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Formula 1: Abu Dhabi Talking Points

14 Dec 2021 07:39:14
{Ed's Note - Ed001 has posted a new article entitled, Formula 1: Abu Dhabi Talking Points

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14 Dec 2021 11:05:55
Ed001 it all leaves a bit of a bad smell tbh! I've followed F1 since the 60's and the whole thing has got steadily worse over the years. The latest situation with Masi I think can be summed up with a football equivalent of a match where the managers are live in the referees ear the whole match. That would work as well don't you think!

{Ed001's Note - exactly mate, they need to.stop them talking directly to him.}

14 Dec 2021 12:46:31
Some managers are already

14 Dec 2021 13:26:36
Actually saw an article online earlier Ken that was using the words Michael Masi and sack in the same sentence.
Such was the degree of manipulation even the drivers were left confused by his decision making, so not good. This could be a reaction by the owners of F1 looking for a way out of the worldwide condemnation and reputational damage that this has created.
Even so, unless the result is amended MV's title will always be tainted, so again not good.

14 Dec 2021 14:03:02
Very very good analysis of the race Ed001 and I think it’s safe to say we’re all still in shock about those events. If Masi wanted to manufacture a real shoot out spectacle the Red Flag route was the only way to go. Had Verstappen won the race on that basis (in spite of being out-driven for 54 laps) then it would have been fair play to the guy.
This smacks of the ongoing biase and the mixed interpretation and application of rules that occurred in the 90s. Although Schumacher was a great driver he was clearly facilitated by the powers that be. Interesting to note that though Ecclestone sold up some time ago he still carries influence and he is certainly not a fan of LH44.
After what happened in the City vs Wolves match I am certainly becoming disenchanted with some of the sports that I love.

{Ed001's Note - I agree mate, the red flag was the obvious route to go.}

14 Dec 2021 15:43:32
NES - What is your view on our loanees this season? Think we got it spot on last year - let Vitinha ( who certainly doesn't seem to be pulling up trees in Portugal this year) go back but take RAN on a lower risk deal in the hope, ( which I think he has), he continues to improve.
Trincao looks like a v good player, (skillful -albeit with only with 1 foot and resonably quick), given time and space but not sure he will get that in the Prem and his physical weakness and poor ball retention/decision making probably mean that he isn't going to be good enough for the Prem and certainly not at anything like the fee we are being quoted.
Hwang is more difficult - the fee is much lower, he is quick, strong, works v hard defensively and knows where the back of the net is but at the moment his touch is poor and unless Jimenez is feeding him looks a bit lost. ( Is this more of an indictment of the rest of our team's creativity though as even Traore who is quicker more skillful and stronger doesn't get fed the ball when he make great runs and consequently often settles for coming short and receiving to feet even though that means he is surrounded by 3,4 or even 5 defenders who if he beats the first three or four merely foul him to stop anything coming of it)
Sadly Hwang reminds me of Steve Kindon and he wouldn't have made it in today's Prem.
I think Hwang would make a good Championship player and maybe a bottom half of the prem player ideal for a team that plays lots of long balls over the top for him to run on to but as that isn't us or at least I hope it isn't can't say i'm that keen on signing him either other than perhaps as a squad player making up numbers - but then I wouldn't want to be paying much more than nominal sums not the £10m+ we are being asked for.

14 Dec 2021 18:08:38
Trincao has frustrated me this season to be honest TFIOG, he clearly has an abundance of talent but has only clicked in periods of some matches (first halves against United and Everton). Also that cutting end product isn’t quite there though I think it will come. There’s a player there to be developed but I wouldn’t pay anything like £25m. Hwang also has looked good but not consistently. He definitely needs support and we saw on Saturday that he can’t lead the line on his own.
As a squad player and with the support of the likes of Podence or a new midfielder like Sanches to provide balls to run onto I’d take the punt in the region of £10m.
For me the key to using both of those players is to deploy a 4-man back line (hopefully add a player in January to facilitate) and push the team further up the pitch. On those occasions this season, where we have attacked well, we have closed down the opposition much closer to their goal than we have been attempting in recent games.
My hope is that we continue to use the loan to buy market and we pull some more possibilities out of the left field.

15 Dec 2021 10:21:39
Anyone else got a view?
What if anything would you do with them this Jan- buy, send back (both of which would free up a place for another loanee) or stick as is with.
And at end of year?
Clearly you can be creative ie loan for another year, buy but at different price or price structured on conditional basis rather than simple fee etc etc

15 Dec 2021 11:23:20
Hi Thefutureisoldgold hope you well mate.

Can only post quickly as under the cosh at work.

For me whang sign him a no brainer.

I got my hopes confident we will sign sanchez in Jan.

I think the term squad player maybe misunderstood.

How I see it is we have Sa coady kilman and jiminez who will play every game bar injury/suspension/jet lag as in Jimenez case for Leeds game.
The rest of the squad can/have/will be changes dependent on opposition/current form.

I think any new player for first team whether loan/purchase will be an upgrade,at least an upgrade on depth of the squad.

Sorry its brief the ins and outs of finances are too deep for me.

15 Dec 2021 14:51:45
Phil - not Neves?

15 Dec 2021 15:23:02
Neves hasn't played every minute and has been sub this season.

15 Dec 2021 15:38:15
But would he play if you were the manager?
Frankly although I have loved Moutinho i'd prefer to find a more mobile mid - you suggest Sanchez (Gallagher who was at the Baggies last year but who sadly went to palace this would have been great) - who can get up and down to support the front man but still do his bit in def to ease him out of the first 11. This would then leave Neves to be that quarter back role in front of the back 3. He is a v talented footballer but I don't think he has the legs to play further forward.
Fingers crossed you get a simple journey home tonnight and we both enjoy a great win!
[Coady heading in a Traore cross isn't likely but you will understand why I want my man to shine and I have Coady in my fantasy team!]

15 Dec 2021 18:26:57
Cheers mate 50 mins to get home not too bad tonight.

My brother is watching at his but I don't feel too good exhausted and worn out so will watch on my phone on my own.

This sounds plausible for you we have a corner it gets cleared semedo plays it wide to Traore who dinks in a cross to Coady who has remained in the box from the initial corner and heads home lol get in.

Come on the wolves???



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