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06 Sep 2021 07:36:26
Thefutureisoldgold I just read your reply on banter 2,
There no words I can say other than that you have good genuine real fans/ friends including me who give you the thought of well being.

As at work will chat more later when I have more time.


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06 Sep 2021 18:35:45
future. Sorry to read your earlier post mainly to Phil. I hadn't read I before I posted my comments on my post that has now appeared, so I read it to see what others were commenting on!
We hit a point when we get older where parents sadly decline at an alarming rate and its difficult to cope with particularly when others for whatever reason don't help. You have my sympathy its very hard. And as for our children that I think is the hardest thing to take. Everyone initially thinks when that have a child it will get easier as they grow up. It doesn't does it, not in my experience anyway. Mine are now in their 30's and as much trouble as they ever were, just different ways. I hope very much that things settle down and health improves and life becomes a little less fraught. Though with the work you are getting I doubt it!
Stay well, stay safe and the best to your family.
I'm test flying my mobility scooter tomorrow after charging the batteries overnight. Can't wait!

06 Sep 2021 20:14:28
Ken - I have to be careful what I post as bizarrely I find myself becoming over emotional and quite "clingy". I am helping a friend dig a pond in his garden on Tuesday and am really looking forward to it. I have also been reaching out and seeing various old friends quite a bit over the last few weeks - fortunately they tend to be middle aged or older men and so wife has nothing to worry about - as I feel the need for support/ distraction through the problems I'm currently experiencing .
Guess that's why I have been so reactionary on here!
However you and Phil in particular (although several others have also been really great ) have become important pen pals and I will def keep checking in here for the banter and chat even if I don't get involved as much as I did with the footie.
V best of luck with your machine - don't get a speeding ticket!
Also V impressed with your computing background I a completely useless! Although I worked for IBM one summer back in the early 80s.
Not surprisingly it was not in computing!
I was an assitant (v junior) to the IBM chap who was responsible for the fitting out of the new IBM office block they had built on the south bank in London - I was doing my post grad at Kings London at the time.
I had a clip board and wore a tie and the workers on the building site, (people like electricians, plumbers etc etc who actually knew what they were doing! ), might have thought I was important - I wasn't!

07 Sep 2021 06:23:25
Good luck on your scooter Ken,
Thefutureisoldgold I agree that this transfer window was a disappointment and you want results not excuses I'm confident the results will start coming from how well we have played so far.
Think with the transfer windows we have had a step back or two on our road to success but to me the vision is there but fans wanted to kick on from the 2 7th place finishes, this how I see it has caused frustration.
If you saw I was fortunate to go to the man u game I never saw 1 fan not behind the team and the crowd was rocking and the crowd are the most relevant on matchday.
However like any club the results don't come the crowd will turn, it hasn't happened yet to my knowledge so to me fosun shi the transfer window (s) haven't affected the team crowd yet so all is OK.

By the way I left my phone at work last night doh.

07 Sep 2021 08:32:01
Folks, it is great to read on here honest support for others who are having a bad time. It shows there is more to a club like Wolves than results. Worth it's weight in 'old' gold.



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