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03 Sep 2021 07:15:53
So Botman wanted to join us but Lille prevented the move. Kamara's team agreed a move but his agent stopped all lines of communication and Sanches was having a medical when it was discovered that he would be out injured until January. How is this Fosuns fault?

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03 Sep 2021 08:06:26
Bolla likes to get a tackle in. glad it was Grealush.

Jas. quite right on that we just were not wanting to pay that much for Botman.

03 Sep 2021 08:07:57
I was reading Hwang hee chan is really big in South Korea and fosun wanting to grow our brand in the Asian Market.
An excellent signing imo with huge potential for us as a club.

Regarding Jimenez may miss the Watford game we have Hwang who could potentially make his wolves debut.

With the c. v. effecting the world the wolves is a pleasurable joy for me in a world of uncertainty.
I'm happy I'm a wolves fan things could and always could be better for wolves but that's the same for any club.

Back to Hwang hee chan his nickname in South Korea is 'The Bull' ironic in reference to our legend oooh bully bully lol 😆👍.

03 Sep 2021 10:18:11
NigelT I’m confused, you say Jas is right but then say we didn’t want to pay that much for botman, Jas didn’t say anything about price he said Lille prevented the move. Did the prevent it by putting the price up?

03 Sep 2021 10:38:59
Fosun usually keep it all under wraps and we don’t know which players are coming in until they sign. This transfer window we were told we were close to signing players who didn’t arrive. Why wasn’t it all kept quiet this time?

03 Sep 2021 12:33:57
Last few days have raised a number of interesting issues for our hierarchy to address:
Whilst Neves and Traore sales would have shown a healthy profit, experience ha s s hown that it is not easy to persuade our targets to join our club. ‘A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush’ Both the above players are contracted to Wolves and are major assets we cannot in the short or medium term, afford to lose.
With regard to Traore, those in charge need to decide just how crucial he is to our new playing style. From my personal perspective, he is pivotal, especially given our present lack of alternatives. Need to negotiate a new long term contract.
However there are always two sides to negotiations and Traore needs to want to stay. Watching last night’s Sweden v Spain match, Traore’s performance reminded me of his displays under Nuno last year: marginalised on the wide right, with the midfield struggling, and at times looked like conscientiously deciding against, involving him. This year under Bruno, we have been able to get him more involved in play and he has flourished. Surely he and his agent, can see the benefits in this greater involvement. More time working with Bruno will, I believe, result in a much improved Adama Traore. Get a new contract sorted!

03 Sep 2021 17:57:47
It seemed to meet that Adams's teammates were reluctant to pass to him. Most of Spain's play was down the left and when he switched wings they went down the right. Strange.

03 Sep 2021 18:28:49
Jas- I'm confused buddy cause if Botman actually wanted to come to us why wait till hours/ days before the deadline to try and sign him? Doesn't sound like it was much of a priority, which is odd cause as a signing it would have been huge for us? I had assumed it was because Botman was waiting on other options but if that's not the case why did we leave it so late when they had literally months to get it done?! With everyday we got closer to the deadline we read how Traores asking price went up, why exactly would Lille be any different? And if they were that different why were Fosun so unaware of their valuation before the event?
As for Kamara I don't believe he ever intended on joining to be honest, I suspect his agent was just testing the water. He's able to go on a free at the end of the season and as one of the most up and coming cbs in France right now he has already been tied to PSG on a free with a view to replacing Ramos long term. If I know this then I reckon Fosun should have as well?! We didn't get a player over the line cause we thought by doing it last minute we'd save money which is obvs great BUT only if it works! Whereas it turns out the closer the window gets to ending the higher the fee tends to rise as teams don't want to have to find replacements last minute. I don't blame Fosun for being priced out of players but not sure why they were so shocked by prices inflating as we ticked down to the deadline, we were doing it so why wouldn't other clubs exactly?! And again I ask the question why we are suddenly struggling to get players over the line? Whens the last or even first time we did big business on deadline day? Answer we never have, doesn't it seem odd that we've changed a previously successful approach of prioritising our biggest targets early in the window?!
Unless of course Fosun have been going to the school of Levy, tie yourself to a few top talents on deadline day then you can tell people/ the manager 'look we tried'? Even the media are saying that our approach on the day was starting to look a little desperate, why? We had months to get our house in order? I get leaving late if you have a plan, I'm just not convinced they did to be honest fella. Don't get me wrong I hope I'm wrong but I said that in Jan as well and still we seem to be missing out on signings?!

03 Sep 2021 20:05:32
Is this the same player who has a year left on contract that's why we didn't meet there valuation of the player that's what I read and we are free to speak to him in January or have I mixed up players? Jas m your the go to man on these questions I'm not going to wiki for that lol and JAS M it's awesome to see you posting again block the negative things mate if fans can't see the positives from our 3 games is beyond me but they all intilted to a opinion does not matter if I think its nonsense that's up to them what they want to do the rest of season me on other hand I believe we will be top half come end of season.

04 Sep 2021 08:56:41
BullysBoy, I don't think Lille had any intention of allowing Botman to leave. Wolves have said in the past that any deal they do with other clubs should remain between the 2 clubs as they won't ever be forced into an auction and pay over the odds. It looks like on this occasion, Lille chanced their arm and tried to arrange a bidding was between Wolves, Lazio and Napoli. Lille set their minimum price which all 3 clubs thought was over the odds and so only offered what they each thought was a realistic price - about £18m. Lille wanted closer to £35m and so refused to allow any club to negotiate with the player. The player himself thinks he should be allowed to leave and feels he was priced out of the market.

04 Sep 2021 13:26:53
Cheers for the response Jas, looks like you were right but we were in fact much closer to there valuation than you say. Great article from Jonny Phillips today saying we actually offered near £30m for Botman but didn't want to go the extra £5m. In fairness to Fosun I have no problem with that, a negotiation is a negotiation and it sounds like Lille just didn't want to budge (and why should they after what they've done recently) . It's a real shame though that we couldn't say go back with £5m of add ons, again not pointing a finger just think it would have been a massive one to get over the line!
Like I say read the article, interesting that Jeff has now changed our 10 year plan to a 20 year plan. Fosun have essentially done what every new owner has, shouted about targets early doors then arrived in the Prem and seen the reality of the actual numbers! Let's just hope that 20 year plan doesn't become a 40 year plan in another five years eh! 👍.



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