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26 Jun 2022 10:05:06
Lage said that Wolves should have next season's team together when training commences. Also said that the transfer market has a domino effect, which explains the lack of movement because of there has been no sale of Neves. But what's happening with our 'advisor' Jorge Mendes? Why has his transfer experience not landed us any transfers in at all? I have the feeling Mendes has too many fingers in too many pies and is finding it hard to juggle so many different allegiances.

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26 Jun 2022 11:14:44
Domino effect doesn't just relate to Neves. It relates to other clubs buying and selling. For example if Chelsea bring in Sterling (may or may not happen, just an example) that will cause one of their forwards (probably Werner) to go. Wherever he goes may mean that club sell a player and so on.

Manchester Utd released quite a few players at the end of the season and will want to improve with a new manager after a poor campaign by their standards. They are likely to cause a big knock on effect in the market as they need to bring quite a few players in and have the money to do so. As of yet they haven't made a single signing either.

Any incomings will be on a need to know basis, and most likely we'll get to know just before they're unveiled in the shirt.

26 Jun 2022 11:27:14
Goggs. I don't think any of us have said it would be easy but most expected some movement quite early, hopefully the beginning of July will prove to be positive who knows!

Let's hope we don't get to the close of the window and Bruno having to do Jim Bowen's Bullseye "here's who we could have had, if only!"

26 Jun 2022 12:02:08
Were being outspent by Nottingham forest,???

26 Jun 2022 12:43:58
Greyleg but we aren't planning for getting relegated at the end of the season like to they probably will!

26 Jun 2022 13:41:21
Ken I don’t think Burnley were planning on getting relegated last season.
We have some quality players and should be too good to go down but if the team spirit is not good and rumours of fighting amongst theirselves we could find ourselves nearer the bottom than the top.
First and foremost we should be outbidding the likes of Forest and Fulham to stop them gaining ground like the big clubs do to us.
Also for Adama to leave it will need a club to pay £20 - £30 million and pay him higher wages than we are prepared to and Besiktas took Saiss on for two years so why are we penny pinching?

26 Jun 2022 13:43:45
So we sell MGW and Traore for £35 million not quite enough to buy a relegated centre half from Burnley ?
So last seasons wafer thin squad has lost Ruddy,Hoever,Saiss,Marcal,Giles,MGW,Traore and Trincao.
Guys really hope Sellars has got a handle on this, if we successfully promote 1-2 under 23s to become first team regulars that would be a right result but would still leave us 5-6 Players short.
Hopefully exiting days and weeks ahead.
We cannot be complacent next year may well be the toughest Premiership campaign, we need to be squad ready.

26 Jun 2022 14:25:13
Can’t be domino effect, no one draws the “Double Blank” every hand.

26 Jun 2022 14:26:14
Fair comment @ The realist (regarding Newcastle buying a CB for £35m) but relegated clubs always want silly money for players when they get relegated. Sunderland paid £12.5m for Steven Fletcher from us, he scored 23 goals that’s circa £.5m per goal.

I also agree with the thread bare squad. Let’s see what happens.

26 Jun 2022 22:33:08
. From mystic meg,
We ain't signing a big name,that costs millions,were being out bid by Fulham now,neves gone soon,followed by sa,podence,netto,Silva,mouts,coady,

27 Jun 2022 07:25:36
Stop eating cheese before bedtime Greyleg mate lol that is one hell of a nightmare.
Keep the faith all will be alright and everyone's worries will be gor nothing I believe ??

27 Jun 2022 11:11:37
????,it was a few specled hens,

27 Jun 2022 11:24:14
Lol good man good man ??????

27 Jun 2022 11:51:33
Good man for having good booze ?

27 Jun 2022 12:54:51
Might as well admit we’re a good Championship Club, can’t compete in the transfer market, can’t upgrade Molineux to anywhere near what’s becoming the norm in the Premiership (50 - 60,000) would probably still get crowds of 20 - 25,000 maybe more if we’re having a good season, wouldn’t be no worse than hanging on for a couple more seasons waiting for the inevitable, if ever a Club needed taking over.

27 Jun 2022 13:50:53
Sorry Oxley if I am too positive I imagine how you feel reading my daft and positive posts but I sincerely don't post to deliberately do people's heads in.
I'm genuine and it will be more fool me if what you suggest is a reality.
I have everything to lose where as the ones already given up can only gain.

27 Jun 2022 13:53:45
Ps I watched Steve Bulls 4 England goals on youtube on my dinner break to cheer myself up.

27 Jun 2022 16:32:41
Phil me old mucker, I'm with you with optimism and faith. I seriously think a few on here may be looking a bit stupid in a couple of weeks time. Either that or we place trust in any team we have left. Waving white flags before a player has left or joined is plain stupidity. No matter what, no matter who, we are wolves and hold the belief. Got me mid layer backroom top today, abit on the large size this year. What about this seasons shirt? You your bro's ok?, maybe I've lost a few pounds. Anyway bring on some games and new faces. COYW

27 Jun 2022 17:15:58
Let’s face it fosun are not going to shell out money before funds are in from sales. However, where is the money from vinaigre and Mir. We could have got Paulinho with that plus a little extra. IF we sell Neves IF we sell Traore IF we sell MGW then a bare minimum of £80m would be generated plus the £15m from Mir and vinagre . Total £95m . Can anyone see wolves spending that if they had it. I admire the optimists and the COYW brigade but the facts are that fosun are not spending big and Large needs to realise if he doesn’t already that they no longer share his ambition

27 Jun 2022 17:33:13
Yes mendez handles every client personally. All nearly 1000 of them.

You realise he only tends to the highest profile ones right and only at certain stages and that he has a whole company?

27 Jun 2022 17:48:18
I'm also with you for the optimism Phil - if I wasn't life would be very very sad. Yes I'd love to see some major signings and the club spending, but I know it's not as simple as that. Best league positions in years and not good enough for some.

It reminds me of someone I used to work with. Would moan there wasn't a dedicated sales person to bring in more work, then half an hour later moan he had too much to do.

I'd rather the club get the right signings than the wrong ones. I keep seeing discontent that Fulham can supposedly outspend Wolves. Fulham have done that twice in recent years and guess what - both times they got relegated.

The club currently has the best owners it probably has in 80 years. It's how you spend the money and how you grow that matters. Not how much.

27 Jun 2022 18:12:17
Cheers Abbey my bro is sorted ?

There still time for signings and surprises.

Understand Gracol and never doubt your integrity or anyone else's.

I think once the season starts then that's it we will have what we have and then the buzz and excitement starts.
At present it's just another day without any signings it's frustrating.But once seasons away always got the next match coming up.
Also post match thoughts player ratings etc etc.

27 Jun 2022 19:03:23
Ditto Alex, ditto phil, be realistic were in the prem, we've been in fa semi, we've been in eufa and finished top half. We've got 'proper' games each week and still running after cv. As I said we havnt lost any main men,only those we knew. We've got the young and untried in chinquito mosquiro toti, youngsters from U23 who can stake their claims and I'm sure there will be some changes in coming weeks, it's exciting times again. Some on here had us relegated before the 1st game last year, it'll be the same again I'm sure. I'm fed up at the lack of movement player wise and it could be bargain bucket time but I'm wolves and loyal, no matter where we go it'll be COYW and I'll be proud to say it. Fairweather fans can get their stay away if they must.

28 Jun 2022 06:58:40
Always with you Abbey and Alex.
There nothing no fan can do other than just wait.
Up the wolves.



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