:40
note these 2 post should be in reverse order ie the ps is to the 2nd post.

15 Aug 2020 22:34:21
Been reading up about FFP and sadly I was wrong.
As Ed says it is based on a three year cycle and our current cycle FY 2017 to FY 2019 shows cumulative losses of circa £58m massively ahead of the Euro 30m limit allowed hence we are guilty and have been fined.
More concerningly though as Ed points put even if we made a small profit in FY 2020 ending May 2020 which is probably the best we can hope for due to the virus and the additional transfers made in summer 2019 our 2018-2020 cycle would be minus £57 plus £22 and the 2020 profit. This is unlikely to give a total that is better than minus €30m so we may be guilty again - although of course since the FY2020 figures were fixed in May there is nothing we can do about it now.
However these results don't come out till October so no one other than the club and its accountants know the real truth yet.
3 points worth noting. The fines paid are largely distributed to the clubs that reach the latter stages of European trophies - i. e. the biggest and richest clubs (odd? ) . Secondly the huge £57m loss when we were in the Championship drops out of the cycle next season so its hard to see how we will be guilty in FY 2020/ 21.
Thirdly selling Jota, bought for £12m in 2018 on a 4 year contract, for say £30m, will - subject to the sell on clause with Athletico - produce a profit of £24m meaning in the year 2020/ 21 we are capable of making significant profits which should put us back on the straight and narrow re FFP and allow us to continue to invest.



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