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22 Sep 2021 23:30:13
The thing that annoys me the players proved they can step up so why play poor in the first place?
I think they have become to comftable and think they're untouchable.

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23 Sep 2021 06:57:33
Bruno was bought in to bring a more attack minded game to the club, and usually play's with a 4-4-2, but is stuck between a rock and a hard place because the club didn't support the change in the transfer window.
Yes the football is better but we are defensively frail, simply because we get overwhelmed in midfield.
Apart from Traore, who looks sharp but who's delivery is poor most times, we need a attacker who's going to find the net week in week out.
Silva is not the answer and for me we should loan him out for experience, Raul is still weeks if not months from getting up to speed, which leaves Kwang.
Worrying time ahead I fear.

23 Sep 2021 09:23:39
bigcheese68, the board did back him. He's bought in Sa, Mosquera, Trincao and Hee Chan. Sanches would have come if he wasn't injured. Lage didn't want squad fillers.

23 Sep 2021 10:19:13
Only to a certain extent Jas, we bought one defender, I don't count RAN as he was with us last year, that hasn't enabled him to change the real shape of the team.
Lage doesn't want squad fillers you say, but watching the first 30mins last night it looked like we have got nothing else.
Silva is not going to make the grade in my opinion, Hwang looks like a decent addition if played in his preferred position, Podence is a threat on the occasions he is not rolling around the floor, but other than that what was on show last night that convinced you we will be mid table?
If Raul doesn't discover his scoring boots, and Traore start chipping in with a few where are the goals coming from?
Neves to me looking like he has his sights somewhere else, Moutinho is starting to show his age and that only leaves us with dendoncker, who chipped in with a goal last night but isn't a 10 goal a season midfielder that we need.
Me personally, I think Lage has been sold short but he will be the one who ultimately pays the price. I see a struggle this season and hopefully there's 3 worse team's than us.

23 Sep 2021 11:06:40
As I suggested at the time, we should have signed Renato Sanchez when we had the option, irrespective of injury. Not sure we will get the chance to sign him in January. He is exactly the type of all action midfielder we desperately need. Lage has identified him as suiting the style of play he wants from us. However present midfielders don’t have the attributes he requires.
That said, yesterday’s defeat was down to some diabolical defending from individuals. Must be question marks against some established players!

23 Sep 2021 11:25:20
It's sort of hard to disagree but I'll refer again to performances earlier, the 1st three we did everything but score and arguably lost to poor refereeing, Watford away we sneeked the win again having missed opportunities. Brentford is best left alone (I don't class that as a fair match, the ball not in play for 40mins reportedly due to wasting) last night we came from 2 down scoring 2 decent goals, admittedly ruddy made a couple of game saving saves. It was the first time we'd started like that and for 5 mins until mosquiro went off we seemed OK. Hoever Ran kilman big will did well. With samedo marcel seiss out. Agree fabio isn't ready yet, agree podence for a small clever player is brought down too often but again the ref was reluctant to yellow card and it continues, we should have 1 if not 2 pens, ( which given later events we'd probably of missed! ), so I don't get all the moaning. We've got to find our feet, we need some confidence, people see only raul as our goal source but I think some emotional detachment must be accepted with a more direct approach and podence hwang tricao traore, where we need bolstering is midfield. As you say moutininho is showing age and predictability, neves was wasteful last night and dendonker can be hot and cold. Perhaps a move forward for coady? There'll be at least 3 worse than us and our season hasn't got going, beat Southampton Sunday and we can kick start. COYW.

23 Sep 2021 11:50:29
Wolfwhistle, so signing an injured midfielder for £30m who won't play until January at the earliest is beneficial to the team how exactly?

23 Sep 2021 13:29:47
Jas. No benefit whilst injured but when he. is at a certain stage of recovery he could be learning what it is Bruno expects of him and also the strengths and otherwise of his team mates. Come full fitness he would hopefully hit the ground running as settling in period in a hotel would most likely be over. i
A bird in the hand is worth two in a bush. Let’s see if he appears any time in January.
Of more immediate concern is Sunday and Southampton. Most particularly Adam Armstrong: fastest player in the premier league this year. Plays in the centre of their attack and must be relishing the all too obvious lack of pace of our centre backs. Need to cut off the supply to him at all costs.

23 Sep 2021 13:53:51
I'm pretty sure Bruno has already stated we're going back in for Sanchez in the next window.

23 Sep 2021 16:32:57
If he's still got a job rated.

23 Sep 2021 17:44:54
Think he's gone if we lose at Southampton ☹️.

23 Sep 2021 18:55:04
Yeh greylag, and we can bring in big Sam. Bruno has got what he's got, and he's got us playing in a way that needs to join up. When it does we'll be OK. Southampton won't be easy, it'll be a very good test and we'll see how we respond. Another defeat won't go down well I know, but dismissing bruno this early would be premature. Remember Alex ferguson's start? The mancs wanted rid of him.

23 Sep 2021 21:53:39
I don't wish him gone abbey,
I just not sure he's going to improve us, and fosun won't stand for that, fingers crossed we go on a good run of victories,

23 Sep 2021 23:30:20
Jas is right signing a player who is injured up until the next window would be madness! For a start we'd be paying there wages (or a fair chunk) for most of that time. Also I think the fee they were discussing was an obligatory one, what if he never fully recovered and we still had to spend big money on him?! Missing out on Sanches was unlucky, not having a decent plan B on the other hand was foolish. Quite honestly I'd have taken us making a late loan deal to bring Vitor in with a fee agreed again? Least he would have been another option going forward. Hey ho, we are where we are and now we have to make it work. Over to you Bruno ?.

24 Sep 2021 07:03:41
We can cut out the individual mistakes which are costing us goals agaisnt we would be in a lot better place.
Think Lage is doing well on the whole but desperately needs his players to step up to what they should do.
As results business Lage needs to start winning ASAP.

24 Sep 2021 07:29:52
Jas you could also argue spending £35m on Silva is beneficial to the team exactly?

24 Sep 2021 12:40:53
There is no comparison between the purchase of Silva and Sanches. Silva was highly rated and sought by a few clubs and so we signed him in the hope that he would learn his trade from Jimenez. Circumstances dictated that he was thrust into the team before he was ready. Sanches is injured so why would you buy him.

Fosun have come out and said money isn't the issue. Lage has come out and said he wants quality not quantity.

Before the Brentford game we were all waxing lyrical about the team. 2 mistakes and a poor performance against Brentford followed by coming from 2 goals down to draw against Spurs and suddenly we're doomed.

24 Sep 2021 14:48:26
Jas if we had more than one win this season I would agree that weeks can be good and bad

Someone mentioned squad fillers but I think that's what we have got our best front line atm is Adama Podence Hwang who are good on paper but there is no killer finisher like top clubs have and as we know Jiminez isn't the player he was a year ago

The defence worries me we were impenetrable a couple of years ago and that's when we had Bennett and Doc now we have players who don't seem to read each others game like that should and look tired

I want to be proven wrong lol.

25 Sep 2021 01:32:27
Nigel- I see your point, I really do but you are talking apples and pears. One is the value of future potential and the other is a gamble on an injured player. I actually agree with your point (as myself and TFG have dicussed/ debated many times) that the club (in hindsight) weren't in the best position to take the gamble they chose on Silva when they did. However that's still different than taking a punt on a (historical) dodgy knee that may never get back to full strength.
For all the debate on Fabio I bet that we could still get £20-30m (considering add ons) if we REALLY wanted to! Some big team in Europe would take the chance. There's a player there, the problem still remains (as me and TFG agree on:) that he's the kind of gamble a bigger club can take!
Signing injured players with obligatory fees is not the way forward, we already have enough problems there! C'mon Fabio, prove us all wrong and find those scoring boots! COYW ??.

25 Sep 2021 04:08:05
BB - you are correct on both counts- we shouldn't have signed Fabio (at least not on the terms we did) and we shouldn't be signing injured players. [Alhough I actually am far far from certain we'd get anything like £20m for Fabio now, ( particularly on his current somewhat inflated contract) as in his second season he still looks no (well certainly not much to be fair to him) closer to being an adult pro footballer than he did when he arrived and so the "promise and potential" are starting to look somewhat forlorn. ]
However in isolation that single error - huge though it was -wouldn't have been enough to explain our fall from grace. We were on track to be a top 8 side at the very worst 2 seasons ago - probably top 6 and maybe if i'm being incredibly optimistic even top 4. Now? Certainly bottom half, probably bottom third and sadly maybe if i'm being pessemistic even bottom 3.
If everyone is fit the current starting line up includes Sa and Semedo and 9 guys who were here during our succesful period, 2 seasons ago.
Even Sa and Semedo are only in the team as the two players they have replaced were sold prior to them arriving.
Consequently despite the comment from Lage, (that Nuno would undoubtedly have endorsed) that he doesn't want to sign squad fillers that is exactly what we have done over the last 3 transfer windows - during which time we will have had a negative net spend - possibly the lowest (or certainly one of) net spends in the Prem.
During this period however at least 6 or 7 (non big 6 sides) have added (often more than one or two) first team quality players that would have strengthened our side as well and have in many cases clearly overtaken us - hence the drop discussed above.
This has in most cases been done without subtstantial gross or net expenditure.
In other words whilst we have failed to find players to improve our first team despite a reasonable amount of gross expenditure our rivals have done.
It is a v hard job no doubt and that is why they employ pros to do so as we formerly did when Dalrymple- who has gone on to perform miracles at Quins as well somewhat cementing his reputation - and Thelwell oversaw the magical period when we developed our squad with diamonds like Jota, Boly, Traore and Moutinnho to name but a few.
We sadly now have a bumbling fool in charge and the results are all too clear.
In the first window, whilst I quite like Semedo - who you tell me was Nuno's baby anyway - we overpaid for him and under sold Doherty. Vitor was a total disaster, Marcal and RAN were both ok, (eventually), deals for squad players, Fabio was a catastrophe and Hoever was an overpay on a squad filler.
Jose needs no comment and this summer we swapped keepers - the best deal done in the last 3 windows - bought a kid from Columbia with 26 adult appearances - I haven't bothered to check the minutes -for pennies as one for the future and 2 loanees neither of whom will be in the first 11 players and one, Trincao, might not even be a reserve when Neto is back as he is only half a player.
I accept that Hwang has looked ok but even he comes off of a disasterous time in Germany and was a gamble. Note however, as stated above, he was not bought as a first team player but a squad filler!
Where are the new first 11 players - the RCB and AM we all know we have needed for 2 years now. Where even is the experienced Prem ready LWB and back up CF that we have also required.
Sadly despite it being axiomatic, (see evolution of league place), that Jeff has totally failed he is aggressively (very! ) supported on here by some creating a frankly toxic atmosphere that as others have commented has led to many of the more rationale and balanced posters stopping posting.
I post v little myself now but as you quoted me in a post I agreed with I have broken my self imposed rule and commented on wolves football matters
Im sorry if this post upsets some people I tried in the thread about Phil's car journey to make the case for balance and rationality but sadly the "everything is perfect" brigade still stamp down on any sign of dissent or debate - not great for a debate site!
As Ken commented when a couple of month ago I also foolishly told the truth on here i'm sure I will be heavily criticised. I don't mind and am big enough and ugly enough to take it but as we have seen it doesn't help some people who maybe are less resillient mentally to the toxicity of the board's current state.

25 Sep 2021 09:52:19
If you enjoy the wolves and are enjoying the best it has been in your lifetime under fosun currently the wrong doings thought from posters towards the club is fine by me. But when it is directed at fans who see it differently that to me is not nice.
I see it cuts both ways but for genuine posters like myself I try hard not to get angry.
Wednesday matchday enjoying the matchday lead up a certain poster post a complete opposite post all doom and gloom it made me question is this the type of fan I want to be associated with?
The answer was no and is why I replied to Abbey I ignore the moaners.
OK to post what they did but come on, on matchday? When there is a feed of fans buzzing because its matchday.
A total lack of respect, thought for genuine fans.
This is why posters stop posting.
No one with any faith and love for wolves would be so negative sad on matchday.
The argument will be I been a wolves fan for blah blah years true I believe but in my 40 years of being down the match I have seen that type of fan moan about this that and everything and they're the most annoying fans.
When grounds went all seater you get if you're unlucky around these sad fans.
But when you want a debate when things are going not so good these fans love to be proved correct more than getting behind the team.

My analogy driving home was thought of me posting it exactly at the time, when I was in the car.
It wasn't meant to be a big thing just the perfect instance to compare of how I was feeling.

I will carry on regardless as as long as I have a whole in my arse I will enjoy every wolves match as you should.

I'm an idiot so what I'm your idiot THE WOLVES.



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