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07 Oct 2021 13:42:12
Takeover of Newcastle is going to be interesting, the “big four” will be desperate to change a few of the Premier League’s rules and regulations.

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07 Oct 2021 19:31:59
I agree Ron, I know that there ground has a much larger capacity than ours but I will be interested to see how they get around ffp.

{Ed002's Note - They won't need to "get around" FFP.}

07 Oct 2021 23:07:24
Yeah the eds right (as usual:) I'm afraid Newc are the perfect club for this investor! It's all about what a club can earn and a club like Newc with their weekly attendance and the stadium naming rights restored have potentially almost limitless room for growth! This is a team that at times in the Champ still had bigger (midweek) gates than city, just think about that when you add limitless wealth for growth in their infrastructure (in which is also ffp exempt)! Give it a few years and the face of this league is going to change, should be interesting ?.

07 Oct 2021 23:58:40
The State may have £320b but Newcastle will have to abide by FFP rules.

08 Oct 2021 09:48:56
It’s a good job everyone sticks to the rules then, unfortunately not always the same rules.

08 Oct 2021 09:52:47
Newcastle won't become a force over night. They have large revenues which can be grown further, and are still bound by FFP in the meantime. It's also not the easiest area to attract players to especially when European football isn't on offer. There is a chicken and egg situation of they want the best players to reach Europe, but the best players want to play in European competition so will be hard to attract. They can't just throw money at the problem now in the same way Chelsea and Man City did.

It will most likely take a few managers and some expensive mistakes before Newcastle challenge for anything, but it's probably only a matter of time.

It's good for the league though in my opinion, the more competition to the supposed big 6 the better it is for football as it makes things less predictable.

The big 6 have known for a while the Premier League is opening up and may no longer be about consistent European qualification, it could come down to one or two of them holding on to their Premier League status over the next few years as more clubs have financial muscle, which is why they really wanted a closed off Super League.

08 Oct 2021 10:23:53
The first big rumour is they are going to have a shirt each with their own name on!

08 Oct 2021 13:06:22
Nice one Ken?.

08 Oct 2021 16:22:15
This was one of my biggest fears. What should be remembered is they currently sit in the bottom two. Bruce will be sacked and their bang average players who were dreadful against Wolves, will suddenly become world beaters. Then they have one window in January to make them stronger, which they will undoubtedly do. Add Ranieri at Watford into the mix, and the 'three worse teams than us' outlook will become increasingly less transparent and more fragile. I have sat back for a while and not made any comments for precisely the reasons that are current-take over of clubs, sacking of managers-all these components makes our job harder-despite the fact that we have played reasonably well in our seven games so far. What makes it even harder is our dreadful and amateurish performance in the transfer market. I agree with the poster on here-can't think it was -apologies, who stated Shi and Sellars are not good enough at the helm.

08 Oct 2021 17:33:17
Love all the optimism. Why are we worried about what Newcastle might do. The only way they can change their income this season is by terminating their current sponsorship deals and agreeing new ones. The ground will only hold the same amount of people and the fans will only pay so much for the merchandise.

What I don't understand is that in the media they are saying:
Abramovich is worth x
Glaziers are worth x
Sheikh Mansoor is worth x

They don't mention how much the companies that each of these people own are worth. Likewise, Guo is worth £8.7b but Fosun are worth £128b. The media are reporting only titbits of information.

Saudi Arabia (the country) is worth £700b.

The sale of the club was agreed as the State has said that the club would be run by the Staveley lead consortium.

Where the money will come from will be much the same as PSG and Man City, namely St James Park will sign a Stadium naming deal with a State backed company for a vastly inflated price and other state owned companies will become club sponsors. They've already come out and said that they want to put the infrastructure in place and will not be buying the likes of Neymar, Mbappe, Ronaldo and Messi overnight.

We are doing something similar with our Fosun owned sponsors such as Silver Cross, Thomas Cook and Club Med.

I do think that this takeover has really unsettled the so called big 6 and soon there will be a power shift.

08 Oct 2021 18:00:19
The question is will we be able to compete with the likes of Newcastle in the long term?
Where we may have persuaded a player we may be a better bet than Newcastle I suspect those days are now gone.
I don't think they will be troublesome to the so called big six for a good few years but it makes clubs our sizes job a little bit harder.

08 Oct 2021 18:24:59
You can have all the money in the world, but if players don't want to come, then end of, who's going to go to Newcastle? Any thoughts, plus who's the next manager if Bruce goes.

09 Oct 2021 06:41:40
It'll be interesting to see Greyleg. Playing for a club that's owned by a country that only abolished slavery in 1962 and that was only thanks to the extreme pressure applied by the West. 1300 hundred years of slavery and there are plenty of allegations of sex slavery still going on today.
What are Newcastle and the Premier League thinking? No wonder the other 19 clubs are concerned about their and the Premier's brand reputations.

09 Oct 2021 11:52:29
My initial thought about the effect on us from Newcastle takeover is that we are further down the road on growth of the club.
We have an excellent youth system training facilities but the one thing is Newcastle have roughly 20,000 more fans capacity.
I read somewhere Newcastle can spend upto €190 million and be within ffp rules, whether this is correct or not Newcastle will have a lot more spending power than they had under Ashley the previous owner.

The moral issue of the Saudis I understand but one thing I'm sure months ago when the takeover was rejected the new owners was breaking premier league TV rights rules by streaming live premier league matches.
I may be wrong but sure I heard that.

{Ed002's Note - Newcastle are in a strong position to spend as much as they need as they are allowed to request to spend more than FFP allows for with a new owner coming in. However, they probably do not need to do that as they are in profit form an FFP perspective and could easily max out the losses that are allowed (which is where I guess the €190 figure comes from). In theory they could spend more than that if they can get additional income coming through quickly - sponsorship, full stadium etc..}

09 Oct 2021 15:23:03
Sorry but you are wrong Greyleg when you say who wants to go to Newcastle. Footballers have very little loyalty, just dangle a large enough carrot and they will join any club. Kissing the club badge when they score means very little. It all comes down to money unfortunately.

09 Oct 2021 18:05:32
Got to laugh. Due to a takeover and a change of manager Newcastle and Watford respectively will now be better than us ?. The gift that keeps on giving.

09 Oct 2021 23:14:27
I have to say gents whilst I get that this season Newcs buyout could push us down a spot or two beyond that I'm not sure why peeps are worrying? I think one or two need to look at the last three windows and frankly need a reality check! Newc won't be a problem for us because in about three seasons time they will already be playing at a different level. The problem on here isn't Fosun it seems to be peoples expectations of Fosun. It was never going to be next stop Champs League, I'm afraid that was never really Fosun model! We can debate that till the cows come home but this notion that Newc are suddenly a danger is a nonsense. The only people that should be looking over their shoulder is the top four and whilst I may not like the backers (for me) a shake up of the status quo can only make life more interesting! The only way it does make me worry is Adama, cause he'd be a perfect marquee signing for them next window. I hope it doesn't happen but regardless of what some on here think of Traore the prospect of him on one wing and Saint Max on the other would definitely give any full back a bad day at the office! Let's hope he's signs that contract quick eh ?.

10 Oct 2021 01:56:28
Good post Phil (as always) and I think your correct there. When the initial bid was made I believe the Prem turned around and said 'get your house in order because everyone's watching Bein sports through you on IPTV' and supposedly they have resolved that issue. It's a tricky one on the morality side of the deal. I have to say like every decent person I am opposed to many of the things the regime stand for/ have done. But I was listening to five live as it happened and a sports journo summed it up perfectly when they said "whilst some might find the deal hard to swallow, they have to realise the realities of the deal. How can the Prem say they can't accept this deal (on moral grounds) when as a nation we are one of the largest benefactors of arms contracts to the Saudi Gov! "
Sorry but it's very hard to take a moral high ground in sport when the nations already sold said high ground to the highest bidder in weapons deals! ?.

10 Oct 2021 08:39:51
Nice one bullysboy mate for clarity of what I thought. ?

There teams in the premier who have spent a lot of money Everton come to mind let's just sit back enjoy our top flight status and see where we are this season and the seasons to come.

Expectations are what imo comes natural to fans and isn't a bad thing but like you say I agree bullysboy you have to be aware our intended success under fosun isn't going to happen over night.

I think we are 2 or 3 quality signings away of being a challenger for the 6th 7th spot and maybe with good fortune higher.

With Newcastle takeover Everton West ham villa all ambitious like ourselves it's all hotting up.
I say bring it on and hope we will have our noses infront in the race to be better.

re Watford I really think claudi ranerio is a strange appointment and I don't feel any concern from Watford.
Yes anything is possible in football but Watford change their manager as often as the wind changes.

They say bruce will be sacked at Newcastle so if so two new managers Watford owners gung ho trigger happy to fire managers the extreme pressure of Newcastle fans expectations will be interesting to see how it unfolds in the coming months.

But most importantly we beat villa next match.

Jimenez played 90 minutes for mexico the other night.

10 Oct 2021 11:19:30
I'm not worried by the Newcastle takeover at all. It appears that all and sundry think that Newcastle are now in the same bracket as PSG, Real Madrid, Man City etc without spending a penny.

Fosun are doing things differently as they want to grow and nurture a sleeping giant whereas PIF are ready to just pump money into the club without growing it too much.

10 Oct 2021 11:10:03
Wow Bully!
Support for Adama - who most think is rubbish.
Shining a light on the last 3 transfer windows - when most/ some think they were perfect
Acknowledging we are no longer/ (if we ever were{I actually think we were closer than many realise at the end of 2019/ 20}) top 4 challengers.
You sound like you are morphing into me and that won't make you popular with the "Everything is perfect" brigade.
If however you are correct and we are playing at different level to Newcastle, the big 6 and possibly 2 or 3 others -- Phil mentioned WH, AV and Everton and I would add Leicester- then we are condeming ourselves to a permanent bottom half finish at best and maybe at worst a relegation battle which inevitably means eventually we get relegated.
I am however more optimistic than perhaps you are and really do believe that we can still compete with those other teams you and Phil mention.
Like Phil I think it just needs Jeff Shi to allow Lage the 2 or 3 quality signings we all know we need this Jan and for the injured players to return in the New Year.
If, as seems to be the case, he is out of his depth you have to hope that Jeff, or Fosun, will allow a Pro to take over the transfer business and get the job done this time enabling us to catch up the ground lost over the last 18 months to the more professionally run clubs that have overtaken us.

10 Oct 2021 16:42:09
I think we need 2 or 3 players.
I don't think it down to shi to allow Lage it like you think Thefutureisoldgold.
I don't think it's the perfect brigade it's reality.
I don't think Traore is rubbish as he's a world beater at dribbling and getting into great positions he just hasn't got it yet to convert chances or play the right pass or cross.
The decision making on signings is down to a committee including all departments of the club.
I believe its all planned discussed what's best not solely down to shi.



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