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19 Sep 2021 12:55:49
New Head Coach, same old excuses, they’re all International players who are under performing and have been for some time, they’re all good players in their own right but they’re a million miles away from being a good team, it’s plainly obvious already a wrong appointment has been made, a big name manager with Premier League experience is desperately needed or these players are going to carry on playing with no recognisable formation or tactics and the season will become a scrap for survival… if it’s not already.

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19 Sep 2021 14:53:06
I am very disappointed at yesterday's showing but I'm not giving up hope on one game.
We played brilliant agaisnt man utd last game so looking/ hoping for a big reaction from the players.
Yesterday mistakes all over the pitch and the damage could easily of been a lot more than 0-2 defeat.
2 chances of note for us jiminez header and Traore deflected thunderbolt shot which hit the crossbar.
From the large amount of chances we have created prior to yesterday's game it was very disappointing that we created so few yesterday.

As I said yesterday I hope it was a one off.
The alarm bells aren't ringing for me yet but see clearly a performance like yesterday needs to be the last one.
Lage as manager takes the responsibility ultimately but the players need to take a good hard look at themselves and sort it out for the next match.
It may be a good thing to play again in midweek to get it out the players system.
A tough match agaisnt spurs but whatever the result the players have the opportunity to put in a good and expected performance.

19 Sep 2021 15:08:14
Sorry Watford was our last game.

19 Sep 2021 15:41:28
As much as a anticlimatic shambles it was yesterday I'm not going to judge bruno or the team on one result against a team who didn't want to play football if they could avoid it. We gifted them the goals with silly and fortuitous (I still think there's a handball from kilmans (lack of) tackle) and lost our heads to their baiting and wasting. We've seen the potential, man u and spurs we could've embarrassed ditto Leicester. Our problem is again scoring. Adamas crosses are predictable high and long, no one wants a run directly into the box. Jiminez isn't firing on all 6 and we havnt a alternative (Moore may have been worth the money who knows) . So I'm putting yesterday to bed looking positively again and looking forward to this week's games. Phil, COYW COYW COYW.

19 Sep 2021 16:04:21
Oxley why don't you apply for the job?

19 Sep 2021 16:09:18
Sorry I didn't reply yesterday.

I agree with you on everything.


20 Sep 2021 10:58:51
Amazed people can’t see how bad we are, a team who didn’t want to play football sat back and watched us create nothing for twenty minutes then pressed us further up the pitch gained control of the game and walked away with three points. Three or five at the back (hard to tell) couldn’t handle one forward, a centre back dragged out of position for one goal and a wing back marking the same player at corners. No problems? Why people want to change all the defence for the trip to Southampton then? Still playing with Nuno’s squad, the squad that has won just eight games of the last twenty - two home games, the squad that’s lost four out of five this season and hasn’t scored a goal at home in three games, the warning signs are there and really shouldn’t be ignored for much longer.

20 Sep 2021 11:44:56
You're correct Ron, not saying it can't be turned round but the odds on an extremely difficult or disastrous season seem to have shortened.

20 Sep 2021 15:21:47
Oxley - A good and thought provoking post.
Nuno told the club and us that the squad needed a modest refresh after Seville, when we were widley regarded as the next club on the rank to being a top 4 side! Since then our net spend is approximately 0 and that includes £70m of dreadful transfer dealings the summer before last.
[Newcastle fans are going crazy about their owners lack of investment but - depending on which site you read - they have spent well over £100m more than us since then! )
So yes we are still playing with Nuno's 2019/ 20 squad - less Jota and Doherty ( although given his fall off a cliff maybe the Semedo swap that we are told was Nuno's idea is the only good piece of business done since then! ) .
It is therefore now 2 seasons past its sell by date and has also been ravaged by injuries.
Lage has actually done well (albeit without the results) with what he was given - and remember he also told us and the club that the squad needed refreshing but got the same answer from Jeff.
Yes Jeff, as despite what some people think in the modern game managers don't run transfers, but a transfer committee does and its a matter of public record that for Wolves that is Sellars, Marshall and its boss Jeff!
Phil wrote a good post the other day about our options in various positions and how it looks so much better now and I agree that in some areas we have some depth but as I have commented on numerous occassions Nuno's squad and whole game plan was based around Jimenez. (Note Lage has no choice but to continue Nuno's plan as the squad can only play that way until its refreshed and Jeff won't do that! )
So we all, except Jeff, know that we need an adult back up for Jimenez (it was the subject of my very first post on here 18 months ago) and yet here we are with Jimenez clearly not ready being forced back into the firing line and misfiring.
If Jimenez gets back to form and fitness we will be fine if he doesn't .
Fosun it is claimed are an investment company and so will make sound decsions based on money - ie won't throw money at something without a return.
But if you buy a house do it up magnificently (increasing its value hugely) and for 3 years enjoy the pleasures of living there do you then decide not to mend the roof when it starts leaking and let it go to ruin?
Fosun bought Wolves for circa £50m but 3 years later by 2019/ 20 it was worth what £400m+. With circa £100m of debt Fosun would have cleared £300m or a 6 fold return on their money if they had sold then.
Today maybe its worth £250m, so after paying off debt Fosun would clear £150m a 3x return
But if we go down we are a championship club with £100m of debt and then Fosun doesn't get its money back and the parachute payments (and assets sales) will have to be used to keep the club afloat.
If Jeff doesn't learn his lessons this Jan- which amazingly he didn't this summer despite it being screamingly obvious what he had to do - that will be his legacy!

20 Sep 2021 11:48:27
One of the things that needs to change is to get Traore to realise that not all of his efforts need to be to get to the bye line in order to cross the ball. It’s exhilarating to see his pace and he must like going past defenders but let’s have some diagonal crosses into the box to put immediate pressure on. We do the same on both wings and it is very predictable. And when the crosses come in let’s have some bodies in the box and stop relying on Raul all the time, perhaps time for Dendonker to return, he often makes his presence felt in the opposition penalty area.



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