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26 Jan 2020 21:07:36
Speirs saying Prodence will sign tomorrow.

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26 Jan 2020 21:24:15

26 Jan 2020 21:49:58
Sticky toffee pudding be ok.

26 Jan 2020 22:00:01
The deal has collapsed. Source. Wolves supporters alliance on Facebook.

26 Jan 2020 22:08:34
Someone on Twitter saying the deal has collapsed.

26 Jan 2020 22:31:59
As the realist predicted. Fosun no longer interested.

26 Jan 2020 23:25:10
Deal still on from what i've seen, i've seen Oliviera deal is off as Wolves puruing another striker now.

26 Jan 2020 23:46:56
Hey Jas (not that I’m calling you a liar, far from it) who’s @ on twitter said it’s collapsed? I can’t find it anywhere. I’m it paying an attention or reacting to the trolls comments on here.

27 Jan 2020 00:14:14
SQ, can you please provide some concrete proof that Fosun are no longer interested. Maybe, just maybe it might have something to do with the players demands not being met or his unwillingness to move countries. Maybe he is currently on let's say £10k a week, Wolves have offered him £50k a week but he's demanding £1m a week and Wolves have told him to do one. But it seems that you are very tight with Jeff Shi and it appears that he has confided in you so please tell us everything you know.

27 Jan 2020 07:01:43
Debbie, @talkingwolves.

27 Jan 2020 07:42:35
Does it really matter what the player is demanding. Same old wolves story. No back up players to go for when this scenario happens.

27 Jan 2020 07:43:40
SQ clearly wasn't around when we lost to Chorley. Get a grip and take stock of just how far we have come.

27 Jan 2020 08:54:08
demon, of course it matters what players are demanding. We have to live within our means.

27 Jan 2020 10:53:46
There are a tonne of variables within a transfer to get right before it comes off. Nuno and Fosun are confident. We should be confident.

Until we have cause not to trust them. Which we haven't yet reached. Not by a long chalk.

27 Jan 2020 11:12:35
SQ is quoting the realist? Run that by me again? It's the pot of negativity calling the kettle of negativity black!

The realist said there wasn't going to be a takeover. Fosun promptly took over and each season has been better than the last. We are now in Europe. We have players in the squad considered world class by pundits.

27 Jan 2020 11:29:04
I was at Chorley for all three games
On another note the head of medical staff who has been responsible for our excellent record on injuries has now left. Makes you think. Or maybe it doesn't in some cases.

27 Jan 2020 11:35:34
Alright Ed if OK I'm interested to see your views on this feed.

{Ed001's Note - in what way Phil? Just seems to be people having different views, which is needed to have a discussion. Just because you disagree it doesn't mean anything, it just means you are viewing the same scene from a different angle or with different information.

It is easy to see both views as a neutral. Wolves have come such a long way there is a lot to be positive about. On the negative side, there are a lot of changes in the way the Chinese govt are treating foreign football which has killed the backing they were giving for a short period. So it is quite possible Fosun are not as keen as they were. No way of any of us knowing if that is true though, it is purely conjecture. Either way, they have already put the club into a position where it can happily stand on its own two feet and stay competitive.}

27 Jan 2020 11:57:15
Ed01 - Fosun trade out of Hong Kong, not China, they do not have to adhere to Chinese gov’t rules on keeping money in China after their economy slowed down. I read this in an article in the Times last year when Villa hit the skids and Tony Xia could not move any money from China to invest into the club. The Brum mail (ewww) went and Plagiarized the story and put it online.

{Ed001's Note - I am not talking about that. You are completely missing the point. China were subsidising a move to get involved in foreign football teams as a way of improving the country's image abroad. That has now stopped. It is a totally different issue from the one you are referring to, though the slowdown of the economy no doubt had a big bearing on the govt's decision.}

27 Jan 2020 11:58:49
Thankyou Ed answer to your question is everything you have wrote a neutral non wolves fans perspective is what I was interested in.

{Ed001's Note - ah ok sorry wasn't sure, so glad I answered ok for you mate.}

27 Jan 2020 12:20:02
Sound Ed what I wanted out of the question I asked you has lol calmed me down as I'm way ott passionate about Wolves. 👍.

{Ed001's Note - it is easy to lose sight of the other side of an argument when you are in the middle of it. Especially as people will often just say things for a reaction when they are wound up. It is not always what you actually mean, but just what you know will annoy the other person most. It is human nature. It is even harder when you are behind a screen, as you can't see the other person's reactions to judge whether they are just being an arse or are trying to be offensive etc.}

27 Jan 2020 14:28:44
No point asking for anything concrete Jas cause none of them have a thing! They struggle to even recognise that fact that Fosun are the very reason we even NEED a stadium expansion! 10k people on a waiting list for season tickets, I would love to know when that was last the case?! Still though there's no point asking for valid answers or any kind of substance to back up the 'Fosun lost interest' line because there's NOTHING other than a gut feeling or another way of phrasing that would be that there's no proof other than having a negative outlook on life! SQ saying 'the ride was great' pretty much sums him up as a fan! I didn't get off 'this ride' when we went down to League One so I certainly ain't jumping off when we are 7th in the Prem and still in Europe! It does seem funny to me that people are second guessing Fosuns commitment whilst showing none themselves! Standard! ; (.

27 Jan 2020 17:32:29
SQ- Phil Hayward has been at the club almost 12 years and our injury record over that time has been very erratic. So it is only since we've had Nuno and Fosun that we've hit these record levels so I'm not sure why all the credit goes to Hayward?! Hang on yes I do, cause otherwise it would mean giving the current regime a little of their MUCH deserved credit! 🙄.

27 Jan 2020 18:31:25
Ed. You are correct in my assumption regarding Fosun and the economic situation re football equalling Fosun potentially losing interest. That is categorically what I have been saying over the last few weeks. However you have put it across far more eloquently than myself, Ed. The ride over the last few years has been wonderful but I tend to look at the future and where Wolves are concerned patterns from the past. They have always been a club that take three steps forward and ten steps backwards. With a change in transfer policy and ground development, I see a shift from progression to regression. I still think we could become embroiled in a relegation battle such is the tightness of the league. Next season however I fear players and management will depart. Goodbye and genuine best wishes to all who post heartfelt comments on these pages.



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