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07 Jan 2022 16:14:07
Traore to spurs then.

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07 Jan 2022 17:30:14
Not a lot to be done about it if he won't sign a new deal. Anyone listen to Judahs podcast this week? There was some interesting points raised, one being that apprently Adama wants an 'eye watering wage' part of which is to be the highest paid player at the club.

Now I want to keep Traore as much as most peeps but should he be our highest paid player? He has talent but he's also started most of the last month on the bench and we've done OK? Not to mention Netos on the mend.

Other interesting point they make is that Wolves actually have no interest in Docs at all and that it's just Docs agent using the story to get peeps talking about his player (clearly it's working:).

They reckon he will go out on loan before the end of the window but that Wolves are more than happy with their current RBs so ain't interested. Should be an interesting window ?

07 Jan 2022 23:18:04
I would prefer Adama to stay but if his heart ain't in it then let him go. Apparently Conte sees him as a wing back like he played Victor Moses at Chelsea.

08 Jan 2022 02:48:50
Jas- yeah I am reading the same that Conte wants him as a RWB. Now normally I'd laugh at Adama playing that role under ANY other manager (not in a nasty way just in that he can't time a tackle for love nor money) BUT in Contes system I think it just might work. Remember when Conte won the title with Chelsea, Victor Moses was a world beater for one season because Contes attacking FB system suited him entirely! Now if Conte can do that with an average Vicor Moses imagine what he could do with Adama?!
Ironically I still think it would be a bad move for him (Adama) cause Spurs managers these days are lucky to make two years!
So here is my prediction, Adama will go to Spurs (this window or the next) and he will light up the league at RWB (and get tied with bigger clubs) for 12-18 months! After that Conte will either get a better job or be fired (it's the Spurs way:)! At the which point the next manager will try to crow bar him into a new system (whilst Adama gets increasingly dispondent with his sub appearances) until come Jan in one or two seasons time he will be tied with coming back to us! Honestly it's Docs all over again! We all think we'd struggle without him but we also know (deep down:) that we would still get by!
I agree we'd be worse off and a lot less fun to watch; but in the mean time Adama is losing the love for the game because fundamentally he should have been a little less greedy/foolish and stayed with us and been a club legend! Instead of a bit part player at a club that will pay you more to be sub!
Now I'm obvs not saying its gospel but that just how I see this playing out ??

08 Jan 2022 12:35:53
Let's face it lads we all love a fast winger at Wolves think "Tank" used to love watching big Steve Kindon. Used to love watching him mainly because you never knew what he was going to do, don't think he did either! I feel the same with Adam. But if he goes he goes, this has gone on too long he's clearly not going to sign a contract so sadly I think we have to take as much as we can get and move on. Not what I want but it's probably best done now before the price drops even more.

08 Jan 2022 12:48:53
I agree bb and on a similar note, I felt like Adamas decision to play for Spain instead of Mali was the wrong call. He is always going to struggle to get in to the Spain team unless he improves but he could have been a legend in Mali. To me it’s feels like his perception of how good he is compared to reality is off. Thinks he deserves more money etc, definitely not our best player and shouldn’t be on the most money in the team. It will be a shame to see him go as the entertainment factor is great.

08 Jan 2022 14:48:48
Ken Steve Kindon was only just my time but if I recall he was more likely to put the ball over the South bank than in the net! Great days all the same though, 71 - 74 best side since 1959-60 although nunos side 2018 - 21 is close.

08 Jan 2022 15:24:17
Goatmark in my opinion you are so right on Traore, exiting YES
Frustrating YES. Best player NO, warrants big pay increase NO.
He is delusional if he thinks he is anything but any of the above. I would truly love to see him fulfil this apparent potential but he's certainty had enough time so we should sell. Most fans seem to want him to stay how long do you want to give him, we could hopefully fund a player or 2 to strengthen our squad.



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