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06 Oct 2021 08:15:22
I want to pose a serious question. Are the FA really dedicating themselves to stamping out head injuries?
When did it become acceptable for an attacking footballer to go into a challenge feet first against a goalkeeper whose coming out head first, going to ground to collect the ball? It was always the case that the attacking player was expected to pull out, jump over the keeper and not make contact.
How did the referee know that Sa didn't have a head injury, in truth he didn't. Not only no foul but he seemed more interested in keeping the game going than attending to Sa's situation, then justified it when questioned by Neves:
"We spoke to the ref and he said he didn't stop the game because Sa got up".
He could still have had a head injury, then there's last years injury to Jimenez still no foul. Had Luiz have broken his leg it would have been a red and a lengthy ban. Discuss.

{Ed002's Note - There will always be some situations where there is contact. The efforts are made to reduce head injuries as far as is possible.}

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06 Oct 2021 08:34:37
With respect Ed that's not my point. Accidental contact head to head happens, eg, Dendoncker/ Mendy last year, I get that. But to challenge a goalkeeper, on the ground feet first has never been acceptable. Similarly, Raul's injury last year was not 'a clash of heads' it was a challenge resulting in a fractured skull, again no foul, apparently.

{Ed002's Note - And of course things will always get missed.}

06 Oct 2021 09:13:32
Missed or dismissed? Hard to miss someone clattering into a goalkeeper feet first while they're on the floor. My point is simply that referees are not applying themselves consistently to this issue and too often these situations are just shrugged off.

{Ed002's Note - I would not see a referee dismissing something like that. Due to the human aspect of decision making you can only strive for consistently having the same results I am afraid. It is obviously unfortunate.}

06 Oct 2021 11:15:03
Just a thought!
In all sports where contact is allowed and football is one, there will be times when injury occurs. The momentum of players going into a tackle or challenging for a ball does mean that on many occasions contact will be made. The game has changed due to the better fitness of players and the faster pace and skills of players . Society has become more aware over the years of potential serious injury and particularly head injuries. The campaign to stop youngsters heading the ball and the advent of concussion substitutes in football and rugby are examples of the way things have improved. However, playing contact sports will never be totally without risk. The incident with Sa was in my view just players challenging for the ball. There was no intent to hurt or foul the keeper. Yes his head was struck accidentally. He also got back to his feet very quickly when he realised the game was proceeding. As a supporter it was disappointing that a goal was scored when he was clambering back into position. However, I don’t believe that under these circumstances it relates to not being aware of the concussion protocols. Anyone who plays this game does so knowing that injury can occur. We have all taken the risk and many of us more so in days gone by with inferior equipment and the old leather case ball that nearly knocked you out when it got wet due to the increase in weight. Society has become risk adverse but contact sports by their very definition mean risk is present. In short I agree with being careful but not every challenge or tackle where contact is made means they game should be stopped.
We would end up with a disruption of the spectacle of the game we love. A foul is a deliberate act to gain an advantage. In the case of the Sa incident I believe it was not deliberate and unfortunately for Wolves the ref got it right.

06 Oct 2021 13:52:10
As I commented on here a few minutes after the collision Sa should have stayed down and causing the ref to make a decision. By getting up he saved the ref from having to make one. I'm not being critical of Sa it was a natural thing for him to do to help the team. I didn't see it as a foul simply a fair challenge albeit with contact. I think Bruno's instruction in future will be stay down and make the ref make a decision.

06 Oct 2021 15:42:55
My point was Ken that Sa shouldn't have to think like that, the game should have been stopped immediately and it's not about the goal. Personally, I think the game has gone a bit 'soft' as it is a contact sport, so long as the contact is both fair and proportionate.

Contact between boots/ legs and someones head is neither fair nor a 50/ 50 challenge. But as ExRef pointed out there is more awareness now about head injuries so I was a bit puzzled to see that on this occasion keeping the game going seemed more important. I would have felt the same if a Wolves player clattered into an opposition keeper.

06 Oct 2021 19:27:18
I take your point and agree with you all I meant was that I thought that the ref looked like he 2as going to blow but Sa jumped up quickly and dashed back towards his goal making the ref think he was OK then going down again when the ball was in the net. Who'd be a ref! Though he was poor throughout the game.

{Ed002's Note - You are right Ken - the refs do not have an easy time.}

07 Oct 2021 23:40:21
The problem is Long that whilst I entirely agree with your premise (who couldn't) it unfortunately completely discounts the biggest problems refs have to deal with and that is cheating! If we are saying that for any potiential/ possible head injury (regardless of seriousness) then play is immediately stopped then we will never see a counter attack again! You watch footballers who get injured on the byline and what do they do?! That's right, they ACTUALLY role back onto the field to slow down play, which is nuts when you think about it! Again, I agree with you premise (that head injuries need to be taken more seriously) BUT for that to happen properly then football needs to stop shamelessly turning a blind eye to cheating and that (sadly) ain't going to happen any time soon! It boils my blood when commentators say 'that's a professional foul, he's taken one for the team' cause what they should be saying is 'cheat, that there is a massive cheat'! Players/ clubs need to start being called out for it, they do in rugby and its the only way we'll see change! Footballers should feel embarrassed by cheating, instead we call it 'experience', 'being clever' and 'gamesmanship' ?.

08 Oct 2021 10:01:22
Bully - absolutely brilliant post!
A I have said before clearly many teams must have "cheating tuesday" training session as they do it so well and so often.
I am proud that Nuno made it clear that we dont/ won't cheat - although even then we had the Coady and Silva diving incidents - but we do suffer terribly as most refs totally fail to punish cheating sides indeed some seemingly condone it and even support it.
For a moment forget Wolves - who are presumably just viewed as a stupid and naive team- surely it must be stamped out for the good of the National side if for nothing else as non cheating requires players to have much higher football skill levels and that can't be a bad thing for England can it?

08 Oct 2021 10:59:55
Good points Bully's Boy/ O;d Gold it does complicate matters and is something that had crossed my mind. As you say it already goes on with players feigning fouls and injury for tactical advantage, which is a cultural thing based around what you get away with. If this could be stamped out then the games could really flow with less interruptions.

I'm probably more sensitive to this particular issue being a former goalkeeper (amateur) and my background exposing me to the consequences of head injuries, concussions, etc which can of course, prove fatal.

08 Oct 2021 23:48:47
Cheers gents, straight back at ya (good posts:) And as is often the case TFG I agree with your 'cheat tuesday' comment. Not sure how true it is but they always used to say that Jose would regularly tell his back line to ensure they 'shared' the yellow cards during his time at Chelsea! The whole of football is rife with it and I can only speak for myself but it really is starting to put me right off a game I've always loved! ?.



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