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05 Mar 2020 01:12:32
Everton, West Ham and Wolves are in the race to sign 24-year-old Mexico winger Hirving Lozano from Napoli.

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05 Mar 2020 09:42:08
Ex-Wolves Stephen Hunt reckons that Matt Doherty should move to a "bigger club" like Arsenal or Spurs in the summer! Bigger?

05 Mar 2020 09:58:19
Look at the table Hunty!

05 Mar 2020 14:46:54
He should if they pay him more. He is underpaid at Wolves.

05 Mar 2020 15:33:48
Stephen Hunt went on to a bigger club post Wolves: Ipswich Town F. C.

05 Mar 2020 17:40:46
Haha yeah Timmy cause Spurs and Arsenal are renowned for paying well?! That'll be why they consistently lose players over wage disputes is it?! Stephen Hunt was never an especially bright guy so this does not surprise me! How much is he on then Timmy? I would like to know what you see as underpaid?

05 Mar 2020 22:32:46
£10,000 per week. Is Jonny worth 3.6 times more (£36,673)?

05 Mar 2020 23:27:26
Timmy I can see where those numbers are coming from but I would take them with a HUGE pinch of salt! For a start I am sceltical how much is based on fact rather than guesses and second they have no info on the finer details of the contract.

For example he may have had a yearly wage rise of 20% written in or more likely like the rest of the squad a HUGE bonus for getting Euro footy or maybe a £5k app and clean sheet bonus?

If he really has signed a four and a half year deal on that kind of money then he doesn't need a new club he needs a new agent! With that being the case I'm not sure what moving would achieve, with the same agent he will just move onto a similar contract!

Comparing it to Ottos is pointless, as we signed Otto from Athletico and would have needed to match hos wages to do so whereas Matt came from semi-pros Bohemians so just apples and pears!

06 Mar 2020 10:11:16
I don't think Doherty is the type of player who would leave just for more money. He is tremendously loyal and he knows that Nuno has made him what he is today. If Nuno had moved to Arsenal when rumoured, I think Doherty would have moved soon after. After all, Arsenal was his boyhood club. We shouldn't be complacent about any of our players. I hope Matt is going to be fitted with (old) golden handcuffs by a big new financial package.

06 Mar 2020 12:28:50
I think your right Deep, in so much as Matt has always come across as one of those rare breeds of fototballer who is actually grateful for what the club's given him! Still though I'm not sure his wages are on anyone but his agent. If any of us were buying a car and they wanted £10k who would actually be silly enough to go 'well actually I want to give you £30k for it'?! To be honest I think it just shows how well managed the club is, think about it how easy is it for us to improve his wages at that level if Spurs do come calling? Whereas if he's ALREADY on £30k+ and wants an increase well then that forces a decision! At 28 and currently on a four year deal the club is in a VERY strong position not sure any of us can complain with that? COYW 🐺.

06 Mar 2020 21:50:05
He has to provide for his family. If someone offered me 2 or 3 times as much as I am currently making I might consider it.

07 Mar 2020 00:16:35
Behave Timmy, anything over £1k a week and the 'provide for his family' line is almost offensive! Also you may 'consider' other options but if you'd signed a long contract it becomes somewhat academic! I get your point in that he deserves more but let's keep some reality with this eh ;)

08 Mar 2020 00:17:02
You should look at the numbers. The British/ Irish players get paid the least. Why is that? If Connor is good enough to play on the England team, why is he one of the lowest paid players?

08 Mar 2020 14:56:06
Thats just no.

08 Mar 2020 23:55:36
Sorry the above post was sent in error this is what I wanted to say:
Again though Timmy that's just not true! Sterling, Sancho, Maguire, Pickford and Kane are just some examples of England players that will be among the higher earners at their clubs! You've done what you always like to do and used two very niche examples to make a point that has little basis in truth. Also you need to look beyond the player and look at the aspects of the transfer i. e. has the player played at a high level previously like Neves (Porto) Jonny (Athletico) whereas like I said before Coady was at Hudderfield and Doherty at Bohemians. The problem is Timmy something like players wages is VERY nuanced, a whole number of factors come into it like how many moves they’ve had, which club they started, what age did they break into the first team?!
Like I said before I get your point with Docs but to suggest there's some kind of injustice going on with homegrown players just isn’t true, essentially as I’ve told you before a players contract is only as good as their agent and who picks their agent?!
I am surprised mind, if you want to pick a sector to champion on wages I salute you but please take some advice and stay away from football players! Even for Docs and Coady I struggle to find genuine sympathy for anyone who gets to play footy for a living and will bank between £750k-£1m this year (when you consider match and loyalty bonuses)! Maybe try looking at the NHS pay-scale and you’ll find me right in your corner! 😉.



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