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04 May 2022 22:48:00
Chelsea have their problems and they are not performing.Man City have had the stuffing knocked out of them.We owe Norwich and Dean Smith one.Liverpool will be champions and on the beach when we go there.Man U have two tough away matches.Europe is back on.We're on our way.In Bruno we trust.

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05 May 2022 06:36:06
Who's going to score EW?

05 May 2022 07:05:46
The 2 c's cundle and Campbel.
Lol I will sit on the man on the
OS nude for a week we get into Europe lol love your positivity and humour E.


05 May 2022 08:21:22
Shi and Sellars were very unprofessional in their handling of the Traore situation. Allowing him to join Barcelona with no guarantee in place was behind belief and totally amateurish for a premier league club.

05 May 2022 08:44:53
The club risked it that Traore would do well and excel at Barcelona to get his value up.
Sadly Traore just not good enough and for me the club put too much faith in him this is where I see it wrong.
Traore is who he is.

05 May 2022 09:31:47
I don't get the whole 'Fosun and the board have messed up the Traore transfer' thing.

We have a player who refused to sign a new deal so our return on him would only be limited. He wasn't performing for us so he was loaned out to his boyhood club who wanted to see what he could do before committing to spending money to purchase him. Wolves thought that he would perform better for his boyhood club so a price was agreed which would have been paid if he performed.

He didn't and Barcelona thought that he wasn't good enough.

Most Wolves fans think the same. We are in no worse a position as Traore still has 1 year left on his contract but we have saved £43k per week whilst Barcelona had him.

He will be sold if a suitable bud comes in for him or he will leave for free at the end of next season.

Remember this: Adama wanted £120k per week to stay at Wolves. Given his performances over the last 2 seasons, if you were Fosun, would you say that that is value for money? I wouldn't.

05 May 2022 09:39:51
He has to compete with Aubameyang, Depay, Dembele,Phil. All are currently on a different level to our forward line.Much as Traore is frustrating, he has more to offer than Hwang, Silva, Trincao and a post injury Jiminez.At least he provides entertainment value and that's something that we have been sorely missing at the moment and, when he's on the field, no one turns round to watch the paint dry.

05 May 2022 10:40:18
Old Wulf we all know what Traore brings to the table.
The issue is of shi and sellers deemed by some posters of having no clue no idea how to run our club and by some posters who don't see that.

Sods law is where we are at regarding Traore if he had stayed with us then Lage would have another forward option when as you say most of our forwards are mis firing.
But 50/50 whether Traore would score or assist if he had of stayed.

05 May 2022 10:51:09
Hit the nail on the head.

05 May 2022 11:57:22
If traore had stayed do you think we might now be right in the European mix, because we havnt exactly lit up the league without him, and there's been games when I'd have loved to be able to get him off the bench. Value wise financially, no he's not worth the money and fosun did the right thing. Maybe he'll go on and turn out right but I'd still rather him on our bench than on the field running at us.

05 May 2022 14:45:29
It doesn't matter if he ends up playing against us because as we all know, he doesn't score or assist.

05 May 2022 15:11:08
Yeh jas, but its sods law. How many ex wolves have come back to haunt us!

05 May 2022 15:55:44
The problem is Jas that Traores entire time at Wolves has been under Fosun! So either you think we bought a lemon at the cost of £18.5m which at the time (I believe) was a record fee (for us) and is still not pocket change for this club. Or on the other side of the fence if you rated Adama (I did) then we bought a player who during his time with us has had a decent value and Fosun have watched for two and a half seasons of negotiations whilst his value and playing time have dramatically deteriorated! Sorry buddy but which ever camp your in I just don't see how anyone could see the handling of his contract as anything but a failure on Fosuns part?!
Also I don't care if it was his boyhood club we aren't here to make kids dreams come true we are running a business! If he was going on loan thus meaning we missed him as an option (which sorry but recent performances have shown that we have) it should have been prudent to ensure an obligatory fee! If Barcelona didn't want that then they shouldn't have got him. I bet they couldn't believe there luck, a free player with no risk and a agreed fee if it did go well! And you talk like a players value is fixed rather than reflective of the term of their contract?! With every month that contract ticks down he loses value, sorry but if that's good business then I shudder to see when they get it wrong buddy ?

05 May 2022 16:00:23
I would also just point out Jas that yesterday you said you'd keep Trincao. Who will be on a wage around £120k (if not more as he's already amazingly on £135k), wheres all his goals and assists then?! I do think with Adama he's become this clubs marmite, there's no middle ground. You say you wouldn't give Adama £120k a week but you would give Trincao it?! Common buddy that makes NO sense! I've never seen a Man City defence running scared of Trincao, whereas I have seen Adama win us a game there! I know we all have our favourites but let's try to be fair here? ?

05 May 2022 16:50:43
Thing there bb is that traore didn't want to stay and fosun off loaded him to Barcelona saving wages. Trincao seems a favourite for lage and an exchange would save fosun outlay for him. The situation is only now a mess due to traore not coming up with the goods on a regular basis. I'd personally take traore over trincao as things are but do believe that if knocked into sense trincao could become an asset but not the wonderkid he's made out to be. Fosun may have gambled on this one and sadly lost. But as you say £18m has been a worthy investment over the time and a decent fee can still be realised against it. The problem is trincaos worth and future.

05 May 2022 17:00:28
Traore wants out as he never signed contract on offer thinking he can get more money somewhere else.
He hasn't done enough with us to earn what he thinks he merits.
This infuriates me as fosun are deemed at fault when it's Traore who has pushed our club into the firing line.
We all want to progress Traore if he had done half of what his admirers keep saying we would of progressed.

Traore when we first signed him my villa work colleague told me if he reaches his potential he will be a world beater.
Me personally was dead excited and his half a season where he scored a brace away at man City I thought wow wow wow next season we are going to be unstoppable but Traore never carried that form through only in small patches and definitely not enough to justify a 50 million price tag.
If he had continued what he did in that half season then yes but he didn't.
I have no time for Traore he is the making of his own downfall and threw our club under the bus by putting them in an impossible position.
This is how I see and can't see nothing different.

05 May 2022 17:06:50
Abbey- that's not a new development though. He's not wanted to be here for over two seasons! People say about an exchange making sense but I just don't understand which player they've been watching all season?! I've seen Trincao have one good performance, I've seen some other decent ones but better than Podence or Neto?! Becuase at the wages and fee quoted we will be paying more than we did for Podence and Neto combined! We can't keep making the same mistakes and hope to move forward! Namely paying large fees and wages for players that don't look up to the Prem but happen to be young and Portuguese! ?

05 May 2022 17:09:27
BullysBoy. I said if I had a choice between Traore and Trincao, then I'd keep Trincao. Let's not forget, we are not paying him £135k as Barcelona are paying the bulk of it so it seems he has 2 choices. 1: Stay at Barcelona and continue to pick up a wage but not play or 2: Move to another club and negotiate a pay deal.

Barcelona were on the brink of bankruptcy due to paying the likes of Coutinho, Dembele, Suarez, Griezmann, Lenglet, Umtiti and Trincao £2.5m between them each week.

05 May 2022 18:01:26
I think what I meant was we'd be better off getting shot of both players BB, but think that trincao could if handled properly maybe become better than he's shown us. I'd prefer adama on bench than trincao on pitch on form we've seen. But we could still get something of the 18mil back on traore and rid ourselves of trincaos wages/fee.

05 May 2022 18:36:42
Jas-I'm afraid that's not the case fella, we absolutely are paying all of his wages and have been since his first day at the club (probs now minus the £43k they owe for Adama). And here in lies the problem Phil, its easy to look at Adama and just think he's being greedy. But his agent will be saying the same thing to him ie 'look if they are willing to pay Trincao £135k and he's been useless all season then you are obvs worth £120k'!
The bottom line is weather you rate Adama or not the season Jota left we could have comfortably got £30-50m for him (if Spiers is to be believed Klopp wanted him over Jota!) and now instead we are talking about the possibility of writing off a £18.5m investment, sorry gents but I ask again how is that not poor judgement on Fosuns part?!

05 May 2022 18:58:50
We ain't paying all of his wages BB. We're paying 50%.

05 May 2022 19:16:43
Where you reading that Jas, cause every article I find says we are paying his full wages?! I find it hard to believe Barcelona would have loaned him out if that wasn't the case, they were only moving him to shift wages so surely they would have just sold him? I would also point out that ever one of those articles I read said we are also paying fees of around £5m weather we sign him or not!

05 May 2022 19:20:37
One of the sources that I am reading that on is MolineuxMix, which has him down as the highest earner at the club. On half wages that wouldn't be the case I'm afraid?!

05 May 2022 19:24:53
Bullysboy respectfully I will just say let's agree that we disagree.

05 May 2022 19:30:09
The bottom half of your post bullysboy I meant.
I have no clue who is earning what.

05 May 2022 19:34:42
Of course Phil, straight back at ya mate always respectfully! Truth be told I like a good debate, it's the main reason I enjoy these pages so much! ??

05 May 2022 20:00:57
As I understand it (source: Tim Spiers) Barcelona aren't paying Traore's wages, Wolves are.

05 May 2022 20:07:29
BullysBoy. I can't confirm what we are paying towards Trincaos wages. I am getting my details from an ex Club Director who left 3 years ago and he told me that usually the wages are split 50/50. It may have changed.

05 May 2022 20:11:30
Sweet as?

05 May 2022 20:42:29
Fair enough Jas, my searches are just net based but they pretty much all say we are paying both wages and a £5m fee for the loan (which ​wouldn't surprise me cause I accept when we got him I was one of those on here thinking we'd bagged a steal:)
As for Adamas wages Long I believe its fairly common knowledge that he took a pay cut to go there, if they were unwilling/unable to pay half that would certainly explain why! Not a big fan of Barcelona but the way they've used their financial position to do business in the last 12 months has been (begrudgingly:) impressive! With Laporte back there I suspect they will find their way out of this crisis sooner rather than later. Finally taking sponsorships has already steadied the ship. Be interested to see what happens with Adama, I still reckon it'll be a cut price (£15m) move to Spurs. Knowing Levy we will get 50p a week for the next 40 years! COYW??

05 May 2022 22:46:41
Rumour I heard today was Everton want Traore for £25m if they stay up.

06 May 2022 00:13:10
Not going there then Jas!

06 May 2022 00:16:47
Abbey- I agree fella, I actually think at this point with both Adama and Trincao it's time to cut and run! There's plenty of good players out there, we just need to spread the net. E.g if Burnley go down I'd take a punt on Dwight McNiel, Or Watfords Sarr fits our 'scouting profile' (young and Portuguese:) ?
Jas- wouldn't surprise me, half the reason Barcelona don't need Adama is cause they are looking at other/bigger players. I could see Richarlison or Raphina heading there with the respective teams looking at a cut price deal for Adama. Like you say, if they stay up! ?

06 May 2022 10:45:08
I think Adama has played his last game for us. Yes he is the most exciting player we have seen for a long time but he's made it clear that he doesn't want to stay. Is this because of Bruno? I doubt it because he contract has been on the table for 2 full seasons. Get as much money as we can and support Lage by bringing in the players he wants to play the style he wants. We have Chiquinho, Neto, Podence and even Ait Nouri and Semedo who can play on the wings.

06 May 2022 11:01:54
If anyone offers remotely near to what we paid for Traore take it!



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