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29 Jun 2022 18:26:57
Just had a surprise,
My brother and myself going to molineux tomorrow night for stadium tour museum changing rooms.
Kenny Hibbit will be the tour guide and another ex wolves player of whom I don't know yet.

It was bought for our birthdays last month and my brother had forgotten. (my bro,s brain scan results have come up trumps all clear)

We or I will ask for any inside information on signings.

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29 Jun 2022 18:46:58
That's great Phil both the tour and your bro's good news. I'm sure you'll enjoy it all and Kenny Hibbit a legend mate. Have a good nose round gey?

29 Jun 2022 19:07:55
Glad to hear your brothers results are good Phil, some important positive news just to put things in perspective.
I've been thinking of doing one of those tours if they do any more, maybe take Mrs Longmynd. Let us know how you get on.

29 Jun 2022 19:21:46
That’s great news about the tour and scan results Phil!

29 Jun 2022 19:23:27
Enjoy Phil have a ball
Ask Kenny what his thoughts on our club being shafted by Fosun Shi and Sellers.
Give him a job as DOF.

29 Jun 2022 19:34:33
Nice one enjoy phil wished I had of saw kenny Hibbett play was one of my dad’s favourites

29 Jun 2022 20:47:09
Excellent news for your brother - delighted.
Hope you enjoy your tour- Kenny Hibbit an absolute superstar in the mid 70s team - perhaps it could be with the great John Richards!.
ps Kenny's brother Terry was not bad either at Newcastle!

29 Jun 2022 20:47:34
Very nice present Phil, enjoy it! I'm sure you will. Now Kenny would be perfect for our midfield. if only you could wind his clock back a bit!

29 Jun 2022 21:14:47
Cheers guys ?

Wear my new wolves top I will.

29 Jun 2022 21:30:10
Glad you got good news.

29 Jun 2022 22:24:36
When I was at uni in the 90s, I wrote my dissertation on the then relatively new Bosman Ruling. I sent a lot of letters to football clubs around the country to gauge the impact on them and had about 15 responses. The best were from our beloved club, when the then MD John Richards invited me to a meeting which lasted 90 minutes (aptly), and Cardiff City where a certain Kenny Hibbett sent a really lovely, detailed handwritten response.

I never had the fortune to watch them play live but I can attest to them being top blokes.

The meeting I had with King John was the only time I was truly ITK over a transfer as we were interrupted to sign the paperwork for Fernando Gomez's transfer.

29 Jun 2022 22:24:56
That's fantastic news Phil,best wishes to you both,enjoy your trip.

29 Jun 2022 23:24:12
Great news all round Phil, delighted for your Bro and even happier that the two of you have a proper way to celebrate the good news. When your on the tour do us all a favour and try to get a look at Brunos tactics board, I would love to know if he's pushing on with his 4-4-2 next season?! ?
If only it was really that easy to find such things out eh, have a great day though bud ??

30 Jun 2022 06:52:05
Will do my best lol.

Top guys you all are cus your wolves.

Brilliant .

Love being part of wolves.

If only our passion could drip into the players every week we would be top of the charts and world beaters.

30 Jun 2022 07:30:39
Way it's going phil you'd better bung a couple of million in the donation box on way out, its said we can't afford to keep mouts now.

30 Jun 2022 10:31:24
Enjoy the trip Phil, I had the pleasure of the pre match tour when Dave Jones was manager as part of a hospitality afternoon. Not sure who the guide was but no one as eminent as Ken Hibbit. He was however a long term club employee who was highly entertaining. A couple of women tagged along with the group of about 30, when he realised and thought they were gate crashers he asked who they were, the one said "Jez Moxey said we could come along I'm his wife!". The stadium has changed a little but the key components will be the same.

30 Jun 2022 11:37:24
Thnks I will,
My brothers estranged wife got the tour tickets for my brother knowing it will be for me too.
She told me that we will meet Kenny Hibbit I assume the tour guide as first I know about it.


30 Jun 2022 12:05:27
Spoke to SIL she has rang the wolves tour department on ticket said Kenny Hibbit but that was up till last week.
Tonight is Paul Butler.
Next week is John Richards.
We can wait till next week if we want.
Waiting for my brother to decide whether go as planned tonight or go next week.

30 Jun 2022 12:22:44
We going next week and will meet John Richards.
Apologies guys feel a lemon.

30 Jun 2022 12:45:27
John Richards will be the icing phil, no disrespect to Kenny or Paul, he was the bully of the 70s mate. Enjoy.

30 Jun 2022 13:46:32
It's to pay for Icardis wages Abbey

30 Jun 2022 15:07:20
Phil - loved Kenny but John Richards is John Richards! Can't not do next week.
When I started to go to games in the mid to late 60s through to the early 70s Dougan and Curran were the main men up front (with Bobby Gould as back up for a short period) but when John Richards arrived on the scene in the early 70s it was v v clear who the star was!
You and your brother will have a fantastic time.
Clearly that team of the early 70s is the best of my lifetime and the only one, (maybe Richards and Gray's 79/80 team might challenge) that would beat Nuno's 2018-2020 team - that is how lucky we have been this last few years.
Fingers crossed next year we can push on and challenge those sides for the title of "best Wolves team since the 1950s"!

30 Jun 2022 17:06:22
Cheers Thefutureisoldgold ?

I love reading all the posts about the times before me.
I think we both doing the right thing by waiting till next week.



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