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05 Sep 2021 14:20:20
Phil - apologies didn't see your note untill last night and so response is on Banter 2.
Bully - many many tks.
Guess my generation is just the squezed middle.
First generation without final salary pensions (abolition of ACT, increased life expectancy and historically low gilt rates) .
First generation to have to pay for our children's education (collapse of state school 11-18 provision, imposition of fees and loss of grants for university education)
and first generation to have to pay for our parent's care, (unsurprising failure of social care to cope with growth of elderly population, the diaspora of families and the aforementioned increased life expectancy)
But we didn't go through the war or rationing and we could buy a house and get a well paid job when we left education so perhaps we all have our problems!
Footie is and will always for me be a big part of the "distraction" from problems and these last few years have indeed been golden. Happily Lage has impressed to date with his sensible tactics, ( we simply have to play 3 at the back with our current squad) and seemingly his man management, (Neves and Traore both showing admirable commitment to the cause despite all the rumurs to the contrary) so I'm hopeful that we can turn it around although v worried re Jimenez who looks a long way short of his best and yet is so so important, due to the abscence of any sort of suitable alternative, to that turnaround.

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05 Sep 2021 15:20:42
Good to see you thefutureisoldgold mate.

06 Sep 2021 07:00:30
Great to see you reply and always brill reading your posts Thefutureisoldgold.
I understand your post in that football the wolves is a distraction from the rigours of life.

Fingers crossed we beat Watford which imo by the law of averages will we by the amount of clear chances we have created in the previous opening games.

06 Sep 2021 08:01:23
Ps I replied on banter 2 too.
Sorry for being all over the place.

06 Sep 2021 08:02:07
future good to see you back and well I trust? I wrote a very long post on here Friday night on my take of the situation! Sadly it didn't appear for some reason, not abusive or any bad language so don't know what happened. My lad has done a sh9rt skit film with Lad Bible about KFC, amusing if you have a moment!
Have bought a Mobility Scooter to escape the house, gold and black obviously! Took some finding!

Bruno has the team playing very good football and I'm sure results will come, Raul I'm sure will get sharpness back soon.
Recruitment has been poor yet again and whilst Fosun have been very good for Wolves as with most owners they aren't perfect. Despite what the cheerleaders may say!

06 Sep 2021 18:22:04
Phil, Ken and Rated good to hear from you all and tks.
Been in London today to see the people who I mentioned previously. 7.15AM starts, (means a 5.30 start from here), 5 days a week 12 month contract - it better pay well!
Ken being a luddite I failed to find your son's film - but saw quite a few humerous kfc films along the way - is there a link?
Gold and Black mobility scooter - fantastic - although v sorry if you need to have one as that doesn't sound great!
Have only commented in passing on the footie on this site as don't want to upset people.
However do you read the "Forum" - the vast majority of posters/ comments on there are far less subtle about Silva and Shi and the value of their contributions over the past year or so!
Agree re Lage and agree that the first 11 looks absolutely fine - IF Jimenez returns to form.
However whilst I thought last summers transfer window was bad - and it seems that even the most diehard Shi lovers now accept that it was, although not all think it was his fault, this one was worse! The need was more obvious, (last summer many people, [not me], didn't accept that there was a need but as stated above virtually everyone, bar it seeems Shi, now does! ) and pressing.
Yet still we failed to address fundamental needs.
I know people will say they tried and come up with all sorts of perfectly reasonable sounding reasons/ excuses why this transfer or that one failed to go though but its simple - TRY HARDER!
I'm not interested in excuses but results and quite simply you failed again.

06 Sep 2021 19:33:33
future. Sadly I'm no better with computers despite running computer companies for over 30 years! Sad to admit I know! I'll try and find a link. Rather you than me with the early starts! My day starts with my wife bringing me a coffee in bed around 9 am! I pay in other ways trust me! One of the joys of retirement I guess, many downsides though. Take care.

07 Sep 2021 11:35:02
The FIGold I've only just read your post thanks to Phils reference. I really feel for you, I had a similar situation and unfortunately for me it led to a stay in hospital and outpatient counsellings. I thought I was so strong and it proved I couldn't handle it all. This was ages ago now but in hindsight I should of off loaded some of it and not been so proud. Instead I took it out on alcohol. So please mate be even stronger and don't burn yourself out and get help with the duties if your able. Easy to say hard to do, but I can imagine the stress and worries. Wolves were my only source of enjoyment in the last year and this forum a way of contact, I hope you can seek some relief in posting on here, and never feel embarrassed, we'll all have different views and we'll all upset others at some point but we can be a support for each other too. Phil post always brighten my day and he's had his troubles your posts are always a good read. So like the pack we'll pull through together and I'm confident Lage and the boys can do very well this year. They excelled in the first 3 and I never expected that. The real test for me is Watford. Best wishes tfig.



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