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23 May 2022 10:21:27
Well we're definitely getting Traore back from Barcelona after he set up Villareal's second goal with a mirubbish clearance right to Gomez who put it in the top corner.
Apparentley, was ineffective all game after being given a final chance to impress. I think it's fair to say, he didn't.

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23 May 2022 10:32:53
Well some on here will be happy. The ones who lambasted him for not scoring or assisting but then were shocked when we let him go to Barcelona on loan and suddenly claimed that the management didn't know what they were doing. The club just can't win.

23 May 2022 10:58:31
The problem is Jas he is a marmite player and that polarizes opinions, in all directions.
Yes, he can be entertaining, but if we are serious about pushing on we can't afford luxury players who, in truth, lack 'effectiveness'.
That word has surely got to be at the core of our transfer policy not just 'one's for the future', going forward.

23 May 2022 11:05:06
@LongmyndWolf Traore's rating out of ten for that game was five. And reading the rating, it was slightly flattering to AT's performance.

23 May 2022 11:13:50
The club are winning! It’s the fans who are the losers in everything they do.

23 May 2022 12:04:51
So do you reckon his loan experience has increased his value or our chances of selling him then do ya Jas?! I had no problem with letting him go what I had a problem with was there being no obligation to purchase him because I was worried Barcelona would just get another option for their bench whilst never intending to actually buy him and look what's happened! As he's now headed back to us probably valued at about half of what he was at the start of the season I'm still struggling to see how you think that represents good transfer policy? We are going to take a club record signing and after years with the club we will no doubt lose him for less or as much as we signed him for, I ask again what about that to you suggests a successful transfer strategy?!

23 May 2022 12:15:11
Would like if anyone could tot up there estimated income from the sale of all our players linked with a move away from us.
Mine is,
Traore £15 million
Neves £45 million
Saiss £4million
Ronan £3million
Ruddy free
MGW £22.5 million
That's £89.5 million narrow it down to conservative £70million (as am just guessing my best) added to we are out of ffp restrictions surely surely great things are not out of the thinking for fans

23 May 2022 12:30:03
BB2, I had no problem with letting him go and I agree that we should have insisted on a obligation to buy clause. The loan hasn't done anything to either increase or decrease his value. Personally I think that he needs to be moved on as he clearly doesn't intend to sign a new contract and his performances don't justify him a place in our team. Yes he is the one player who gets us off our seats but 99% of the time, it comes to nothing.

23 May 2022 13:33:36
All the toing and froing over traore makes me wonder if we'd retained him do you think we may have been in Europe now? My personal opinion is yes, hwang trincao havnt exactly performed any miracles for us, at least adama put the fear of whatever up the opposition and forced a change to their styles. Financially traore is too expensive to keep, we won't get big money now but we certainly won't lose out. I still don't want to see him running at us next season.

23 May 2022 13:41:28
Sorry to disagree with you, Jas, which is unusual for me. We bungled the Traore deal to Barca. His value has plummeted because his contract with us now has five months less to run, plus he's been a virtual flop at Barca, which is another reason for his value to drop. As much as I like Traore, which is more than most fans, he's running out of excuses for poor performances. Unplayable? At this rate no team will want to play him!

23 May 2022 13:53:58
It's all ifs and buts looking back on what could of been this last season.
Many things could of been slightly different that would of resulted into much better outcomes.
Traore always could of done better but it's not just him whang trincao even jiminez with silly sending off (s).

I wish for a marquee signing and a proven goalscorer
We created many chances with someone with end product we will be fine.
Positive Lage will get that this summer.

23 May 2022 14:27:52
Deep Throat, I saying that we have made a mistake on the Traore deal.

23 May 2022 16:10:54
Traore I've had my say a few times on this subject I know. All I'm going to say is he polarizes opinion with lots of fans I know but he is a player that causes panic in defences as they don't know what he's going to do and sadly neither does he! That's the problem! Jeff Shi has made a massive mistake with the deal regarding Barcelona let's hope he learns from it!
He's still the only player in the last few years who has got me out of my seat (no mean feat trust me). Sadly it's not always been for good reasons! ??

23 May 2022 16:43:47
Phil dendonker will make up your 70mil mark mate you left him off but I think he'll be gone.

23 May 2022 16:52:24
Phil I believe Saiis is also on a free. Mores the pity.

23 May 2022 18:45:16
If we do get round about 70 million for arguments sake we could get 2 top notch ready made first teamers for 70 million added to we have hardly spent and ffp restrictions ended I believe we will be awesome next season and push on.
But there is always uncertainty as fosun keep their cards close to their chest.
Ken I understand and see the same confusion where shi said last year or so the money is there.

I am prepared if we end up disappointed with this summer's transfer window but from now,on the onset of the summer window I am excited and looking forward to who will be our signings and relishing the prospect of the or those next generation of hero's of our club wolves.
Going to take an out of this world phenomenon to be a hero for me like Steve Bull.
Speak genuine just like you guys with John Richards the doog when back in your day.



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