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11 Dec 2021 16:55:26
Sa 7 Is a major upgrade on Rui - wow! Had a v good game but will never save a penalty in his career as he dives way before the penalty taker gets near the ball who then obviously knocks it into the empty net. Odd as surely the coaches can see this and should be working with him to iron out this obvious flaw?
RAN 10 - absolutely fantastic again. When Traore went off he was our main attacking threat. To be fair even last year he was ok going forwards but defensively he is light years ahead of where he was.
Saiss 8 Excellent in v difficult circumstances. In the summer of 19 I thought we should have sold him as I couldn't believe he could retain the levels he was playing at and we should cash in at the top. He is just as good now as he was then if not better!
Coady 8 Superb
Kilman 11 Was best player on pitch and we were playing City. V impressive defensively and astonishingly good on the ball. Must be the best English CB playing at the moment?
Semedo 7 - a good game going both ways but outshone by the stellar performances from his fellow back 5 colleagues
Neves 6 Stupid booking and obviously struggled against the v impressive city
Moutinho 6 Does what it says on the tin. Moves the ball around and gives you control but not much else. V unlucky to be penalised as it is probably impossible to jump without lifting your arm and of course it didn't hit his arm. However, he allowed the ref the chance to give it and he gave it.
Dendonker - 5 Like him a lot and he does so many good things on both sides of the ball but he just lacks the quality on the ball to play at his level. Should be a squad player not a first 11 player
Jimenez - N/A Was having a poor game anyway but it requires a complete brain fade to get yourself sent off like that. {Given that we have no real options going forward and need him to contribute a v significant amount of our goals he is key to our fortunes. He started the season v slowly but did improve and was looking good a few weeks ago. Worryingly now looks a couple of yards off the pace again}.
Traore 7 Ploughed a loan furrow and city were clearly scared of him. Odd decision to take him off as he both looked by far our most likely goal threat and the only one able to hold the ball up gaining us a few seconds relief
Hwang 5 - Runs around a lot but lacks quality. Not sure if we should sign him - although a month ago - when Jimenez was playing well - he looked a diamond.
Trincao 3 - sadly just isn't good enough. V lightweight, one footed and with terrible ball retention/passing skills.
Podence N/A - not on long enough to rate

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11 Dec 2021 17:20:24
All I would add to that my friend is that make a note of the date. Today the VAR statement of "clear and obvious" regarding so called top teams has been moved to a whole new level! Plus we probably await even more as United are yet to play!
City penalty a joke.
Chelsea Rudiger laughable.
Villa Ings can't see why not.

11 Dec 2021 18:23:14
Also on the so called penalty decision what happened to the T shirt ruling? Or dose it not count if your arms raised? I mean if there was any armpit/arm contact it was well above a T shirt sleeve.

11 Dec 2021 18:31:21
Abbey it was City it doesn't count mate!

11 Dec 2021 19:29:07
Ken as if on cue - soft penalty for Ronaldo. Who would have thought Max Aarons was the world's strongest man capable of throwing the big powerful Ronaldo across the box like a rag doll?

11 Dec 2021 19:46:09
I'm so proud of us as a defensive unit. Offensively we need so much more. The compton footage of goal scoring just seems waste of time.

11 Dec 2021 20:02:00
future. I should get a tent and a crystal ball, decent part time job awaits. I hate to be proved right in this case! Sadly it's becoming a bit obvious when I can spot it, I'm hardly a prophet!

12 Dec 2021 04:56:49
TFOG Sa has saved 7 out of 42 penalties in his career.

12 Dec 2021 14:45:13
Wittonian - tks for that. I am surprised. I wonder if his current style has been his style throughout?
Note even if he doesn't save pens he does more than enough to be as I have said a major upgrade on Rui's last year which is quite a tribute.

12 Dec 2021 14:48:49
Ken - what would be v impressive is if you can predict when we will score again as with Jimenez suspened for Brighton but seemingly back to his August form anyway and with no one else likely to score it isn't that easy to see is it?

12 Dec 2021 17:26:13
future I have consulted my internal crystal ball (well one of them tbh) though it hasn't had a lot of use for a few years tbf. The result that has come back is a little hazy but seems to mention a crock of Silva being responsible for meeting certain goals (not sure what they are!) and a positive result, not sure how. With Brighton having been well rested as Burnley were makes you wonder how the gods conspire to make things even harder. Maybe get Grahame Greene to do a Rock rewrite and let Pinkie Brown to cause them a few few problems, more than our crock of Silva is likely to do! Better go a give my crystal a scratch not sure they are that reliable anymore tbh!

12 Dec 2021 18:19:04
Sa 7 saves out of 42 penalties is bang average, which 17.5% the keeper normally saves.



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