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21 Nov 2021 10:34:34
A really good win yesterday, making an in form team look pretty ordinary.
Interestingly, we are in 6th place having only scored 12 goals, the 4th lowest in the league. With the exception of Wolves and Everton (0 goal diff) only the top 4 teams (plus Crystal Palace having +1) have positive goal differences.
As much as I'll take a 1-0 win all day long is there a question to be asked about our seeming inability to score? Which is odd given Lage's attacking intentions, plenty of chances created but on this evidence pretty woeful finishing, with 13 teams having scored more. Logically, our league position must be mainly thanks to our defence and goalkeeper as our conceded total is the 4th best in the league. So 12 games in, scored 12, conceded 12, goal diff 0. If this carries on, is a top 6 finish likely?

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21 Nov 2021 11:09:38
Don't get greedy eh, as long as we score more them! Against Everton only Pickford saved them from five or six. Arguably we played him into form for England as he was not particularly good before our game.

21 Nov 2021 11:56:59
Possibly longmynd.
Podence looked good and unlucky a couple of times but he knows how to finish same with whang.
Jimenez is brilliant and we're blessed to have an all round striker as good as him.
He does everything score assist defend good in the air good at tackling good at dribbling and good at linking up play.
Trincao and Traore on the bench both this season should of at least 2 goals each.
Saiss agaisnt mam utd
There are over a handful of goals that 99 out of 100 would be scored.

I think our goal scored column doesn't reflect truly on how we play.
But needs to be addressed as not taking chances puts extra pressure on our defence.
I have hope we will sort it out.

Lage saying he wants points points as the winter we have many games and very tough matches.
I forsee the team must get max points against Norwich and Burnley
But I also forsee we being a match for the big teams over the winter.

19 points from 12 games if asked at beginning of the season with Lage new manager would you take that every wolves fan surely would say yes.
Therefore if true expectations exceeded so far a lot more to think we're going places than not.

21 Nov 2021 12:15:49
I don't see how my post implies greed Ken. We have played 12 games into the season and having scored just 12 goals find ourselves in 6th. My question was, is this enough to maintain an upper top half finish. As I said I'll take a season full of 1-0's, but is this likely to happen?
Goalkeepers can only make saves if the attempt on goal is saveable and you get nothing for a near miss, which was my point on finishing.

21 Nov 2021 12:56:54
1-0 is enough but nail-biting.

21 Nov 2021 13:55:36
6th in The Premier League and the 4th best defence.
Long may the absence on here of the Bruno doubters and the Neves and Semedo haters continue.
Great team display yesterday and great work from the South Bank in response to the Hammers bubbles song?

21 Nov 2021 14:16:34
What was the goal attempts in 1st 3 games? Something like 59 and no goals. One goal in anyone those games would have earned a point. But I never expected anything from those games so just generating the chances was encouraging. To now be 6th having only scored 12 shows how valuable a single goal can be. I said then and maintain now well surprise someone be it Chelsea or City Liverpool or whoever. Keep making chances and a goal will come. Keep defending tightly and goals against limited. I'll take 1-0s all season but Norwich Burnley are the game we have to be consistent in after yesterday. We're far from the finished product but on the right direction. In Bruno we should trust.

21 Nov 2021 14:18:24
Hate is a very strong word, maybe you think you hate people but really you are probably just disappointed with their performance and they are not players you would have chosen. Other people criticise players myself included on their performances I don’t hate them far from it I want then to improve and help our club.

21 Nov 2021 16:16:44
Longmynd. It was commen5 in jest tbh. It is a worry I'd love to see more goals but with the lack of investment in the players we know we've needed for the last eighteen months I think we are hitting above our weight to be honest. Its great to see but I'm not sure we can hold this position into January, though I hope we can. If we get injuries we are likely to struggle a bit. Let's hope the new year see a couple of first team standard players come in. I certainly hope so.

21 Nov 2021 17:17:34
No problem Ken, I like your style. Like you, I feel we need some proven additions, ones who can hit the ground running as we need help now, not in 5 years time. I think we have some very good players and could become a top team in due course but stats like, 59 attempts but no goals in the first 3 games, make you wonder. Finishing has to be a priority.

21 Nov 2021 18:27:48
People hark on about Traore and Trincao's missed chances but just for balance he may well have scored a cracker yesterday but even Jimenez missed a simple 1 on 1 having gone through, chipped the keeper but it dribbled past the post (and was so slow it would have been cleared if on target). Not the first simple chance he's missed this season either but yes he is still a world class striker and easily the best we have, people seem to forget his misses but always remember Traore's (it's a funny old game!).

21 Nov 2021 18:30:29
Cows bum and bajo spring to mind mate!

21 Nov 2021 20:56:34
Wolfflea I forget about jiminez miss because I know he will score and I was right he did.
It's how it is.
If I had faith in Traore it would be because I think the same but I don't know if Traore will score because he misses more than 9 times out of ten.

Trincao and saiss misses my other examples were virtually dead cert goals.
And I did say more than a handful.

I have no agenda agaisnt Traore just saying what's in front of my eyes.
Wish the people who back him could just see that.

22 Nov 2021 11:43:40
Absolutely spot on Phil, I find it hard to believe anyone could doubt his talents. I just wish they would hold their hands up and admit he’s not really in control and as a result he’s just next to useless at scoring or even assisting.

22 Nov 2021 12:53:45
Its only the ones who refuse to accept reality who will be affected Norfolk.

The Wolfpack will be 100% together one day when we win something.

Always believe or may aswell go and watch curling or bowls down the legion. lol.

22 Nov 2021 19:01:56
Phil - sorry wasn't having a go at anyone and my post was more about Jiminez than Traore, it was just a comment on the fact that few seem to remember the Jiminez misses.
I agree Traore is very frustrating as he does have world class abilities if only he had better end product, had one great run after coming on Saturday but shot straight at the two defenders in front of him when Jiminez had pulled away right and was in the clear with a decent pass to him (someone was free on the left aswell but can't remember who as I think it was after Hwang had gone off).

22 Nov 2021 19:56:04
Sound wolfflea,
I agree 100% what you say,
The tense posts on Traore made me explain what I posted so I'm sorry too pal for doubting the Wolfpack.

Lol no ones perfect ironically even the mighty Raul.???



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