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29 Dec 2021 18:04:49
So MR Dean ref and Marriner on VAR for our game against United, so obvious we'll be screwed over.

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31 Dec 2021 06:09:05
It doesn’t auger well Rated.
When you play the so-called ‘Big 6’ you know that controversial decisions will go against you at the best of times (you know which team will get the penalty decision at either end, you know which team will have a player sent off and you know which team will get onfield decisions overturned by VAR). This combination of officials does not inspire hopes of any illusions of fairness and it is time for Lage to use some clever words to challenge the officials ahead of games as Klopp has done in the past.

31 Dec 2021 11:20:21
Perhaps if we played some of the attacking football our head coach is famous for all the controversial decisions wouldn’t be in our own box, isn’t sitting back trying to catch every other team in the League on the break, just waiting to be “screwed over” and much as we dislike most referees, they must wonder why, along with a growing number of fans, Wolves very rarely score and usually muster no more than one attempt on target each game, we need to start trying to win instead of being so desperate not io lose, we’re better than that.

31 Dec 2021 14:06:26
Haha, maybe that's half the problem then. According to Oxley refs are critiquing our game plan when that has absolutely nothing to do with their job. Maybe if they just concentrated on reffing the game they wouldn't give obscene penalties for arm pits?!
And maybe Oxley if you'd paid attention to the first month of the season you'll remember that Bruno tried to do that, remind me how many points it got us?! And remind me again cause I'm pretty sure around that time you were one of those on here shouting relegation?!
So which is it do you want him to play attacking football so you can moan about relegation or do you want him to grind out teams get us to 8th so you can still moan but now about our shots on goal?! I mean either way you moan so I'm not sure why Bruno should care to be honest?!
Sometimes in life you play the hand your dealt, Brunos doing that VERY well. I suppose some peeps just like to moan, nothing new there though eh?

31 Dec 2021 15:05:58
No doubt we need goalscorers to evolve from the squad or be purchased in the next two windows as we are close to the lowest scorers in the league, as Bully said three games and numerous shots got us nothing at the start. That said we are also top three defensively, yes it ain't pretty to watch but needs must and good sides are built on a solid defensive foundation.

31 Dec 2021 15:24:20
We are missing player (s) who can put the ball in the back of net.Everyone I talk to say the same.
Trincao Traore the worst no goals no assists,jiminez not back to his old self consistently enough,Whang our best but faded away podense injured self isolating.
Neves fortunate goal afaisnt villa mouthino no goals.
A lot of games we lost points from missed chances and wrong decision making in the final third.
All attacking players are justified in criticism.
All very well singing praise of what our under achieving players bring for us but they haven't got Lage the more points his/our team deserved in a lot of matches that's not just the first 3 games.
Swings and roundabouts I hope.




31 Dec 2021 22:41:45
To be fair Phil we attack as a team and defend as a team.
Clearly I take your point that the forward players are primarily responsible for putting the ball in the net but we could easily increase their output/success simply by changing our tactics/formations/line up. However Lage presumably believes that the net impact of any changes would be negative i.e. we/they would score more but the team would conceed even more and thus earn less points!
To a large extent then I believe that what you are blaming the player (s) for is only partially their fault and largely the "fault" of the club. Fault isn't really the right word though as it is their, the players, discipline in following Lage's tactics that have left us 8th despite all of the issues we are facing - ie we are hugely over performing as a result of Lage's tactics/formations/line ups
For example (and i'm not going to use Traore as it would be boring!) Moutinho who doesn't score or even make chances is still a regular choice and I therefore question if he is actually asked to do so, score/assist?
Presumably not or our managers, (Nuno and Lage), would be/have been totally fed up with him and drop (ped) him. Indeed it seems to me that he doesn't even pretend that he is trying to break the opposition down.
However what he does do - which presumably is exactly what the manager asks him to do - is give us control, recycles the ball and takes the sting out of the opposition's gameplan. He does this v well!
So yes I want our forwards to score more but accept that it isn't entirely their fault.
PS oh ok Phil now that I think about it you are correct - they have got to do better!

01 Jan 2022 18:40:33
Whilst a lot put our lack of goals down to the injury that Raul sustained, I see another cause - the personnel change in the wingback positions. Our success under Nuno in our first two seasons stemmed from an ability to defend as a 5 but break quickly with attacking quality from the wingback. Since Jonny's injury we have not been able to replicate this down the left (RAN cannot defend and Marcal is much less attacking). On the right Semedo can be a bit suspect at the back at times and has not shown Doherty's composure in front of goal or with his delivery for the final ball.

The wingbacks are so integral to how we play at both ends of the pitch and this has had an impact on the goals scored and chances created.

Composure in front of goal is an issue as everyone knows. Traore and Trincao have none. Hwang looks promising and Raul needs to relax a little bit as although he has 3 goals since his comeback, he looks like he is snatching and trying too hard at times. Neto coming back will be crucial as he had composure.



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