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26 Oct 2021 13:03:22
Noticed that there is interest from buyers in Derby. I hope they are aware of the old adage that if you wish to make a small fortune from football start with a very large fortune!
As many have found to their cost it's not that simple!

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26 Oct 2021 17:19:31
The old adage didn't apply to Steve Morgan. Bought Wolves for a tenner and sold for £30mil when in the Championship. Even for a tenner, Derby wouldn't be cheap.

26 Oct 2021 19:57:17
Agreed but even then Fosun got a bargain! Sleeping could be a giant! To us they are anyway. I wonder how much we are worth now?

26 Oct 2021 20:49:34
Apparantly £130million now Ken.

26 Oct 2021 22:47:16
Rated, i'm surprised it's only 130m with Newcastle being 300m I thought we'd be over 200m. Mind you I guess Fosun wouldn't sell a lot of room for improvement in our value I think!

27 Oct 2021 11:14:17
If the minor investers get the marketing right in the US and fosun get us more prominent in China then the scope for growth is Incredible.

27 Oct 2021 11:41:56
To be fair Rated Wolves must be worth a lot more than that, given the income as a Premier League team. I would have thought that any 'regular' Premier side would be a minimum circa £300M with the big earning clubs a lot more.

27 Oct 2021 13:52:55
I think it goes by establishment too Newcastle been in prem longer than us for example each year in prem a clubs value rises.
Ofcourse i'm only guessing though you could be right at us being valued over £300million.

27 Oct 2021 14:39:13
Latest figures show that our club is valued at £345.69m.

27 Oct 2021 16:59:51
That's more like it Jas. But, even at £345.69mil I can't see Fosun selling. Next stop for Wolves value is half a billion in a couple of years if things go to plan.

29 Oct 2021 15:57:07
Thanks Jas mate.

29 Oct 2021 18:17:20
Interesting thread ( put into sharp focus by the news today re WHU who are being valued in the £600-700m range) .
I posted a thread a while ago on how I thought the clubs value has morphed over the past few years and stated it had probably topped out at some £400m+ a couple of seaons ago but is now possibly as low as mid £200ms
But note Wolves are a company and whilst I appreciate most of you are not accountants or City Business analysts etc I would point out that there are numerous methodolgies for valuing companies in the financial world- DCF, NAV, PE X, EBITDA X etc etc.
However the value is always, as it is for anything, what someone is willing to pay for it
Jas quotes the £345.69 figure from Transfermarket that is actually the value of our squad - according to them as of today.
{Note in Wolves accounts as at May 2020 the squad is valued by the club at £163m but player valuations by the club follows strict accountancy rules that in no way reflect football or the real world! }
Note Transfermarket has Sa at just £6.75m - in my view surely too low? But Silva at £22.5m - in my view surely too high.
However Jas it doesn't include any of the other assets Wolves own - from Real Estate, debts owed to it by other clubs (Liverpool owe a lot still for Jota), all the way down to a few old footballs.
Sadly it also doesn't take into account the amount we owe to other people - banks, other clubs, the tax man etc etc all the way down to the milkman!
In my view a clubs value is affected by 3 things: its current prospects, its future prospects and its (exploitable) brand.
But as I wrote in the thread re stadium development only last week it really all comes down to winning games.
If you win games your current propsect are by definition good, continuing to win brings in prize money, european football, tv money etc etc etc and and makes you both capable of attracting players who will win more games for you and an attractive place for them to come giving you great future prospects
Finally teams that win a lot are sought after in both domestic and overseas markets by supporters and thus sponsors as the brand develop - look how many Chelsea fans there will now be in Singapore etc etc as they have been winning for a few years now and look how much money they make from this area. They now have an exploitable brand.
All of this makes the decision by Wolves to step away for a while 18 months ago and not build on Nuno's succcess all the more difficult to understand.
We have not won as many matches as we did and our value will thus have dropped. Contrast that to WH who were way below us 18 month ago but are now way above us and valued as of today at £600-700m probably not far short of 3x what Wolves are and could have been if Shi had not made the mistakes he did!

29 Oct 2021 20:55:05
future well explained as ever but to be honest you lost me after methodologies and I came back on Shi's mistakes though only on one . To be fare my comment is not about the player hardly his fault tbf! But as of the end of July and where its gone since I've no idea! Portuguese authorities were still investigating the Fabio Silva transfer and the money trail. Of the 40 million Euros 7 went to GestiFute 3 to a company owned by the players father and 25 to the selling club Porto. 5 million Euros as at the end of July they were unaware of who or where the money had gone. Clearly so far we have overpaid clearly as live said not the players fault but you wonder who where and what goes on in these transfers. Money laundering is not unknown in football its time these deals were made transparent for all to see then maybe it will be cleaned up. Players parents profiting for a start appears wrong to me.

29 Oct 2021 22:26:55
Ken we have debated Fabio till the cows come home.
i have absolutely nothing against him or even Wolves buying him - for his potential. However for what ever reason we didn't just invest far too much money in him we insanely over invested and it has and still is hurting the club badly.
It must be v difficult for him as well as he is now the poster for Wolves decline and Jeff Shi's hubris.



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