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21 Nov 2021 15:43:34
Abbey - absolutely brilliant post about Premier League viability!
Norfolk and Phil totally hear you and of course we are discussing things we neither have any influence over or any definitive facts on but if we didn't do that 99% of all conversations would end wouldn't they? Doubt Boris is majorly concerned about the couple on the number 15 bus castigating his policy on this or that.
Re your key point Abbey, you are totally correct that all of the "big 6" are big city teams with large stadiums. However not only are there several other big city teams with big stadiums outside the big 6 - Everton, Leeds, Villa and Newcastle jump out at me straight away - but as we have discussed before it is clear that stadium size/gate money is really pretty irrelevant to your status/revenue streams these days.
So, what makes a big 6 team?
Huge revenue streams - from non-football related areas - that allow you to sweep up all the talent, which means you win all the games, leading to further increases in revenue streams etc etc. Repeat ad infinitum!
That rather sad statement might mean that you are correct and that it is all hopeless. After Chelsea and then City crossed the divide spending billions of pounds to achieve it the shutters were pulled down (FFP introduced) and it does seem like a closed club.
It would appear that no matter how badly run Arsenal, United or more recently Spurs have been or how brilliantly run Leicester and for 3 glorious years Wolves were the doors are locked tight.
But as a fan I can't believe it or what is the point?
What it means - as I have said many times - is that in today's game your CEO is absolutely vital and sadly Shi appears to be somewhat short of top 6 quality.
However, as a result of the genius that was Nuno, (backed by Thelwell and Dalrymple and of course Fosun's money), we are still a v strong side (not squad) not that far off challenging - we are as I type 6th!
A good Jan and we can return to that group challenging to be the next cab off the rank - no injuries and a return of Neto and Otto, (plus maybe the development of Yerson and Sanderson might mean we can be ok even without one -that is how strong a side we have!)
However, to break into the 6 or make it 7 you just have to have good Jan windows every year and good summer ones as well. (Given we are currently playing with circa £300-400m less money than the big 6 each and every year we simply can't afford mistakes- whilst they can make stupid error after stupid error without any consequences)
We obviously also need to reduce that £300- 400m gap as well by developing and exploiting the brand on a global basis (to date we have been relatively poor in that respect but are now seemingly at least making far greater efforts?)
So are we a viable Premier League side indeed is it possible for Wolves or anyone not currently a big 6 side to become one now that FFP limits what "rich" owners can do to leapfrog the natural order and buy a place at the top table?
YES! But it takes a long time and is v v hard. For years and years, you simply have to get everything right and can't make mistakes (at least not many and only then if you are in a v strong position to start with).
Amazingly despite the last 2 years I really believe that we remain capable of doing that and maybe even are the team most likely to do so. All it needs is for Jeff to get with the program or ship out!
Sorry Phil another lengthy rant without mentioning players other than in passing.
Ps too depressed to comment on Traore as it really does look like he is going to leave. I fear that in 18 months we will be a laughing stock as he will be rated 3 or 4 times what we ell him for and people simply won't believe we could have been so stupid as to let an obviously world class player leave for peanuts - a bit like rejecting the Beatles!

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21 Nov 2021 16:48:41
Fair enough Thefutureisoldgold I respect your thoughts.

21 Nov 2021 17:06:16
It's other battles as well tfig, the media, ok man u lose 4-1, that's all the Sunday sports sorted we get a little column and it's still the London team under par. Nuno, I saw more photos and column space in the few weeks at spurs in the press that in the 4 years of success at the mol. We need positive press nationally. Understandably our 1-0 came last on mod but that's a slot we often find ourselves in. We need to be in the nationals with characters to earn their appearance/promo fees. Traore is one such 'character' ads for Red bull or something,. Raul for his injury and strength, Sa looks like he could sell a beer, in seriousness get the team, get wolves noticed. The nation has as much interest in us as Norwich (but they have got delia) or Southampton, or Burnley (but they've got gravelly dyche) the Vile had grealish and Prince William even Cameron drawing attentions. So until we've done something we are just wolves 'the sleeping giants'. With Emlyn Ince and the like we won things but importantly we had suddenly got national interest because of the names. Premier league isn't just football now it's a PR merchandising survival. The vile again will be headliners because of Gerrard. I'm afraid we're going to have to do it on the pitch.

21 Nov 2021 17:47:48
I think a few rejected the Beatles back in the day. I actually saw them in 1962 at the Ritz Ballroom Kings Heath Birmingham before they were famous (I think Jas will probably know the place ( not there now lots of top pop stars of the 60’s appeared there.) anyway I digress, great post as usual and after saying I don’t really dig too deep into the internal business side of the club the point on FFP is really an area I would love to see changed to level things up. Love him or loathe him he had a mission and spent years on that mission yes Nigel Farage. We need someone as articulate as him to take a roll to stop those teams that were partly responsible for and advantaged by the rule changes. I am far to old to become that crusader but without change you’re right it would take years with very little leeway for errors to break the monopoly.
As regards Traore who knows if he will ever show consistency yes we could end up with egg on our face if he does,but it’s a business fosun are running and they will not have the sentiment that us fans have,It might appear that I am not a fan of Traore but I am he’s the most dynamic and exiting player I’ve seen at Molineux I just find him so frustrating and maybe cash in now because of the uncertainty over his consistency.

{Ed001's Note - my grandad put on a benefit concert for the ambulance service and The Beatles were 10th on the bill. Top was Ken Dodd as he was my grandad's best mate (and actually partially responsible for me starting the original site as he would always push me into working with computers as a kid) and the story goes that the Beatles were meant to do 2 sets. One before the intermission and one after, but they were so bad, according to my grandad anyway (but he liked Demis Roussos so his taste is questionable) Doddy got him to hook them early as he was worried there would be no one left in the venue for him to perform to! My uncle still has a copy of the bill signed by Doddy and McCartney signed it recently and made a point of writing about it being a bad billing!

It was a matinee show and in the evening they did another show elsewhere afterwards, apparently that was when they were discovered.}

21 Nov 2021 18:35:17
Excellent post future ffp suited the haves! Made sure the rest had hands tied, ludicrous for anyone else with deep pockets wanting to join the club. As an aside first gig 1964 Odeon Luton, Manfred Mann. Best ever Isle of Wight 1970 Jimmy Hendrix sadly just before he died.

21 Nov 2021 20:23:05
Great post ed.
Hope this amuses you,
Going back years,my friend from Congleton,got two tickets to see
Bernard manning,some of you may know he was a foul mouth,during his
Shows,so my friend took his mate,
Before they went in,I think it was somewhere in Hanley,they had a bevvy or two,and he told his mate as they were on front row,not to get up to go the toilet during,Bernards performance,as he would rip into you,
So after 10 mins of the the show my friends mate got up and was off to the toilets,when manning shouted,where you going you **************
And quick as flash he said," I'm going the toilet,before the comedian comes on"
It brought the house down ?????

{Ed001's Note - I like that, great comeback!}



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