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03 Jan 2022 21:32:17
Sa 7 - v solid and made the big save when required (as he did v Chelsea)
Semedo 7 - Excellent defensively and v good going forward. Possibly needs more self believe and confidence to grab the game and dominate at the top end
Kilman 7 - Standard performance - i.e. very good!
Coady 8 - classy throughout part of a very special back 3 (take a bow Bruno!)
Saiss 7 - rock!
Marcal 6 - not quite as strong in either direction (But Otto might be back soon and then what a back 5!)
Moutinho 8 - Really solid. Did everything he always does but got his 1 a season goal as well!
Neves 8 - Completely dominated with Moutinho. Absolute class act!
Podence 8 - very good indeed. A real bag of tricks - a lot don't come off but enough do to make it exciting. Wish he was a bit stronger and refs protected him more but if he was more efficient/effective he would be at Real Madrid not here
Jimenez 5 - Did some good things but is not only 2 yards slow physically but is 2 yards slow mentally - he gets caught offside far too much and doesn't seem to be aware that when he is offside, he needs to get back on side. Controversial but do we need to start thinking "is he ever going to get back to where he was and if not, what do we do?"
Trincao 3 - Does nothing defensively and is a passenger going forwards. The fact he gives the ball away so easily and so often is a real problem. With Traore still (?) available and Netto (hopefully) coming back he shouldn't play again!
Traore 7 - Didn't do lots but what he does is very, very, good and is several million times better than Trincao
Fabio 7 - best ten minutes of his Wolves career. Should start in Cup!
Dendonker 6- Did his bit in a short cameo

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03 Jan 2022 21:50:13
Spot on TFIOG.
My only comment is that Podence and Traore played so well together at Brighton that had they had they been on the pitch longer together tonight, I think we would have won this match by a much greater margin.
That has filled us all with pride tonight and in spite of persisting with Trincao Mr Lage is dong a fine job thus far.

03 Jan 2022 22:06:56
Very good assessment as usual tfig. I saw man u v Burnley last week and I thought pods would cause them problems. Sadly I totally agree about jiminez, we need a replacement from a goal scoring point of view but his help to the team game is still valuable. Fabio showed a flash of brilliance then his work was let down by the wayward passing of traore, however adama is by far the better choice over trincao, although I think the young lad will prosper in time. Sa is the savior again and proves to be the best keeper in the league. Neves superb tonight and moutininho performed his role diligently without the normal bossing attitude. Thought samedo was excellent most of the night and true marcel could be improved on, although I think even if ran was fit he was the better option tonight. We're going to miss Seiss, he's improved so much of late and I worry for the time of his absence. Bruno as said he wants a back a winger and a forward so maybe those worries will be resolved. Adamas departure is gaining traction again and a lot may hinge on his fee if that's to be. Anyway, a glorious night to enjoy and remember, who knows where bruno may take us next, onward and upwards COYW.

03 Jan 2022 22:17:36
Over the moon with the boy's tonight. Finally having a manager who has faith in his players to express themselves by keeping possession and 2 touch passing. This without fail has to be the norm. Bully in his prime would be the icing on the cake.

03 Jan 2022 22:19:33
Superb team performance from our guys. Very impressive, we showed United how to play as a team. I have to say that the work Bruno has done with this team has been excellent. I hope the club take a serious look at themselves and make every effort to give this guy the players he wants as soon as they can. I've read that he wants three players, give them to him please! Mind you who he replaces (other than Trincao) i'm not sure.
Top top performance, being picky a few more goals would be nice! Though I think we would have had them but for Phil Jones, never thought I'd ever write that in a sentence!

03 Jan 2022 23:54:45
Prodence with game time will become the new Jota he has had to be very patient to get his chance but he's getting better. Always believed he had the talent

04 Jan 2022 06:56:08
Lage spoke of the togetherness of the club his 3 year contract to make us a really top team.
Is in daily contact with shi and sellers.
As I have believed since fosun we are going places and all the sounds from coming out the club suggest just that.
Yes a brilliant result but we should of got 3 points agaisnt man utd in August.
Feeling great and not surprised in that we are heading upwards.

04 Jan 2022 10:07:11
Phil I was not being negative mate. It was just a simple observation. We've done so very well with Bruno but what concerns me is what is being said. At the end of the August transfer window we were after Botman and Sanchez, didn't work out that's fair enough but Jeff said the money was available. His words not mine, now apparently we have to sell Traore to bring any new player in, which is it? I don't see that as negative its a legitimate question, remember I've been listening to stuff like this since 67 so if I'm a bit sceptical then give me a break eh! I want what's best for our team that's all! COYW.

04 Jan 2022 10:38:17
Ken I wouldn't of posted what I did if I knew you took it like that.
My sincere apologies.
Only post what I believe to be true and honest if that upsets you and others nothing I can do other than stop posting!

04 Jan 2022 11:14:40
I didn't take it wrong Phil seriously. I just wanted to explain what I meant mate. I didn't want you to think I was being critical of Bruno and the team that's all!

04 Jan 2022 12:12:04
OK mate sound as a pound I get ya ?

04 Jan 2022 16:44:04
I can see where Ken's coming from and to be honest it's hard to know where the club is at financially. That could work in our favour though as if we come out and say we have a £50 million war chest, then every club we approach for a player will think they can bleed us dry.

Best thing is to keep an open mind. Ultimately it's not about how much you spend but how well you spend it. Plenty of clubs have spent more than Wolves and ended up back in the Championship.

I'm optimistic for the second half of the season whatever happens in the January window.

{Ed002's Note - Wolves still have their FIFA sanctions to deal with and must keep their spending in check and their wages. One more non-HG player can be added without moving players on. A further 3 HG players could be added without an issue.}

04 Jan 2022 17:15:28
I only go on what I read what I see.
Of which Ken I base my posts on.

If there was an abundance of money to sign players then I wouldn't be saying Traore sold we may buy a 2nd player.

I was delighted and full of admiration and pride reading Lage post match interview of which I thought every fan would feel the same but I got it wrong by wording my post wrong.will think before posting similar again.

04 Jan 2022 17:25:33
Nothing wrong with anything you post Phil and you should feel on top of the world after yesterday's result. After not winning a league game at Old Trafford since 1980 you've earnt the right to.

Lage always come across as a proper football man in his interviews. He talks about how he approaches each game and talks tactics. I loved Nuno but his interviews were always the same and about learning and improving. I could listen to Lage talk football for hours.

04 Jan 2022 17:41:40
Thanks Alex.
I'm too happy I think ?

04 Jan 2022 18:08:50
Phil I'm like you mate still on the ceiling! I should have saved the money post for another time, I really don't want to see Traore leave mate which is why I said what I did. I wish we could agree a deal with him.

04 Jan 2022 18:54:16
I agree on Traore agreeing a deal with us at least then us fans will know for sure but I can not say I know if its Traore not wanting to play for us or not which makes it hard for me to judge whether I prefer him to stay or not.
But in great scheme of things Lage isn't starting him even putting the under performing Trincao on the team sheet ahead of him.
Are we better getting what we can for him or risk running down his contract and getting nothing in money terms but gaining his match winning potential for 18 months.
What ever happens Traore played his part in a memorable and unforgettable victory for us last night and the memory will forever be in our minds.



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