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01 Dec 2021 21:29:08
I'm going to just say it Traore cost us 2 points potentially, if he had squared the ball on that first half chance we'd have walked away with all 3 points.
I hope now people see why Traore doesn't start, yes he has pace but he lacks a football brain.

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01 Dec 2021 21:38:18
I thought he was unlucky. Yes, the better option was to pass but he was one on one with the keeper.

My issue will cause a bit of a stir: Ait Nouri. Why does he keep insisting on slowing down the play, trying to beat the defender and then crossing. On at least 3 occasions, he should have crossed the ball 1st time as Jimenez and Hwang were in good positions. Marcal for me is the better option.

01 Dec 2021 21:52:01
Alt Nouri seems to have gone backwards the last couple of games, I noticed that too about him slowing the game down.

01 Dec 2021 21:53:17
I knew the response would be to blame adama (who got MOM) but it was a he'll of a run and he hit the bar, who else really had a go? He could if laid it to raul, he didn't he had a go. Who else did, raul who hit wide, moutininho who skied it, samedo who sliced it and dendonker who headed weakly. Yes he could have passed and there's no guarantee raul would have scored. We were woefully short in efforts, hwang could have done better so let's not say adama alone lost us points. The game plan didn't work, the game plan didn't change. Trincao should have been on earlier. I'm fed up with the performance we had no drive toward goal from anyone but traore. RAN and semedo played their parts well but without support they were wasted. Jiminez playing back and hwang dithering proved no threat. Saturday could be embarrassing.

01 Dec 2021 21:59:44
Ryan Giles back in January? I've never been a fan of RAN. Today I did think that Traore did try rather than his usual look of disinterest, but is bereft of confidence.

Hopefully Podence will be back at the weekend as he seems to be the one who can play a killer ball.

01 Dec 2021 22:05:41
The lot are to blame Lage included.

01 Dec 2021 22:07:10
Anyway ranting aside we're only 3 points from 4th.

01 Dec 2021 22:16:13
Marcel got covid but my preference too. RAN I think did what was asked of him but is left with little options sometimes, it's frustration all round when we go forward only to go back switch sides and back again. Podence gives us that push forward. Was it 16 shots and 4 on target? 26 crosses and no body there?

01 Dec 2021 22:21:35
Traore MOTM dreamland a few bursts of pace that's all he has. Max killman was awesome and growing into something special. future England material.

01 Dec 2021 22:22:30
I know it's frustrating when we don't get a win against the sides that are nearer to bottom of the table but these are the teams whose football philosophy is to defend at all costs and try a nick a goal then defend defend defend.

The game against Liverpool on Saturday will be much more open as both teams like to play open, expansive football.

01 Dec 2021 22:36:59
Let's be fair it was a generally poor performance. Traore was in my view man of the match. He was unlucky hitting the bar, very small margins so very close. Would Raul have passed the ball? No! Would Hwang have passed the ball? No! Give the guy a break. He's not started for weeks and on a poor night from the team he was the guy most likely to win it. My opinion!

01 Dec 2021 22:39:18
Lacking quality up top and in that I include ait nouri and semedo as well as Raul hwang and adama. Having said that, none of them were bad. With adama being more central they were getting in each others way. I expect to see 3 in midfield on Saturday with Raul and hwang up top.
Thought semedo played well and is looking good but just does not have that goal instinct that Doherty had. Ait nouri delivery is too hit and miss but they did double up on him. Donk did ok but just ok. Missed neves. Kilman good again but the biggest test so far will be on Saturday. Tough times ahead now

02 Dec 2021 06:03:50
Well if traore had scored and we had won. He would have been best thing since sliced bread. Come on fellas

02 Dec 2021 06:09:37
Burnley drew 1-1 against Chelsea we nearly had the 3 points.
Think some are forgetting how tough it is to play Burnley.
Our midfield and defence were excellent and did very well in lages gameplan.
Yes we would be stronger and better with a driving box to box midfielder but until we find that signing we are doing ok.
Ait nouri for me stood out to the physical rough stuff Burnley were dishing out and didn't get fazed.
His game play will be worked on and he will improve the more he plays.
Ryan Giles if he comes back in the fold all the better for competition for left wing back.

A tough run of games coming up and good point Jas about Liverpool game.

02 Dec 2021 08:13:15
Tbh man of the match should have gone to one of their defenders. Forgot his name now. Defensively I was concerned before the match but Bruno has done a great job with our positional awareness.

02 Dec 2021 08:41:21
Ben mee?

02 Dec 2021 08:46:14
Hi greyleg me personally Traore not scoring that chance always rightly so for criticism.
Just one of those things if he had already scored 20 goals this season I would still criticise the same.
But on plus side we opened Burnley up which other teams find very difficult to do.

Can't wait for Liverpool match got the buzz and feeling great to be a wolves fan.

02 Dec 2021 10:52:24
I have been a critic of Traore,but I'm not blaming him with the 2 points dropped Raul would have done the same and could have missed. Last night Traore seemed more of team player Instead of charging off on a run everytime he received the ball he didn't,on a lot of occasions he passed the ball accurately which is totally out of character for him,and I thought his overall performance was a great improvement on most of his previous games.As I said I've criticised him many times but against Burnley he was my MOM long may he continue.

Jas M my thoughts exactly on Ait Nouri most times stops passes back or sideways brings the game to a crawling pace or loses the ball. Just my opinion of course.

02 Dec 2021 15:12:53
No doubt the Traore critics will be calling for his head. He was the one attacker who looked as if he could produce something. Look closely at Hwang, it seems his great start for the Wolves is looking more like a flash in the pan. Raul had a quiet game but in fairness he had very little support. I much prefer Traore to Trincao, he is too lightweight. Podence is a baller but his size is his big drawback. I am sure the big defenders in the Premier would much sooner tackle Podence than Traore.

02 Dec 2021 15:27:54
If it had been Raul who had missed Traore chance or any other player I would say the same thing.

I give up posting one less critic on here.

02 Dec 2021 15:32:28
Always good feeling to be a Wolves fan Phi mate and Buxton fan lol Ifear the worst against Pool hope we can keep the score down to just four

Les Buxton Wolf

02 Dec 2021 17:25:57
Stay safe Les.

I don't fear I worry about it at the end of the match.
I felt apprehensive before Burnley game I feel a free hit for Liverpool no pressure.
You never know anything is possible in football.

Ray389 apologies Traore talk wind's me up all I ever want to do is post how I see how football with wolves is.
I see what Traore does and has done good and bad.
I disagree with those who fail to see how it is.

02 Dec 2021 18:51:48
Relax Phil at least he hit the bar which is closer than anyone else came, small margins. He has a lot to improve on but it was the most exciting bit of the game. He's not perfect I'm well aware of that but he was trying there were worse performances out there. We just all want the best outcome I wouldn't have passed mind you I'd have had to get a bus to go that quick! We'll just have to go out and beat Liverpool, City and Chelski instead!

02 Dec 2021 19:11:57
Phil mate. your right traore should AV scored. And your opinions are welcome,I moaned when he hit the bar,but he is very exciting to watch,I would play him more,but that's my call
Keep your posts coming,I love em ??

02 Dec 2021 19:33:47
Your posts are always constructive Phil. Keep posting your opinions are valued.

02 Dec 2021 20:06:15
Keep your posts coming phil mate your opinions are valued and your posts are always constructive and a breath of fresh air.

02 Dec 2021 21:17:04
Cheers guys frustration of nearly being there.
Fine margins and we could have more points on the board.
Hoping the players click in forward play.
Maybe they over thinking when simple passes are the answer.
I spoke to my brother earlier he went to the match last night and said Burnley were dirty playing tactics of slowing the game down by feigning injury maybe this unsettled our players.also he said it was a rubbish game lol I watched on my phone and I thought it was good a frantic very fast game.
Even have different opinion with my bro.
So sorry again.
Love and respect for all wolves fans and more for the club and the team.
Hope we get a result and a cracking performance and match against Liverpool.



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