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09 Apr 2022 14:23:30
Oxley what best players left the club then when Lage came in?
You was screaming we'd be relegated and you have been proven wrong.
If you was refering to Traore good riddance he didn't want to be here and that was proven by him taking a pay cut to go to Barcelona.
Let's wait until Summer mate let Lage get the players in he wants no excuse for Fosun not to back him now our ffp restrictions are lifted.
If Fosun don't back him in the Summer then I will buy you a beer Oxley and shake your hand.
If they do back him then mines a pepsi max raspberry as I don't drink :P

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09 Apr 2022 15:18:21
I agree Rated. Also anyone notice that Man Utd lost to Everton, I’d hate to know what situation they are in if we are in such dire straights. 6 games left and I’m still excited never say never and only quitters quit! Coyw

09 Apr 2022 16:30:37
Since Fosun took over Wolves almost six years ago we have been signing some of the best young players from all over the globe as ones for the future.
Could the head of the academy explain why only two of these ones for the future were in the squad for the Newcastle game given he has had six years to develop them for the first team?

09 Apr 2022 16:45:09
To be honest,after our first three games,I would av settled for eight place,end of season,I'm positive with two or three,decent signings,injury's cleared,and keeping hold of players,we can push on next season,coyw

09 Apr 2022 16:55:12
Since Fosun took over almost six years ago Wolves have been transformed into a top half Premier League club. Can someone please explain why our owners are so bad compared to other owners in football and who would be better off owning the club?

09 Apr 2022 17:18:22
I agree Greyleg.
Just think the academy could be producing more and our chairman is a bit naive when it comes to negotiating on the deals.
Where is Moxey when you need him?

09 Apr 2022 18:47:31
Only 2 young players for the future in the squad E? I think Cundle and Campbell are both products of wolves academy so not bought in, Neto started in the u23’s and I think Kilman prob did too, Gomes Chiquinho and Mosquera have all been playing with u23’s, I don’t understand your point. Also we have signed some great players for low prices who are now worth at least treble what we paid so again what’s your point?. And lastly wolves are 8th in the premier league, I don’t understand how some people can be complaining. Tbh I never thought we would be in the premier for more than a couple of seasons at a time let alone competing for Europe spots. I guess some of us expect bigger and better all the time, perhaps Man Utd would be a better club to support, they seem to have a lot of entitled fans.

09 Apr 2022 19:52:16
Alex - I don't think anyone can, because they aren't bad, in fact Wolves are unrecognisable now from when they took over.
A regular upper top half Premier League team, financially ok with plenty of scope still for future growth and improvement. What's not to like?

09 Apr 2022 20:02:09
At least when we lose its only by the odd goal rather than being stuffed 3 or 4,bet Villa fans ain't happy or Arsenal in mid week

10 Apr 2022 02:01:25
Goatmark,the point I was making was that the sixteen,seventeen,eighteen year old wonder kids we have been signing over the last six years would be twenty two twenty three and twenty four year olds now and not enough of them have been pushed thru into the first team.
I think we will see a change in the head coach of the acadamy and wouldn’t be at all surprised if Jeff Shi was replaced by a director of football as the top clubs see him coming and we pay over the odds for average players such as Hoever,Hwang and Fabio and others that are injury prone get sent our way such as Marcal and Mosquera.

10 Apr 2022 08:47:01
Jeff Shi is totally incompetent isn't he. I mean how much did he pay for Jose Sa, Max Kilman, Neves, Podence, Neto, Boly, Moutinho. No resale value in any of those players. We'll have to take the Financial hit I suppose.

10 Apr 2022 10:35:51
Who are these wonder kids we signed E? Got any names so I can check to see where they are now. I think we payed a couple of mill for Mosquera and Marcel the latter being injury prone but still good value for me. Mosquera is young and as far as I can see our defence has been one of the best in the league so why change it to try out young players. Maybe once our hopes of Europe have gone, which for you was probably around our third game.

10 Apr 2022 11:15:18
Here’s five for starters Goatmark;
Tyler Roberts
Luke Matheson
Ethan McLeod
Lee Harkin

10 Apr 2022 11:17:37
I agree with you Jas M that Jeff Shi is incompetent.

10 Apr 2022 11:38:41
Of the 5 you mention above E, how many have moved on and set the world on fire thereby proving that the academy and Shi are incompetent?

10 Apr 2022 12:20:36
Jas M why did you say the performance against Newcastle was pathetic and then claim the players sell on value has increased?

10 Apr 2022 12:38:54
One performance doesn’t make up the value of players. Arsenal have lost 2 on the trot to supposed weaker teams. Man Utd lost to Everton, what would people say if we had lost to Everton.
Also from the players you mention only Ethan McLeod would have been classed as wonder kid material. Matheson came from lower leagues a bit like kilman and Hong was more a marketing thing in my option. All are risks worth taking and none have been big losses. Also as Jas says, who has gone on to great things? Plenty of wonder kids in other teams that come to nothing.

10 Apr 2022 13:20:09
Out of interest I looked up those 5 players, Lee Harkin is 18 and was signed in 2021, can’t find McLeod age but it says under 18 still and also signed in 2021, Tyler roberts is 18 and you guessed it signed in 2021, Matherson is 19 and on loan in league 2 and hardly pulling up trees. Hong wan is 21 and playing in Malaysia so yeah maybe we let one slip through the net. Just need to check out the 24 year old wonder kids we signed 6 years ago to see if your comment is relevant E ;)

10 Apr 2022 13:47:21
Lee Harkin signed in 2019 as a 16 year old wonder kid who was wanted by Celtic and Man Utd Goatmark.
In my opinion the acadamy is not productive enough and I don’t believe the owners will be satisfied after six years of investing in the best young talent from all over the globe that only Cundle and Campbell were in the squad vs Newcastle and posters called the performance pathetic.

10 Apr 2022 14:59:36
I called the performance against Newcastle pathetic because it was. Every single player was poor. The passing was wayward. Newcastle didn't play well but they looked so much better than us.

Now back to your question of why I said the value of players has increased.

Sa: Bought for £8m now valued at £20m
Kilman bought for £250k now valued at £25m
Neves bought for £16m now valued at £40m
Coady bought for £2m now valued at £25m
Podence bought for £10m now valued at £20m
Ait Nouri bought for £10m now valued at £15m
Neto bought for £17m now valued at £30m.

Some players have lost value like Silva but as you can see, some are worth more than when we purchased them. Even if we sell Adama for £20m this summer, we've made money on him so it looks like Jeff Shi might know what he's doing after all.

11 Apr 2022 00:48:21
The problem is Jas that only two of your players listed (Sa and Nouri) were signed by Jeff. Yes Jeff was at the club when we signed the rest but he wouldn't have been the driving force cause that just wasn't his job then!
Look as a general rule I try not to weigh in on E's side of the fence, mostly because the comments usually seem to be in the wind up. However, I'm afraid there's no denying that our success in the transfer market has dropped (dramatically I might add) since we lost Thelwell.
We need be clear here cause Jeff as Chairman isn't the problem, cause he has the background for that job. Jeff as Chairman/Director of Football (which is the role he's assumed since we've not replaced Thelwell) doesn't seem to be working! So like your list says Jas we have done well BUT only two of those signed since Thekwell left (Sa and Nouri)! Other than those two we really haven't made any good transfer decisions since Thelwell left?! Please someone correct me on this?
I would also just point out here that Thelwell left BEFORE we sold Jota for £40m (with Hooever making up £10m of that deal). Would Pool have got such a good deal with him here or (for example) would we have wasted a fortune getting Adamas transfer/contract so very wrong? Would we have paid £30m for Fabio whilst taking a deal where the club only saw £9m for the Docs transfer?! All of those deals were after Thelwell left where as the transfers you list as a success were mostly before he left!
I don't have a problem with Jeff but he's has no background in football, especially not the kind of back ground most quality DoFs have!
We've gone from having a top back room team with a fantastic transfer record to a team of just two making all transfer decisions. And from what Lage says that team of two is Jeff Shi who is a numbers man with literally NO background within the game and Scott Sellars who I like but was reserve manager at City before coming to us!
Thelwell would have been the driving force in that list you created Jas and he's gone! I agree it's a good list but since Thelwell I'm afraid our transfer success rates have gone from 70-85% to around less than 50%! I'm not saying it's Jeffs fault, as I assume it's a 'company' decision but there's no getting away from the fact we've been poor in the market since Thelwell left! He's just gone to Everton who have a horrendous history in transfers. Give him a couple of years and I bet he gets them up to that 75% ratios you are referring to! Whereas we will still be trying to sign a quality CB and the waiting for Fabios next goal! ??

11 Apr 2022 11:41:38
If Jeff Shi and Scott sellers are making the transfer decisions then they need to buck there ideas up,the signing of Hwang is questionable when they could of waited till end of season and saved £14 million on is performances so far, also letting Traore go on loan to Barcelona without them having to sign him permanently looks like a bad deal and lose out money wise with that situation, especially with a good chance of qualifying for Europe we could of done with him as qualification means we could attract better players to squad for next year.

13 Apr 2022 09:50:10
Of the 5 youth players listed I think Tyler Roberts is the one who is going to breakthrough big time. Don’t think we brought him in from anywhere else. In November 2021, he signed his first pro contract after 10 years in the academy.



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