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31 May 2022 11:15:04
Good interview with Scott Sellars, on Wolves and recruitment.

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31 May 2022 13:41:11
Reading between the lines Debbie of Sellars and Shi's interview I can see Wolves looking to maintain the status quo or treading water for the next two or three years. Staying in touch of the top six just not spending the tens (or hundreds) of millions of £'s needed to break in. Seeing any opportunity to get into Europe as a bonus and deferring all other significant spending (ground) for the time being.
Russell Jones said it would cost £16M to remodel the Steve Bull, literally the cost of one ok player, but they won't do it due to high commercial interest as banks see football stadiums as high risk.
What about the bank of Fosun, surely they could loan the club that much, interest free.

31 May 2022 15:16:19
As per the Johnny Phillips interview and reinforcing my thoughts over the last two years-Fosun and Shi have at least now admitted they are no longer interested in the project in terms of challenging. Broken promises and ill conceived ambition. At least we won't have to waste time watching and waiting for transfer rumours to come to fruition. A big thank you to them for at least a couple of years of high octane splendour, but now do the honourable thing and sell up.

31 May 2022 16:56:54
And who exactly should buy us if they sold?

The interview was realistic in saying that there are blocks on how much can be spent without increasing commercial revenue and they are trying to increase revenue by more creative means than the traditional methods to keep the club sustainable in the long term.

We don't know what is happening with transfers. Who here even knew we'd got a pre contract with Marquinhos from January for the summer until the news broke about him possibly ignoring the contract to sign for Arsenal? Who's to say others like that aren't lined up?

I suppose Jeff could have come out and said that there was a huge war chest and pushed up the asking prices on any targets?

I really don't get what some fans expect. It seems to me that no matter who owned the club unless we were winning every trophy year on year you'll never be happy.

31 May 2022 19:14:31
Every trophy year on year AlexWolf?
We just ended the season on a seven game winless run with rumours of training ground bust ups and players not playing for the manager,conceding goals hand over fist and struggling to score ourselves.
The wage bill is being cut to the bone as players are released or being linked to Barcelona Manchester United or Roma when Jeff Shi has stated that we didn’t strengthen in January as there was no one available that was better than the players we have.
The actual owners don’t have the courtesy to come out and reassure us that they are still behind the project.
They are multi billionaires but are now expecting us to find more money to sit in the same seats while reducing their own expenditure.
Far from every trophy year on year it’s been one or two trophies in a lifetime.

01 Jun 2022 06:57:21
June 16th fixtures are out.
Apologies for stupid joke on post sods law few hours later shi interview came out.
I know and understand how it's annoyed season ticket holders with lack of goals and attacking play season just gone and now shi saying not splashing the cash.
All one can do is hope we get the right players in we go better next season.
The Wolves should always be the highest pleasure that's what I want to maintain.
The banter we should rise and fall together.

01 Jun 2022 07:41:34
Completely missing my point E. My point is we are having the most successful spell in decades and the club are putting things in place to keep it sustainable in the long term, but apparently that just isn't enough for some.

I appreciate the style of football hasn't been great and tickets are going to increase. The football does need to change and it will. Unfortunately though if we want good players we have to pay them the going rates and that's one of the reason tickets need to increase and also one of the reasons alternative revenue streams are being looked at.

Instead of trying to force potentially the best owners we've had our of the club, maybe we should enjoy where we are and dream of challenging the top 6.

Yes we have players being linked to Roma, Man Utd, Barcelona. Not that long ago our players weren't linked with anyone because they weren't particularly good. Now our players are deemed good enough to be linked to some of the biggest clubs in world football but apparently our owners are rubbish. Go and ask the Albion or many other clubs with dodgy owners if they would like to swap owners with us.

Enjoy the positives and enjoy the ride.

01 Jun 2022 11:15:37
Has anyone heard the murmurings at Newcastle. Apparently the owners are prepares to spend up to £300m this transfer window which the fans are happy about. The downside is that there is very little scope to increase the capacity at St James Park so there is little to no extra revenue there so there are 2 options.

1: Massive sponsorship deals (most likely from other companies owned by the owners which will mean FFP breaches possibly)

2: This is the ones fans fear will happen. Ticket prices going up by 50% once the current ticket deals expire next summer. Fans are not happy about the increase but some expert has explained that the money needs to come from somewhere.



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