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21 Sep 2021 18:34:38
Posting incase of any use to anyone.

Carabao cup highlights tomorrow night at 10:30pm on channel Quest.
Freeview channel 12.

An analogy of how I was thinking and how I'm thinking now about the wolves,

On drive home from work the slip road onto the M5 J1 was nose to tail with temporary traffic lights changing red to green letting 3 cars each lane through each change, after a long day's work I felt crushed tired and miserable thinking it would be a long slow crawl but I was moving after a short while and soon onto the M6 which made me go from dead low to super high and positive.
So after Saturdays disappointment it can easily be not as bad as I initially thought.
I sincerely hope so.
Who knows football is football and anything can happen good or bad or even satisfactory (on the day)


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21 Sep 2021 20:26:10
Phil mate Sunday we were gullible and got mugged on our own doorstep. Bruno went hell for leather in attempt to save face after the expectations he'd given us and it was a crude example of how we've got to learn to play against these less skilful approaches. Tomorrow we'll see changes and against spurs we'll have a playing game again. Before last week everyone was talking of teams getting a hiding off us, we lose like that and some on here think we're relegation fodder. Rubbish. We lost a bad game. We've seen how bruno can have us playing and that will happen again. I've written off Brentford match and I'm full of optimism. Lack of converted chances is frustrating and a more direct run at goal at times seems obvious. The lights will go green, we'll be gaining points and climbing the table. Belive. COYW COYW COYW.

21 Sep 2021 20:57:59
Interesting too, phil, I see Brentford have had 3 pens so far against Oldham. Just saying.

21 Sep 2021 21:13:48
Make that 4 pens? Do they go looking for them? No surely not.

21 Sep 2021 21:16:12
My utter mistake, reading sky feed as 4 pens, actually one guy scored 1 pen and 3 goals. Sorry.

21 Sep 2021 21:28:12
Hi Abbey great reading your post mate.
Spurs have arsenal the weekend and nuno will play a weakened team as an optimist I'm confident we will win tomorrow.
Sure we will put the Brentford game to bed.

ps I booked tomorrow and Thursday off work as I got 2 days holiday owed.
OH YEAH ? lol

21 Sep 2021 21:49:58
Brentford won 7 nil.

22 Sep 2021 07:42:45
Good posts Abbey and Phil.
Great analogy Phil, I get pretty frustrated and cheesed off in traffic like that but as you say soon the chaos clears and we're full steam ahead again.
Must admit I was pretty down on Saturday but as we say Out of Darkness Cometh Light.
Looking for a better performance tonight.

22 Sep 2021 09:40:46
I think we will be a lot better in defence and the pressing.
Swinging back and forth from a few goals scored or a tight tight game going to penalties.
It's the uncertainty of the outcome which is exciting, we are capable of beating spurs I have no doubt about that.
But I look for the same Niknaklady a good performance?.

22 Sep 2021 10:01:15
Phil - great story! You (Wolves) just have to keep moving forwards and not get frustrated by road works, ( bad performances) losing control and crashing isn't going to do anyone any good.
Keep calm and take a rationale balanced approach. Not everything is awful, not every thing is great and trying to solve problems in some off the wall fantasy way, (ducking down c roads, ploughing through town centres, driving the wrong way round one way systems etc etc or signing a 17 year old from a Bulgarian 3rd division team's reserves or picking a totally unbalanced side devoid of defensive stability, the ability to control the game or create and score goals) simply isn't going to work.
Lage has shown he can get the team to play good stuff in the first 4 games. We didn't against Brentford- we hit a red light - accept it, analyse it and move on
Yes results are essential but they come from setting the team up in a way that they can (I stress that they can play and our squad has been put together to play one way and one way only - you can blame Nuno for that but nothing else! ) play and then motivating/ coaching what ever is required to get the players you have selected to play well.
The squad as we have discussed a million times has been unbalanced and thin for 2 years now as both managers told the club but the squad is still made up of several high quality players and a number of solid premier league pros.
The abscence of a Jimenez alternative, (given his current and totally understandable struggles), is a major worry and Lage may need to look, as Nuno successfully did after Xmas last year, at finding ways to get results without a quality CF but this squad should not continue to struggle.
To date, bar Brentford, I think he has done a fair job with the tools he was given by Jeff even if results so far have been v disappointing - I don't accept the "we had no chance against Spurs, Leicester and MU" line some are peddling!
I'm still hopeful that we can pick up enough points pre Xmas so that in the New Year - when Otto and Netto return and please God Jeff finally gets it and buys some adult footballers capable of covering the holes in the squad - we can push on a be fine this season.

22 Sep 2021 10:41:52
Hi Thefutureisoldgold,
I'm curious tonight whether Lage gives jiminez a rest and either plays Hwang or silva in Jimenez 's place.
I tend to lean towards Hwang.
But jiminez may start with the thinking of him getting off the mark for the season.
I think a change in defence and midfield will happen tonight, would like to see dendonker and boly in as a must.
Think we will play the same way but with a change of personal.


22 Sep 2021 11:04:39
Good qs Phil
Hwang for me but agree that maybe Jimenez gets a limited 25 -30 min run as well. We desperately need him back and he needs minutes but doesn't need to be crushed by a failure caused by coming back too soon and too hard. Its a v tough call!
Dendonker def plays in mid as Neves and obviously Moutinho need protecting - who else play there is a q I can't answer -- Maybe Jeff knows?
Rest Traore and give Podence and Trincao minutes - Trincao is half of a superb player, quick, balanced, surprisingly strong and v skillful but you fear Prem teams all know which half and will mark accordingly which will limit his effectiveness.
At the back - yes to Boly for Saiss and let's give RAN a go instead of Marcal.
Q for you - What do you do with Coady?
He is ( I think? ) the only one who can play the sweeper role but is currently struggling/ being exposed against any player who has pace and power.
Nuno somehow hid that weakness in his game better than Lage has managed so far?
Maybe Boly is the answer to the q although I am worried that he is not the player he was 2 years ago either as he has started to look injury prone and will be gone to the AFN with Saiss this winter anyway?
Lets hope Spurs put out a reserve side and we can get a confidence boosting win and a few goals!

22 Sep 2021 12:05:36
Wouldn't be surprised to see boly and perhaps mousquiro start and dendonker bolstering midfield, marcel rested along with seiss. Up front will be the puzzle, raul pods hwang fabio traore tricao? Will bruno go wholesale changes with hoever RAN making the line up? I personally think he will. Then again if he wants a cup run who knows? Tonight's game will be an interesting one no matter what.

22 Sep 2021 12:18:20
Good question about coady.
Maybe boly and kilman tonight in a back 4.
Or coady changes position into a defensive midfielder.
Another option misqueria (sorry spelling) as he has the most pace amongst our centre back defenders.

Big boly in hindsight would of faired better against big skillful strikers like Tony for Brentford.
Could try another option in place of trincao.



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