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04 Dec 2021 17:25:54
Why didn't they get at them instead of trying to defend for 95 minutes.

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04 Dec 2021 17:51:28
Because they're the best attacking team in the world who were scoring a average of 3 goals a game for fun.

04 Dec 2021 17:56:29
So we sit back at home an try for a 0-0? Great attacking yes but their defence has a mistake or two in them I’d rather of had a real go at them and lose 3-0 than defend an lose 1-0

04 Dec 2021 18:15:56
These things happen, let's just move on to the next match, no point in looking back to much unless its to learn from the mistakes.

04 Dec 2021 18:24:28
Will we learn though?

04 Dec 2021 18:43:03
Will we learn? I don't know and if I'm honest I think these late goals seem to happen more now than used to across football in general.

Maybe I'm imagining it though as I haven't seen any stats to justify it. What seems to be is that we do need to be better able to close games down more in extra time, but I know that's easier said than done against these top sides.

04 Dec 2021 18:57:03
Maxy84, I don't know what game you were watching but Wolves clearly weren't playing for the draw.

04 Dec 2021 18:58:15
This game just cements my opinion that we will never challenge for the major honours. We are full of internationals and have an attack minded coach yet sit back and have 3 shots in total. Not happy Bruno one iota.

04 Dec 2021 19:07:55
I do think we need to stay focused on the realities here peeps. We were outstanding defensively for 94 mins, yes luck was riden (for both teams I might add) but as a defensive display we were excellent. In particular Ait Nouri was inspired, jusg read the game perfectly and got everywhere. If he hadn't got injured we take the draw ALL day there! Hooever was on for 90 seconds (granted playing on his weaker side) but all he had to do was defend one attack from Salah and he was nowhere near him! That's one of those things sadly but for those bemoaning our performance today then you need to go back and watch it again! We played the perfect game for 94 mins and only lost cause our best player on the pitch for most the game at was forced to go off. You watch the Pool interviews and tell me they thought we were an easy game, cause they were all quick to say how good they thought we were! Of course that doesn't make it any less infuriating but then that is just footy! COYW ?

04 Dec 2021 19:50:52
Agree bullysboy

I add I see we have the solid foundations to build upon.
In time we will have our day.

Kilman and Ait Mouri the last few games are only going to get better and both are doing excellent.
Ait nouri his defensive side to his game is clear and plain to see the massive progress and improvement.
With key players back from injury in the future and the next 2 or so transfer windows I believe we will be competing further up the table.

04 Dec 2021 20:18:43
Here here BullysBoy

04 Dec 2021 21:27:53
Totally agree with BullysBoy, we just played an exceptional team with a recent score for fun record, people need to wise up.
We rode our luck a few times, but great defensive display.
Funny when teams are pegged back by a better team fans always revert to the we didn't try and attack mode.
We did try on numerous occasions, just so happens it kept breaking down, bad passes, poor touch's wrong decisions. not a lack of effort.

Some times you just have to say we played a bloody good team not just their goal scorers but team.

There is a difference between sitting back and being pegged back, today we where pegged back.

04 Dec 2021 21:46:02
BullyBoy i'm glad you saw the same game as me! It was such a shame Rayan had to go off, after the game I saw Salah celebrating holding a Wolves shirt and i'm sure it was Rayans, respect to him for that he was superb today. It would be daft to say he had him in his pocket but he played him very well and Saiss also had a super block on him as well. Hoever had only two things to do and to be fair to come into a game in the 93rd cold is a terrible situation to be in but that's the job! He got caught on the ball when he should have released it to Raul then was late getting back to stop Salah. Small margins that's all it takes. I'm not slagging him off it's just what happened. I was proud of our lads today Liverpool are no mugs and deal with things in what i'd called a professional way. When we were on the break they are happy to commit the foul to buy time we all know it happens City and Chelsea do the same. They defend and keep it simple give away throw ins and corners because they get the time to reset. We were close to a very close to a great point today, bring on the next game. Ed001 good win for you Origi saved Jota from a lot of stick, how he made a mess of that i've no idea though i'm sure Coady will be happy to take the credit! I would add that despite liking Klopp I thought the crap regarding Origi the legend was a bit pathetic tbh. I doubt Origi believes him either!

04 Dec 2021 22:26:16
Totally agree Lord Thor
Poor touches sloppy passing out from the back keeps us under pressure, as for the short goal kicks trying to play out nearly always puts us under pressure against a team of Liverpool’s quality just get the ball out of your own half a long goal kick is surely a 50/50 ball,can’t fault the effort today.

04 Dec 2021 23:53:36
Jas M
Are you for real. "Clearly not playing for a draw"
So we were playing to lose then? Cus we sure as hell weren't playing to win.
Cruel to lose in the last minute after some defensive heroics, but please, let's not pretend we didn't get what we deserved. There simply should not be such a massive gap between two teams from the same division, let alone just a few places between us in the table. Yes, they're a brilliant team, but the gap now between us is greater than 4 years ago. Ok Liverpool are not our immediate rivals and yes, they'll batter other teams, but a showing like that was like super league vs non league.
Our season won't be defined by results against Liverpool, but will be defined against teams like Norwich and Burnley. There is no shame in losing to a brilliant Liverpool team and some of our individual performances were commendable but to, in any way, pretend that we actually deserved something from that game, is ludicrous. Let's get these "old gold" tinted glasses off and start having some honesty. During a season we'll see all sorts of performances, from one end of the scale to another, but can we at least be honest and realistic about what we have seen each week. Clearly you find that difficult.

05 Dec 2021 09:29:40
Sharesum, yes I am for real. I was there and witnessed 1st hand Semedo, Hwang, Traore and Jimenez all trying to get forward only to be thwarted by Liverpools defence.
The issue is that because Liverpool had so much of the ball, we were forced into a more defensive position. This does not equate to us playing for a draw, it means that we were pinned back into defence.

05 Dec 2021 10:35:53
Jas I agree with you totally, when we had ha the chance to attack we took it. As I said earlier in the thread there were a number of fouls that stopped us. Some were legit some were tactical though only two resulted in bookings. Plus they defend so well and keep it simple just putting it out for a throw or corner not trying to be too clever.

05 Dec 2021 10:42:44
A lot of positives to take and my bro who was there thought the same.

But a stab in the guts losing in the manner we did.

I'm frustrated at our lack of goals but believe Lage will eventually get it right.Whether that is new personal extra training whatever it takes I believe Lage will sort it.

05 Dec 2021 11:53:00
Sharesum and Maxy. Sounds like youd have preferred us to go hell for leather and get a four goal hiding. I'd imagine that the principal aim was to stay in the game for as long as possible. That way, you never know because all it might take to win would be a single goal and let's face it, despite their dominance we did have several excellent opportunities. We were never going to score more than once given recent results and 12 goals all season so yes, we were going for a win, but 1-0. 4-3 would have been cloud cuckoo land. Jas and Phil are talking sense.

05 Dec 2021 12:55:37
Old Wolf I think we could have got a draw considering the amount of time left. Hoever should have passed the ball to Jimenez and spent the last couple of minutes by the corner flag with him. That's what most teams would have done.We deserved that for the effort they gave. UTW.



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