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03 Jun 2022 15:54:55
One way to get the fans back on side would be to announce that Neves and Traore have signed new four year contracts.
Yes Traore would be on the bench but the game is now all about how strong your bench is.

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03 Jun 2022 16:17:26
Are the fans not on side?

03 Jun 2022 17:22:00
OMR and Demon definitely not on side from reading their recent posts.

03 Jun 2022 17:27:50
Traore didn't want to be here so sod him.

04 Jun 2022 06:52:49
Neves will be a loss, but Wolves can’t offer him what he wants in terms of football. Traore, we’re no worse off without him, time to cash in and bring in players that want to play for Wolves. I’d like to see more of Podence personally speaking.

04 Jun 2022 09:28:59
Jas M ; I’ve been onside since the mid sixties but when players want to leave, players don’t want to come, we’re not remotely interested in any players from other clubs in this Country or any players with Premier League experience, the Chairman tells the fans “they’re not important”, Fosun want and expect a return on every penny yet won’t employ someone who can do decent deals in the transfer market, which is costing the club millions and think it’s a good idea to continually up ticket prices to be like the big clubs, are we not supposed to ask a few questions and be more than a little concerned…it really is getting harder by the day to stay onside.

04 Jun 2022 13:04:16
OK. You are entitled to your opinion and I respect that. I personally think that taking us from relegation favourites in the Championship to 4 years in the PL, growing our brand and explaining to the fans why we can't spend as much as other clubs shows that they are trying their best but are perhaps limited by certain rules and regulations.

04 Jun 2022 14:44:58
Jas m that's because we remember the rubbish from last year, all the promises, to sell the season tickets. ive seen 1 today,I'm surprised sum nut job ain't been saying we are signing so so, defender for 30 Mill.its bull rubbish.wolves will not be putting in the money what is required, and Palinho, ile believe it when I see it.still time for another club to jump in, cuz let's face it while other clubs are signing players, the wolves am quarrelling over a couple of quid

04 Jun 2022 15:54:21
demon, you’re as bad as The Tinkerman. Your trolling isn’t even subtle anymore. What I find very strange about trolls on this page is: what kicks do you get from it? do you brag to your mates down the pub or on other sites about sewing the seeds of descent?

Nothing trolls posts ever turns out to be true, it’s not like others spend sleepless nights thinking “demon said X Wolves are in serious danger here” it’s just a bit pathetic to be totally honest. But if that’s how you and others get your kicks, crack on. You’ve been found out.

04 Jun 2022 17:54:53
Think if neves stays E it would be a huge uplifter for fans.
But looks a certainty he is off to pastures new.But you never know.
Also you never know who we will sign and on top of that no ones who we sign will be a flop or not.
I think anyone can fear the worse but still have hope things will pan out for the better.

04 Jun 2022 19:25:09
We are the Wolves,and were going to be linked with good players,
Which is fine,but as u know,they ain't a wolf,till they paraded as signed,whoever wants to link us with players get on with it,it don't bother me,I know who I would like,but that's my personal opinion,which is not everyone else's
And I get it,
So keep posting,and can't wait,for new season,

04 Jun 2022 20:13:07
In the real world outside of fantasy football it's real money that has to be spent and recouped. Everything fiscal is on the rise, even travelling and the cost of pitch grass cutter fuel and floodlights. A rise in season tickets won't reduce the waiting list for them. If we want quality players we have to compete against others attempting to achieve the best prospects. I think a lot thought losing patricio (and cashing while we could) was bad being replaced with a relatively unknown Sa. Podence again as been a shrewd acquisition. The rise of kilman superb. Yes its unerving to think so many may leave enbloc but to say we need to get fans 'back on side' is maybe just a way of saying we all feel abit nervy at the mo and need some knowledge of who will and who won't be going coming, well those nerves will jangle for a few weeks yet, but be sure, we'll all be 'on side' come August.

04 Jun 2022 22:20:22
Well said Abbey, I agree that come August 6th majority if not all on here will be pleasantly surprised with our dealings over the summer, Fosun are not daft and won't take any chances of a relegation, they want to build the brand and us as a club to compete with the top 6 year in year year out

05 Jun 2022 12:53:37
What I find strange about 'the trolls' Debbie is that they usually appear at this time of the year, when all things about the team are uncertain. Who'll come in, who'll leave etc. They like to plant seeds of doubt and dissatisfaction as people get excited, or otherwise by rumours. Like the rest of us have any interest in what they think?

06 Jun 2022 08:23:45
Agree longmynd but deep down everyone knows there are always these type of fans and with our history 40 years before fosun us wolves fans have heard it a lot as we have had only a bits of getting it right and even those few times we were light years from what we are with fosun.
Success starved we are but for the positive outlooker fosun is way way beyond any other wolves regime the closet we are to Success.
I choose to make the effort to stay on track and keep my hopes and dreams we will achieve success if I don't then wolves are over for me as a happy go to of which wolves should imo be without doubt.



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