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16 Nov 2021 16:21:25
Adama leaving is looking more likely as the months pass.

Barca has been mooted quite a lot recently. Which would make sense for him. There lack of funds presents an obvious problem. Could see some sort of loan with an obligation or players chucked in the deal.

We have Trincao of course who hasn't fully convinced yet.

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16 Nov 2021 17:27:27
Odd isn't it if Barcelona along with most of the other giants of European football want him but most Wolves fans don't rate him?

16 Nov 2021 19:55:24
I'm not sure that Wolves fans 'don't rate him' TFIOG, it's more like frustration that he rarely seems to fulfil his obvious potential. That's a view also shared by many fans of his previous clubs.
The so called big clubs that want him will probably use him as a bench warming impact sub, the difference being they will pay him silly money to do that, Wolves won't.

16 Nov 2021 21:46:53
Longmyndwolf . I think you are spot on. I love Traore in full flow but he is so frustrating he nearly always tries too much and often loses the ball. He also causes us problems when trying to bring the ball out of defence he seldom uses the easy pass. We wait and wait for this potential to blossom but he’s 25 now and should have harnessed his talent to become a team player, something I don’t see at the moment. As dynamic and exciting as he looks at times I would sell him, maybe other clubs think they can do the job or as Longmyndwolf said use him as an impact sub a expensive one. I know TFIOG is a great Adama fan but surely he’s had enough time with us.

17 Nov 2021 07:36:26
Agree with you Norfolkwolf, I like Adama but he does sometimes frustrate me

17 Nov 2021 10:51:36
I think most of us would agree Norfolk, little point in getting the crowd on it's feet for 15 seconds, only to flop back down again disappointed.
Having said that I'd still prefer him to be sold abroad.

17 Nov 2021 18:56:42
I like adama as a impact player, and there have been games when we've screamed for his presence which alone would open spaces in the middle. I think sometimes he's too fast for our attack and balls appear wasted as they've not caught up. His finishing could be better ( no complaints against man city tho). His defensive side is iffy, so he's an expensive luxury. I wouldn't want him coming on against us so any sale abroad please. Financially it would make sense. Butas I say I like him, I think he's an asset and we certainly havnt got any other explosive forward going player. Money matters so I guess he'll be off.

17 Nov 2021 19:19:10
Agree on the city aspect.
No way I would sell him,
Pay him what e wants,he's very exciting on the ball,
When we defending a corner leave him on half way line and boot it as quickly as poss to him.
There's not a defender in the land who wants him running at them

17 Nov 2021 20:22:23
As I said dynamic and exciting going forward, but 17 goals in 260 games really sums him up,potential but we can’t wait forever.

17 Nov 2021 20:24:01
If Adams has to be sold then we should perhaps be careful who we negotiate with, I know that's difficult. Let's not take someone who's never going to make it where that are! For example Liverpool have according to click bait have suggested 3. If it has to be them take the money not the player. We should decide who comes in not them!

18 Nov 2021 12:48:02
Adama is a strategic weapon and can be devastating in certain games and situations. But over a full season or even over 90 minutes he doesn't do or offer enough. Large has quickly recognised this, hence the bench.

18 Nov 2021 17:55:52
It amazes me how they can even talk about selling Traore. Wolves attacking options are very limited, but in him they have someone who defenders hate facing. He can be frustrating at times but if he could turn it on for 90 minutes every game he would not be playing at Wolverhampton. If you put all the squad up for sale none would come up to his valuation. Perhaps at a big club with a top manager he can realize his huge potencial. How many times this season have Wolves been struggling to break a team down, but he is left sitting on the bench while subs half his size and ability are introduced who make not the slightest differece.

18 Nov 2021 21:56:38
So. BARCELONA not a big club then

19 Nov 2021 00:41:21
Great thread as always gents. On Adama I truly feel conflicted! Whatever anyone thinks no one can honestly argue agaisnt the fact that he's a VERY unique player. Before CV kicked in he was third in Europe for most successful dribbles (only behind Messi and Ronny) which in itself tell you how very unique he is. However like those two players mentioned he is also a 'luxury' player and arguably a luxury our system doesn't afford (going off recent selection). All that said though the REAL problem here is that he hasn't signed a new contract yet (why)?! With that being the case (like others) when we see him being phased out of the first team I can only assume one thing and that is a sale come Jan. Sadly, for me it's all about the realities of the situation. I don't want to lose him but if he won't sign and we are offered anything above £30 (with add ons to near £40m) would anyone say its bad business?
I hate saying that cause (like usual) I find myself agreeing with TFG. Had we just handled this differently then where could we be?! Apprently Klopp wanted Adama and Nuno/wolves talked Pool into Jota instead! How very wrong we got that! And I'm sorry but it's a mistake Thelwell wouldn't have made! I've said it many times on here before (and if I'm honest it's why I've backed away from the forum as I've sensed the room and peeps don't want to hear it:) but the club started regressing since we tightened the purse strings and knowingly let key staff just walk away. Dalrymple, Thelwell and Phil Hayward are all still now genuinely recognised as being at the top of their game, so why did we let them go? I've said it before but Dalrymple is working wonders putting Sarcys on the map and as for the other two well who plays FM?! I do, and that entire game is based on numbers taken from opta stats (it's run by the same company). The guys making it have no wolves agenda (in fact they famously support Everton) yet still Thelwell and Phil Hayward are recognised as two of the best in their role on the ENTIRE game! Now I'm not saying that's gospel but what I am saying is that this is the way the rest of the footballing world saw those two key members of the back room and we just knowingly let them walk?! In fact there is an excellent article in The Athletic titled 'Why Wolves fans should be worried about Thelwells departure'!
Then there's the Graham Hughes stand which I'm reading today will be shut while they repair it. Please someone tell me why in one breath Fosun are telling us they are in it for the long haul but in the next breath they are 'repairing' a temporary stand?! It makes NO sense! Spurs, Arsenal, WHU fans all moan about their board but one thing ANY of them CAN'T honestly say is that they aren't in it for the long game?! They can't say that because what each one of those clubs has done is seriously invest to put an infrastruce in place which has an eye on the future. Please anyone tell me a single thing Fosun have done for the 'Long Haul'?! What infrastructure have they ACTUALLY improved since arriving?! And sorry but signing young players doesn't count as that more often than not is still be an easy way to make a quick buck.
For me, they spent the first three years getting us ready to go big and the following two years desperately trying to wind that back in, and why?!
They say it's about putting the squad first financially but I'm sorry but we all know that money spent on infrastructure is (mostly) exempt from ffp? We also know that the only way to compete with the big clubs is to emulate them and yet we stopped doing that the day that we started releasing key staff to save the pennies.
Don't get me wrong I'm grateful for what Fosun have already achieved (and always will be) BUT I've just got to a point where I struggle to believe they are being genuine when Jeff says they are 'in it for the long term' . They are an investment company and since the realities of competing in Europe kicked in they have seemed FAR less keen to invest! As always I hope I'm wrong but as long as we are putting temporary fixes on our infrastructure then I will struggle to see it any other way!
Ps- it's been too Long for me so I have to give a shout out to the peeps I LOVE reading on here: Phil, Jas, Rated, TFG, Ard, Abbey (sorry if I've forgotten anyone) but keep it coming gents! I might not take part as much these days but I LOVE reading your guys insightful posts! ???

19 Nov 2021 06:49:50
Great to read your post bullysboy and great that you posted as haven't seen you on here for a while.?

The politics of the running of our club you will understand not really my thing but I do like reading posts about it.

Thelwell quit and left dealt the club a massive blow the covid jiminez injury Neto injury all massive unforseen huge damage to our progress.
As I say I'm not real into the running of the club behind the scenes but we aren't looking relegation fodder we are holding our own of which is good as if a fair few clubs in the premier if they had the 3 or 4 major issues I mentioned above won't imo be doing as good as us at present.
Regarding Jota I think he wanted to leave and a no brainer imo a lot better player than Traore.
Since Jota left we haven't a goalscorer or assists to match what Jota did for us.
Neto was on the way until his long term injury.
Having the most dribbles counts for nothing if nothing comes of it and an end product will win us games.
That's what we want to see wolves win.
Thefutureisoldgold,sorry if my comments on Traore,they are in no way to make you feel bad,I have been worried all week so much that I haven't posted.
I have said brilliant praise about Traore but like majority I end up frustrated at chances going begging.
I think that world class unique run agaisnt villa if he had aimed at the as he was facing the keepers left and scored I reckon at least 10 million more on his price tag maybe 20 million plus.
If he had scored that goal imo it would be remembered similar to John Barnes goal for England agaisnt Brazil.
Ray,podence half the size half his ability yet galvinesd the team and played a massive part in us beating villa when he came off the bench But I do think same as you the last few games especially palace I thought Traore was the ideal option.
Who knows what will happen in January but for me it's over a month away and I prefer to not think about it much till then.

Bullysboy you and I and the rest of us I always believe we will have our day,a day seeing wolves successful.

19 Nov 2021 11:27:36
Yes Norfolk wolf Barcelona are a huge club but don't forget he was barely 19 when he left them .

19 Nov 2021 16:07:15
Hi Ray not going to fall out with you. Just different opinions, Robbie Keane was just 17 on his debut (2 goals) but he fulfilled his potential, Adama has had 6 years after Barcelona we still wait for consistency. It appears to me he doesn’t want to be with us, at the beginning of the season he really had the appetite he put in some good performances yes we know he should have a goal or two but that was August and the transfer window was open,perhaps he was trying to impress When the window closed his game declined (just my opinion) you are right if he turned it on for 90mins every game he would not be with us. I would truly like to see him realise his immense potential.

19 Nov 2021 19:11:02
BB good to read your post its been too long.
I'd agree with pretty much all you've said Thelwell's loss for me, as I've said before was massive and caused a lot of what's happened since. I'm sad that the loss of Traore now looks inevitable which is a great shame. I still think his leaving will be a big miss for us.
Fosun, I don't know where we are going with them. Two years ago I thought it was great but whether its restrictions placed on them by China on investment abroad or what I've no idea where their motivation lies. I know they have been looking for outside investor's so maybe that's what its about. To achieve that though you need to do it on the pitch! We shall see I guess.

19 Nov 2021 19:23:11
Hi Norfolk, no intention to fall out, I respect your opinion. I do think that if rumours are to be believed Barcelona are now one of the club's interested in him which I think is significant. I have to admit he was far more effective playing on the right with Matt Docherty behind him, why they broke those pair up is beyond me. Really hard game tomorrow would love to see Traore start and give us a big lift.

19 Nov 2021 21:09:32
Hi Ray cheers, yes I hope we put in a good performance like first half v Everton,think it’s going to be tough one but yes we can do it, I think Traore will start as Trincao has been a bit disappointing of late.



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