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12 Dec 2021 15:20:13
Well dust as settled first off the referee was SH## sorry no other way of putting it IMO he and the var should never be given another game in professional football damn they should not even be referee for Sunday league the red card fair enough it was a little stupid of Raul and we take that only just tho as it was never a yellow for the first tackle but to give a penalty for something that clearly never touched the ball with his hand or arm it was armpit and for VAR to say we could not find a angle to overall the original decision yet MOTD found the angel straight away strange that and I'm willing to bet ya if it was otherway around you can bet your bottom dollar they would of found a angel straight away losing 1_0 to the top 2 sides isn't to shabby and I think I'm correct in saying 5 or 6 times now on end of 1_0s defeat that easily could of been draws or even 1 or 2 wins we are a very good mid table team and to kick on will need the owners to dig a little deep and continue to progress up the ladder with out selling our top players and bringing in a few more players keep them on there toes

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12 Dec 2021 16:35:30
Giant - we have indeed lost 1-0 to all 6 of the top 7 teams (so called big 6 plus Leicester, perhaps I'm harshly excluding WH) we have played. Sadly at the moment (due to Jimenez's loss of form) we are also drawing 0-0 with the bottom half of the table teams.
Sadly I strongly suspect that we don't need to change our recent performance in the transfer market, {I am not calling for us to spend vast amounts of money just the internally generated money however sensibly not stupidly} to kick on but (although I think we are probably safe this year) to merely survive as a Prem team in the medium term.
No senior CB,CM or CF have been bought for over 2 years now and the squad is both threadbare and showing distinct signs of ageing. Moutinho is now surely only weeks away from retirement and Boly, Otto and maybe even Netto may never be, as appears to be the case with Jimenez, the players they were.
I don't understand why Fosun aren't protecting their investment even for a huge company like them the loss of what, £300m of value over the last 2 years is significant and if they don't stop behaving incompetently, (and we are relegated), they won't even be able to get the modest amount of money they have invested back.
What a shame they didn't sell in the summer of 2019 (up until when of course they had been a brilliant owner allowing Dalrymple, Thelwell and of course Nuno to transform us from a modest Championship side into Europa 1/4 finalists) when a new competent owner could easily have made us a Champions league team and certainly would have had us as Europa regulars!

12 Dec 2021 17:38:29
More crap referring and var today, I feel as Rated RKO does,depressed to where the game is going. Maddison cheating is the latest incident. And Var again not seeing what others do.Everything about football,players trying to con the refs,feigning injuries,refs that certainly seem to be biased towards the so called big clubs. Var rarely overturns decisions it certainly does seem corrupt, and I feel guilty because I still watch the games and complain afterwards. Just like the European breakaway clubs pay the fines to the FA or whoever and we’ll just carry on. Do younger fans feel this way or is it just us older ones? Rant over.

12 Dec 2021 18:30:17
Hi Norfolk
I'm 48 and feel the same but I refuse to let it get to me as much as I can see it does others on here.
I feel our players are showing frustration and at times doing the things that are not right like time wasting looking for fouls and penalties I guess it's just part of the modern game and we have just got to try our best to see all the good things we like in football.

12 Dec 2021 18:37:32
Apologies summer 2020 obviously

12 Dec 2021 19:15:26
I've been supporting the Wolves and watching football routinely since the mid 1960's and for me the game has always been blighted by poor referees (Jack Taylor aside). My frustration is the missed opportunity of VAR. At last, we thought the referee will get the actual help to make the right decision, but no, it's not always working out like that. I have to agree the antics of the players dosen't help and maybe it's

12 Dec 2021 19:19:00
Sorry, hit the wrong button and sent sent that in too early, but as I started to say I think players trying to influence the ref doesn't help.

12 Dec 2021 20:16:21
Apologies again we haven't played Arsenal (or obviously Chelsea) yet.

12 Dec 2021 20:52:25
We shut one of the world's biggest teams out with just 10 men they only beat us with a lucky decision

We don't have a bad team we just lack that killer touch these last few weeks and of course yesterday we had a defensive formation and a defensive game plan so it's not surprising we didn't score if we were to score it would probably have come from a corner or a Neves long distance shot or free kick or penalty

I want to see more risks against these top teams because losing 1-0 doesn't get us any points might as well lose 3-0 most times and win a couple of times like we did under Nuno for the first season or two it might make the difference between a Euro place and mid table

12 Dec 2021 21:06:00
Hi Phil
I know you are right that’s the way the game has gone,but I’m 76 now and have seen an awful lot changes and definitely not for the better. I’ve always believed in doing your best but be honest,maybe I’m naive. I certainly don’t want our players acting this way but afraid some do.Anyway I could never lose my love of Wolves, all the best to you and your family happy Xmas.

12 Dec 2021 21:20:18
All the best Norfolk mate and I feel exactly the same in our love for wolves.

13 Dec 2021 06:56:54
Longmynd. I've said many times that I don't want VAR because for me it's not helped one iota. Causes as much if not more controversy than we had before. I suspect it's because of the referees as the whole asylum is run by and for their benefit. For me it's taken away more than it has brought. The refs are still average at best, the players still find ways to cheat. Get rid at least we'll know when it's a goal without having time for a coffee!

13 Dec 2021 07:50:11
The real problem is not just VAR Ken, it's the way they are using it. Too many rules in football are open to interpretation imo unlike other sports that use the technology to get the right decision and not simply add to the injustice. The offside fiasco's being a prime example, which can easily be fixed by the introduction of a much simpler rule that is clear and fair, but no, it's like they want ambiguity, so the decisions can be controversial.

13 Dec 2021 08:53:42
Just been talking to a supplier driver at work about the weekends dodgy VAR and he got talking about the Formula 1 yesterday I have no knowledge how f1 works but this driver telling me it was bad decision as to why Hamilton lost.

13 Dec 2021 10:45:57
Phil. Bad doesn't go anywhere near mate. Dick Turpin would have been proud of Michael Masi's decision making process yesterday. There was possibly only one way that Verstappen could beat Hamilton yesterday and Masi found it! But when like football some rules/laws are vague you can manipulate them many ways.

13 Dec 2021 11:52:26
For the sporting fan not a good weekend.

Hoping the new year our misfortune with wolves from a fans perspective will be good fortune.

Things have gone against us yet if we can find the solution to putting the ball in the back of net we are still on course for a good season.

Most new managers need at least a couple of transfer windows to have the team he desires.

I always believe fosun are doing everything possible to achieve their promise from when taking over.
I may be believing right or wrong but time will always give the answer.
Up the mighty wolves and the mighty wolfpack.

13 Dec 2021 12:55:15
Absolutely agree about Masi Ken, I think your use of the word manipulation is spot on, the concerning question is why? As Wolves fans we are all bemoaning 'that penalty' decision but imagine what it's like for Lewis Hamilton after a whole season of work and loosing out like that.
I hope Lewis comes back next year and destroys them leaving no doubt as to who's the best driver.

13 Dec 2021 14:13:26
Longmynd yes I hope he does as well. I found Grumpy Spice (Horner) intensely annoying yesterday, biased I can't stand the guy. Can you imagine the toys out of the pram had roles been reversed?



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