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17 Oct 2021 08:31:23
We win the derby score the most goals we have in a league game this season virtually without our star striker so have to take the hard earnt doggid performance.
We were away at villa with a huge crowd up agaisnt us.
We are joint 5th or 6th best goals agaisnt in the league and when the c/ b we crave is available we will be you like to think better and stronger.
4 wins 4 losses this season so far 3 of the losses were 1 nil defeats when if one on one opportunity would of been taken in 2 of those games we would be further up the table.
Even the man utd game we didn't deserve to lose.
One poor performance agaisnt Brentford at home the 1st 1/ 4 of the season played we doing alright.
Plenty to improve on but how the players are playing under a new system new management has to be acknowledged.
We haven't drawn a game yet but previous seasons we drawn a lot of games.

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17 Oct 2021 10:25:48
Hi Phil
Great post I just wish everyone would see the positives. You’re spot on lots of areas to improve on, have a good day.

17 Oct 2021 11:50:27
Well said Phil.
My glass is more than half full!

17 Oct 2021 12:32:36
Norfolk - Good post
As Phil acknowledges I am a huge Traore fan and although his performance yesterday was another "curates egg" with sadly a good chance going begging he was alongside Podence (who I also unfashionably am a big fan of - see rumours page right now where there are two of my posts from 10 days ago singing his praises) turned the game for us.
So I agree it is sad that not everyone can see the positives and criticise Lage and the players ( ironically notably and most frequently and vitriolically Traore and Podence! ) who other than the Brentdord game have actually been fine this year so far.
I also agree that there are areas to improve and am even more delighted you acknowledge this!

17 Oct 2021 12:33:36
All in all I think we're doing ok. As you say Phil there are things that can be improved, but lots of positives too. It's a league with fine margins where there will be games we're unlucky to lose as well as games we may be lucky to win.

One thing yesterday did show though is just how many points can be up for grabs in this league if you make set pieces count. Something that we were very poor at last season.

17 Oct 2021 13:23:26
Hi cheers, have nice day too Norfolk.
I still reveling in the win.
I wouldn't worry too much about other opinions each to their own.
After I stop thinking about yesterday I will feel the pressure to beat Leeds next game.
I'm assuming we will beat Leeds and will feel deflated if we don't.

17 Oct 2021 13:37:00
Good points Phil. Glad you are getting a real buzz from the Wolves.

17 Oct 2021 14:28:44
Cheers Wimbornewolf ?
I read neves on clubsite one thing he said we didn't play how we liked but the team spirit is always there to keep going.
Easy to say I guess from after winning but nevertheless he is correct imo.
The threat of Traore scares the life out of the opposition yesterday being honest should of buried his chance but he played key roles in two of our goals.
I really really want Traore to score and give himself the confidence in front of goal that all goalscorers need and go on a goal scoring run.
Onwards and upwards for the Wolves.
I believe villa the home team dictated the shape of the game but understand its down to us to find the way to play our own game.
In time I truly believe we will get better at this when teams set out agaisnt us to stop our threats.
A few times the pass was on to put Traore clean through difficult passes to come off but on other days those passes will come off.
Watching Leicester they play high line and got done with rashford goal that's the type of pass I'm on about.

17 Oct 2021 14:37:01
Good point on the set pieces Alex.

17 Oct 2021 16:35:27
Good to stick with the positives Phil mate! haveave
Villa had the rub of he green to get 2-0 up. Then we got ours! Football is a funny game sometimes you play great and get beaten then have an average game and your team spirit gets you a win!
Bring on Leeds!
I hope Adama starts again he scares defences and I'm sure goals are going to come for him! That run yesterday was unbelievable very sad he didn't score but he sure gets you out of your seat!

17 Oct 2021 19:01:34
When villa scored I thought fair enough both had good chances could of gone either way didn’t think we deserved to be 2-0 down what a feeling it was to win 3-2 a local derby form and everything else goes out the window what a game for us I still can’t quite believe it I loved the scenes of coady and everyone else running to celebrate with our fans fantastic let’s hope for another win next week in what will be another tricky game FWAW.

18 Oct 2021 06:47:28
My positive look is down to we aren't up to full speed with the team at the beginning of new manager and management and look where we are. And we won playing ugly.
Newcastle Watford struggling norwich certainly are doomed already.
We are only going to get better.
Loved the weekend and the win will go down in history as one of the best comebacks ever.

18 Oct 2021 06:59:39
In Adama we have a threat that no other team possess. His presence alone makes the opposition rearrange a play differently to how they'd prefer. There seems to be a hang up on his finishing tho. We (some) moan about his effort being saved by the keepers legs but don't rave about the style in which he created the chance. If it had not been for him and villa's paranoia of him we wouldn't of had the free kick for neves to win the points. We need to keep the guy come January for sure. Pods is a little dynamo who is always industrious and it was his introduction that livened us up and ultimately won us the game. It wasn't pretty, it was a shambles at 2-0 but we were fired up and had the spirit to crawl back. Celebrate the win, be positive keep the pints half full, onwards and upwards to the next adventure with Leeds. COYW.

18 Oct 2021 08:25:30
Hi Abbey,
Imo with a full week of training our play against Leeds will be a lot better.
With jiminez our star player and who is our best with how Lage sets up I'm sure we will play better.
Options nice to have Whang Traore podence trincia silva to play up top with jiminez.
Stick my neck out jiminez hatrick

18 Oct 2021 11:18:14
I'll take that phil as long as we're not 2 down first again, ha ha.

18 Oct 2021 15:13:12
Abbey spot on.
Traore could sit down in the centre circle and play cards with 3 of their defenders and not get an assist or goal all season and yet still be a diamond for us as it is the 3 DEFENDERS bit that counts.
He is a game changer capable of doing things few others in the Prem can (Salah, Saint Maximan (sp? ) at Newcastle, Grealish and the Hazard of his Chelsea days and perhaps at a push Zaha? ) and that forces the other team's manager to change his game plan and defensive system to our overall benefit.
I agree he doesn't finish well and we don't get as much out of him as I would like (assists) but I am confident that with Jimenez back and now hopefully Hwang as well providing a real threat and target for him he will get better outcomes over the next few weeks. In any case though with Neto, Podence and him as options in the New year we really should be strong going forwards.
You all know I am worried re CM - we are an injury to Neves away from a crisis - and CB (AFN will cause us issues) and am v scared we won't solve these issues yet again this January window but Lage and the team are performming fine and the energy and spirit in the squad is great to see.
The emergence of Kilman and the promise of Hwang have been the real positives this season so far (along with Sa who looks a steal cf Patricio) and now my prediction of 18 points from the 8 games starting at Newcastle (6 from 6 so far) doesn't look quite so bold.

18 Oct 2021 18:41:10
Totally agree, Traore is Wolves biggest asset. True his finishing doesn't match the rest of his game, but if it did he would be plying his trade with a top top team and not playing in front of a mainly unappreciative Molineux crowd.

18 Oct 2021 20:04:42
It's social media Ray not the Molineux crowd when I was at the man utd game the crowd was buzzing singing Adama Traore the whole South Bank and even the Billy Wright stand all around me.
Traore gets you off your seat but when debating his worth it's not wrong to see his biggest flaw nowhere near enough goals/ assists for the unique ability he has.
A few have said their opinions sell him a few have opinions for him to sign contract and don't sell him.

19 Oct 2021 16:32:54
future you made your points as eloquently as usual! I am a lover of flair players and we are lucky to have three in Traore, Pods and Neto when he returns. Its always nice to say players like these run with the ball because you never know what they are going to do with it (sometimes I don't think they know either) . So exciting to watch. Let's hope for a great performance at Leeds. I'd agree that I'm hopeful that we can get a centre back and midfielder in by January. It was very poor to not get it done in August because its not like we didn't know what was required for goodness sake!

19 Oct 2021 21:40:54
Ken it must be our age. Have you read the book "When flair wore flares" .
In the early 70s every club it seems had a flair player who tried to make things happen accepting that it meant they gave the ball away on occassions
As I say over and over again its about balance. We need players to keep the ball, rotate it round and give us control - Moutinho, Neves etc. However we also need players willing to do high risk high reward things at certain times as well to break down orgainsed defences. This is what Podence, Neto and Traore do.
Clearly on some days they lose possesion more often than they succesfully create things and consequently attract criticism but we need to support these players not castigate them as they are the ones that win games. If they stop trying stuff and go "safe" we won't be embarrassed and might get a few low scoring draws but we won't win many!
So please cut Traore and Podence some slack and we might well see the rewards with more performances like this weekend's from the two of them.

20 Oct 2021 06:34:15
Hi Thefutureisoldgold I won't post about Traore whether he scores or not.
I don't like how posters get to you just want to see you happy mate.

I have my own opinions and never try to make you feel bad if I have I
apologise sincerely of which is why I will do as I said on the first sentence.

20 Oct 2021 12:16:35
future I shall look for the book! Speaking of flares which we weren't really! In the late 60's I had striped rainbow coloured pair of flares and I actually thought I looked the "dogs" wearing them! They were so good my mother wouldn't go anywhere with me if was wearing them! Its embarrassing even now thinking about them tbh. I guess I should apologise for them even now!



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