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01 Sep 2021 12:17:01
Over the last few weeks we have played Leicester, Spurs and Man Utd.

Over this last weekend, I have been at a family wedding and spoken to a Leicester, Spurs and Man Utd season ticket holders. All 3 have admitted that Wolves outplayed them. Leicester were lucky that Adama missed an open goal whereas the Spurs and Man Utd fans admitted that Wolves were robbed by poor referee decisions and on another day would have won.

The goals will come. The wins will come. Boly, Mosquera and Hwang will only make a good team better.

It's frustrating that we didn't get a midfielder in but to suggest we only have 3 is simply ludicrous as Dendoncker and Saiss are both capable of playing there as well as Neves, Moutinho and Jordao.

Let's all keep the faith and get behind the team.

{Ed014's Note - nice post Jas, spot on mate, you’ve played some great stuff and didn’t deserve to lose any of those games.

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01 Sep 2021 12:31:12
Agree with Ed014 Jas nice post.

As you know I was fortunate to go to the man u game and boy did I love it and all the crowd around me were the same, like you say Jas frustrating we didn't get a midfielder but when the goals start coming along with the results this transfer window will be at the back of people's minds.
Each to their own everyone chooses the way they want to see and enjoy wolves.
Fans of different wavelengths are still wolves fans are all equal if a debate of differences of opinion are amicable.
I loving the way Lage has got our team playing in future we can only get better and better.

01 Sep 2021 12:56:02
Great Post jas, I'm over my iffy fit now and reading your post reassures me. So much was promising yesterday and it fizzled out in such a way. But we've already seen what bruno can do with what we've got let's hope it continues at Watford Brentford etc. COYW.

01 Sep 2021 13:25:08
I echo your words "get behind the team". Watford or Brentford are in for a thrashing.

01 Sep 2021 15:42:16
Jas mate you hit the nail on the head, fantastic post.

01 Sep 2021 16:56:14
As always Jas you are a sound voice of reason on these pages and today of all days its definetly reassuring to read your take.
I always said I'd judge the window at the end of it and as such I have to be honest and say I'm very dissapointed. Only because we've needed a quality/ experienced CB since the day we arrived in this league and all these windows on we still can't get one, why?! I agree with your premise Jas, of course the team will be fine and I'm honestly not worried about relegation with Bruno at the helm. However, I also have to be honest and ask myself am I excited for the season and I'm afraid the answer (for me) is no! Are West Ham or Villa fans excited, I suspect so?! Don't get me wrong we will play some exciting football along the way (we already have:) but will we achieve much beyond the mid table, I very much doubt it.
I understand the realities of the market and am grown up enough to know that sometimes the deals just don't come off. Although I do question the planing, no CM in yet Otasowie sold for buttons and MGW sent out on loan?!
I do also think Fosun need to be careful. They've shamelessly rocketed season ticket prices up to the fifth highest in the league (on average) whilst we have dropped to the fourth lowest net spenders in the league?! This approach needs to be of a moment/ a short term approach because if you take this fan base for granted they will turn on you pretty quick, Morgan learnt that the hard way!
I'll always back the lads and would never be silly enough to be anything but grateful to Fosun but do I still believe they see us as Euro hopefuls, I'm afraid whilst teams like Brighton outspend us then they just can't if we are being honest? I also think they need to learn some better PR skills, to have Bruno out after United before the window closes saying he's hoping/ expecting 3/ 4 more and not get a single one makes everyone look silly especially him! It's also a sure fire why to wind up the fan base. Bruno should have been told to talk down expectation, that way there wouldn't be half as much frustration as there is now.
I've always backed Fosun and I will continue to, but I VERY much hope to see that approach is mutual again some time soon?! In Bruno we trust 👍🐺.

01 Sep 2021 18:12:58
FYI Brighton made a profit this transfer window, if we had sold someone for 50mil I’m sure it would have been spent. While Everton who have similar ambitions to us spent £1.8mil. Over the last 5 seasons we are 10th highest net spend, yes 1 place behind Brighton by 7mil but that’s hardly a lot, also we are 1 place above Fulham and where are they? And Bruno did get 1 player out of the 3-4 at least.
Also for the record I am a wolves fan and am excited about the season ahead.

01 Sep 2021 18:29:29
Brilliant post Bullysboy. I echo all that you say.

01 Sep 2021 18:47:19
Brill reading bullysboy and Goatmark.
A funny old game Arsenal spend 50 million on Ben White yet their defence is still woeful.

Think by the way we have played so far under Lage with boly podence back the young South American cb on the way back things look promising to me.
I know he is injured for a time but we have Pedro Neto a big asset for us.
Looking forward as a few have mentioned to the new south Korean signing.


01 Sep 2021 18:56:35
Goat- couple of things, firstly that assumes Brighton got £50m outright which they did not it's a structured deal. Secondly as you've said yourself Brighton are still higher than us over five seasons, do you reckon they expect Euro footy at the Amex any time soon then cause that was my point?!
Be honest Goat do you think many neutral fans would look at our squad (especially the bench) or stadium and expect us to have the fifth highest ticket prices in the Prem? Particularly looking at the area and stadium we play in, three out of the top five on that ticket price list are based in London and are playing in spanking new stadiums. Whereas we are based in the Midlands and are currently trying to patch up a temp stand cause its not fit for purpose?! Fosun can't have it both ways for long, if you charge top six prices sooner or later fans will expect a top six team/ stadium it's that simple I'm afraid.
Lastly I didn't say anything about how all Wolves fans felt about this season I said how I did (in fact I even put 'for me' to make that as clear as possible) . I get that everyone sees it differently, but I spent all the window telling others to judge/ debate the window at the end of it so that's what I've done.
Like I said, I realise everything takes time and like I said before if this is just part of the process then fine BUT if its not then fans want be taken for a ride for long! Time will tell 👍.

01 Sep 2021 21:28:04
I'm behind the team, and will support them all, whoever turns out for us.
But another very disappointing transfer window, it's getting a habit, we get all hyped up and then smashed down with doom, what on earth Bruno thinks of the owners, I don't know,

01 Sep 2021 22:20:23
Season Ticket prices are hiked because of demand, simple. If we don't sell out they will drop. There's plenty folk at the moment happy to pay the prices.
The Fosun way is being criticised, but hey ho. Not sure how much we paid for Neto, but we have him for half a season. If he kicks on, how much will he be worth in a none C.V. affected market? We will sell him and buy another three Neto type players. The team will grow and eventually be a player for theChampions League.
Personally I'm loving it.

01 Sep 2021 22:47:48
Alright Bullysboy mate I realise you didn’t say all wolves fans I was just airing my excitement for the season ahead as I believe we will do well. Also I found your post a bit misleading so I was showing an altering opinion. Saying we are one of the lowest net spenders for 1 transfer window means nothing, Liverpool are lower than us over 5 years and I’m sure they expect European football so your comments about Brighton outspending us are irrelevant. This idea that it’s all about how much you spend isn’t true, it’s how you spend it and make it and IMO fosun are spending wisely. I get what your saying about season tickets also but from a business viewpoint if we have the demand (10k waiting list) then why not put up prices, I’m sure if we had a stadium as big as Spurs our prices would be less in order to fill the ground (also I’m hoping it stops people buying a season ticket to just go to the “big” matches, and leaving empty seats at other games) . I’m not sure how ffp works but I’m guessing the more income you have the more you can spend. Don’t get me wrong I’d prefer cheaper tickets and more money spent but as you said it takes time to build especially with ffp.

01 Sep 2021 22:49:48
Also your comment about the stadium isn’t fair on fosun, it’s the temporary stand which is the responsibility of another company. You make it sound like it’s fosuns fault it’s not fit for purpose. And they have been fairly clear about developing the ground in the future, C.V. and brexit might have changed that but we can only hope not. I’d like to think they are not taking us fans for a ride. well a bad ride at least, I’m all up for another cup run ;)

02 Sep 2021 01:22:25
Good response Goat, a lot of fair points raised 👍 Ironically I actually completely agree that it's not about how much but how well you spend transfer budgets. I think that's part of my concern, that we aren't always finding the best value these days. One of the players we were tied with this window was Tosin Adarabioyo from Fulham (suggested £15-30 price tag when add ons considered) .

He's 23, quick and solid with bags of potiential. Now when Fulham spaffed lots of money (and your right they did:) they bought him for £1.5m from Man City. That same season we spent near £1m on Toti Gomes who's only a year younger and currently on loan at grasshopper and with the signing of Mosquera (who's younger and already training with the first team) I suspect Gomes will be sold for half the price back to a Portuguese team at some point in the future.

I'm not saying every player has to be a hidden gem but I just worry that we have let a lot of back room staff go and it's starting to show. We were tied (and supposedly at least enquired) on at least three cbs this window yet all three of them seemed to have no desire to come to us! Now that's sort of thing that a Director of Football often has a knack for sounding out before a deals looked at. We had one of those in Kevin Thelwell but he went to the MLS and is yet to be replaced.

On which note someone mentioned Netos injury, which happened when he was played half fit. Now that's the sort of thing a world class Head of Sport Science picks up, we had one of those as well Phil Hayward (our injury record before he left the club speaks volumes) but he also left for the MLS!

Then you mention the stand and I'm sorry it absolutely IS on the club, I don't care who owns it. Its on there ground, if I have a rental car and I don't fill it with fuel who's problem is it mine or the rental companies?! And that's the sort of thing a Head of Commercial affairs would pick up on, we had one of those as well Laurie Dalrymple who's currently doing it for Harlequins!

Why did they ALL leave within about 18 months of eachother, two without being replaced?! These were guys at the top of their game and playing a HUGE role in the clubs forward motion! Do we honestly believe that between the MLS and rugby these teams can double the money on Prem club wages best offer?

I'm not saying panic but I am saying I don't like the trend. Everything seems to be grinding to a halt over the last few years behind the scenes and that worries me. Then when you get a second manager stood in front of the media smiling and saying 'we need to get some business done' and again he's left looking silly well something starts to need looking at. When I say that I don't mean in a 'Fosun conspiracy' kind of way I actually think part of the problem is who is picking up the work from those three roles exactly?!

As for the 10k waiting list let's wait and see shall we, like most of you I've been going to the Mol a long time now and when we were bouncing downwards the terraces got pretty roomy quite quickly! We are a fickle fan set generally. Long may the Mol be packed out but demand or not those price increases have to come with at least a slight element of increased expectation me thinks.
Thumping Watford would certainly help us all move on, fingers crossed eh 🤞🐺.



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