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20 Nov 2021 03:00:57
Put this into a new thread as I suspect the existing thread will fall into banter 2 in the morning.
Some really great posts and delighted to see BB back (completely agree with your comment on the mood of the forum and its refusal to accept some viewpoints- although I think it has softened as we appraoch Jan and hope/desperation rises).
The thread covers 2 big points and in this post I will only address the one Phil won't enjoy so much the finances of the club and its management over the last couple of years.{Traore comes later and tks Ray and Jas I thought I might have been a lone Wolf on that one!}
With respect to finances Ken as usual shrewdly identifies a key external and non football related point- Chinese politics which may well be pertintent.
But to start with I should say that
I really don't think Fosun have lost interest or pulled the plug even though (perhaps as Ken hints due to pressure from the Chinese authorities not to inject further Chinesse equity/debt intothe club) the spending in the last 2 years has been markedly lower than in previous years. If I could be bothered to check the accounts I would guess that it is probably now in line or slightly less than internally generated cashflow.
If they had lost interest they would be not just spending less than previously but in fact they would be extracting cash from the club - the club actually owes them a fair amount at the moment that they could legitimately take back.
They certainly wouldn't have bought Semedo a fine top half of the Prem RWB - although substantially over priced - as there were numerous cheaper options out there (keeping Doherty?) or buying Lamptey or Coufal for example.
They woudn't have taken Hoever instead of cash from Liverpool and they certainly wouldn't have splashed the insane amounts they did/are on Silva.
No the club's financial mismanagement - which sadly is all you can call it - which has not only seen results decline sharply, the 3 senior and key men in the management team (Nuno, Thelwell and Dalrymple) all leave, the revenues stubbornly refuse to rise above mid table mediocrity despite the top end of the table performances on the pitch and also almost certainly seen the value of the club decline very sharply from its Seville peak - is due sadly to the appontment of a man who is totally and utterly out of his depth to run the club instead of the professionals who were doing so so well before before hand.
However Jeff seemingly retains the faith of Fosun so we are stuck.
All we can do is hope that he realises where we are, which (and I know this will upset people) is on a knife edge - we could with luck, no injuries and a couple of modest signings fall the right side and move up to top half of the table again but just as easily we could without the correct signings and after an injury or two to key players fall back into the lower reaches of the table before inevitable relegation over the next couple of years.
{we have had a run of good results against the weaker teams in the league over the last few weeks but haven't played well and have ridden our luck - that can't and won't continue so our position probably flatters and the next month or so will tell us the truth. Fortunately Jan will still be infront of us in a months time so Jeff will now what he has to do. The ball will be in his court let's hope he doesn't drop it again or the consequences may be v painful! }

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20 Nov 2021 04:57:38
Apologies Greyleg (and Jas) it was you not Jas that wrote a supportive message re Traore.

20 Nov 2021 06:10:30
Tfig that's a thought provoking read and asks some ponderable questions the big one for me being is Wolverhampton wanderers a viable Premier league club? And even more so how do we define a viable Premier league club?. Are we suggesting/accepting the '6' criteria? Big city clubs with large attendances and commercial/media support because if that's so we should of let em go to the cash cows in Europe. Wolves do have a large fan base spread over the country and abroad stemming back from the heady days of the 50s and molineux could be filled with 75000 every game if we all were in the vicinity, but we're not, and we have to be realistic and say 35000 is about right as we stand. Commercially the club are trying to branch out globally, they have registered us as a clothes outlet (pick up a nice olive green terrace fleece on those chilly nights cruising the caribbean), the new Wolves records will hopefully produce a major sound to attract international artists/sales and income. Seriously though they are creating/using the club name to speculate and you'll only get returns on that if the football team are doing well, and I think this maybe where the problem lies, maybe Jeff dosnt really get the game side and the requirements, yes he can do the accounts but dosnt see the gains in paying out (making us more attractive than London or manchester) on the type of player we need when asked by nuno/bruno/thewall or whoever, and why we've struggled to secure signings. OK covid and injuries and nunos impetus led us to where we are at the moment (potentially in top 6 with a win today I believe) on the financial knife edge. You have to invest to accumulate and in the meantime hold on to your assets. Traore is now the brokering piece. Can we keep him and still afford to reinforce or accept his departure to the highest bidder and buy a couple of 'old hands' to stabilise a top half finish. Jeff needs a dream, fosun need to gamble on the pitch to drive their global commercial hopes. When I see kids around my area wearing man u shirts or Chelsea or spurs or arsenal it becomes clear, no kids anywhere will want a wolves shirt unless wolves are on the telly winning thing with personalities such as traore who can thrill/entertain. Long rant I know but it's 5 in the morning, match day, and a game we can win and then more cement to the top half before we meet the December run and then see what's what in the Jan sales. Enjoy the game everyone who's stuck with this drawl and for you phil COYW COYW COYW

20 Nov 2021 07:40:41

20 Nov 2021 10:30:09
Tfiog-Great post as usual, you hit the nail right on the head regarding the January transfer window, bringing in a CB like Tarkowski or similar and that attacking midfield player we’ve needed for some time will be the difference between pushing for a top 6 finish or fighting to stay out of the bottom 6. It was stated after the summer transfer window that money wasn’t an issue so hopefully we can bring in a couple of decent players to stabilise our season and push on. Tough game today against inform West Ham I would start Boly as they score a lot of their goals from set pieces . Also I would play Traore he’s due a start and could be the difference today.

20 Nov 2021 10:55:38
Just a quick post.Lots of thought provoking issues from some very good posts, while I do ponder these occasionally I always reach the conclusion I cannot change anything and am I’m not privi to the internal financial standing and dealings within the club so I’d rather discuss the team and individuals performances.
At the moment Traore is a big topic (keep him or cash in now) yes he has huge potential and gets us out of the chair when he’s in full flow, putting that aside does he warrant a starting place every game with his overall performances?
How do you feel as January approaches?

20 Nov 2021 10:58:12
Great reading my friends
I hope we keep hold of Adama,but would need maybe three astute signings,as well,in Jan,and then I'm confident we can finish in top six,2-1 today ??

20 Nov 2021 12:28:22
Norfolk I see exactly the same as you.

If you start thinking deep into the finances the running of the club its always ever going to be conjecture as only the club know what's going on.

As fans we all want to see wolves win
and when we don't the players who have played have to take some responsibility.

Fosun have done so much for us bringing us players like jiminez neves Jota boly Traore Neto to name a handful.

As results make or break everything its not solely down to shi or the club its managers players coaches everything can be a reason for why results are what they are.

I'm just a simple happy go lucky fan who appreciates where wolves are the last 4 years and like to share that on here with fellow fans.

Being honest the posts of late have been very off putting downbeat and negative and have not much enthusiasm for today's game.
That could change with a win today but have little hope it will be a good game today.

20 Nov 2021 13:35:47
ITS MATCH DAY! As noddy holder might say. The excitements with me phil, I seriously think we'll take the points today and reinstate our earlier performances. 4-2 for me adama on score sheet a couple of times. (I can hope anyway) .COYW

20 Nov 2021 13:41:08
Phil don't think for a minute recent posts are all downbeat we all at heart want the same thing a successful club! Its not negative we are all just sharing opinions about the way we see things. We are in a decent position at the moment and want to stay there and the views tend to be frustration. Two weeks without playing doesn't help!

I see speculation about Liverpool and Pulisic today, can't want him and Traore interesting option. I know. Barcelona have been mentioned, have they got 30m? I don't know if in January there is a market for him tbh. We shall see in the meantime let's hope for a cracking game today, bring it on. COYW.

20 Nov 2021 13:51:43
Great thread, I’m leaning towards Phil with the happy go lucky fan but also agree with abbeywolf as it seems fosun are trying to branch out albeit in clothing and music etc but if it increase revenue then surely it’s positive and means we can spend more in the future. Good to read all points of view though and good to see bb posting again. Fingers crossed for today, never an easy game in the premier. COYW

20 Nov 2021 14:36:37
Apologies Ken.

Enjoy the game ?

Abbey COYW

20 Nov 2021 15:52:56
Don't be daft Phil nothing to apologize for mate. I know sometimes it goes deeper than just what's on the pitch but at least we're back playing again now. Just watched first half on hesgoal pretty even I thought both sides giving the ball away a bit. Raul could have given us the lead, maybe we should have had a penalty for handball. I suspect last season it would have been, story of our lives I guess. Come on second half!

20 Nov 2021 16:59:11
We done it Ken a great performance I thought I was expecting a drab match but turned out to be real good game.
Felt sorry for Traore what a run deserved a goal.
Semedo and ait nouri very good podence showed his quality on the ball jiminez excellent goal.

Onwards and upwards

I wish I was at the game my brother was there and more chuffed for him.
Tge atmosphere sounded electric.

20 Nov 2021 17:02:45
That's all that matters to us all phil 3points strong performance against a very good West ham to be 3rd at start and unbeaten in 4. We seem to always have a nail biting finish. RAN and neves seemed particularly active on the commentary. Onwards, upwards, COYW

20 Nov 2021 17:24:16
Agree Abbey ?

Ps I did also Ken watch on.hesgoal.

V.happy I am ?

20 Nov 2021 17:32:20
Agree Abbey ?

I'm happy tonight mate???

20 Nov 2021 17:35:01
Just got talksport on the beginning of tge liverpool arsenal match
Commentator said everytime you at Anfield and hear you'll never walk alone it sends tingles down your spine.
I felt that tingle twice with wolves and I had tingles just.

I want liverpool to win.

20 Nov 2021 17:37:55
Excellent performance very enjoyable didn't even get nervous at the end we saw it out well. Superb finish from Raul, Max could have made a name for himself and Adama showed what we could miss! I hope he gets a start next week at Norwich he'll scare them to death! We were solid pretty much everywhere so you can't really single anyone out a really good team performance. Dean didn't get a chance to spoil it either?

20 Nov 2021 18:05:05
Just read BBC report, although they say a deserved win they also say it was an off form hammers performance. Why don't we get credits for our game in snuffling opponants and beating them fair and square.? Bruno my hero tonight, team selection worried me at first I thought rice was going to run midfield but neves moutininho were superb. I thought traore should start but what a game pods had. Kilman is really up to the plate, shame his effort was a defenders effort. All the team on it today and Bruno picked em right. Happy wanderers here tonight.



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