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30 Aug 2021 08:22:16
Still a bit raw over yesterday's result. We all know Mike Dean is not a very good referee (and I'm being polite here) . We were all over Utd from the off. The difference between Utd and us was Utd took their chances. Two clear cut opportunities and two goals (one was clearly offside) . With that said De Gea made a great double-save to deny Saiis. But are forwards are simply not scoring.

I was extremely impressed by Wolves performance yesterday and they made Utd look like a bang average side. When the match was over OGS didn't look happy even when clapping the away fans. He knew they got away with one.

The next three fixtures are Watford, Brentford and Southampton - we really ought to be taking nine points from these teams. Just need the elusive goal to come.

Rant over,

Debs xx.

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30 Aug 2021 08:56:04
I agree Debbie, Good performance, But can someone tell me WHAT IS the point of bringing on Fabio with 6 minutes to go should have replaced Jimenez at 60 mins.
Jimenez seems to be struggling at present for what ever reason 60 mins is enough for him at present give Fabio more pitch time.
I can understand doing last min subs if your winning.
I like Brun's style we must put these chances away or struggle.

30 Aug 2021 09:33:40
Like many on here I was impressed with our open play, I like what Bruno is putting together. Raul needs more time, so as has been said reduce his play time and give Fabio more. We should have put one chance away, I don't know the answer to missing chances, but we need to be more clinical. A bit obvious I know. But it must come soon with the chances being created.

30 Aug 2021 10:32:29
Leicester, spurs, man u. What were the predicted scores for this start before we kicked a ball? I think we have excelled ourselves and truly we should have won each game. Yesterday in particular was hard to take especially in the way they scored, but we xan look forward to a cracking season. Bruno has got us playing again, the passions here again and the results will come. We made man u look average Yesterday and like it or not we know they're not. The transfer window still worries me but if traore neves stay and we can secure what we need then we'll be a team nobody and I mean nobody will relish taking on. The goals will come, its a bit of a confidence thing and were swiping in desperation sometimes at mo, so come on let's lift our moods and I'll repeat myself who'd have predicted the scores and performances so far? COYW.

30 Aug 2021 11:00:01
As I asked before the season started “Who’s going to supply the assists for Raul to score the goals”, for all our dominance he was still having to drop back into his own half and none of the clear cut chances are falling for him, as for missing chances, there’s only one finisher in the team and the opposition know that as well as we do, with two wing backs pushing into midfield, two wingers picking the ball up in midfield plus two midfield midfielders we should dominate most games, desperately need to have someone alongside Raul who can finish, all other Clubs in the Prem have two strikers or one out and out striker with a gialscorig number ten (as they like to call “em) we must be the only team in World football that thinks you don’t need anyone in the most important position on the field, perhaps we’re leaving that space on the pitch vacant as something to remember the lad who used to play there by, when are we going to replace Diogo Jota?

30 Aug 2021 11:05:32
Well I thought we would win one and draw one so I was wrong, but hard to do when pretty much all the wolves fans were expecting us to lose. Watched the game with my dad and first thing he said was we weren’t going to win, personally I think it’s harder to win when all your fans expects a loss. Also like a lot of older wolves fans he was criticising everything we did. Perhaps I’m wrong again but a bit of belief and support can improve a team no end and help get a win, Man Utd fans always believe they will win which is probably why they did. Plus it’s not fun watching a game when people around you expect the worst.

30 Aug 2021 11:08:21
What I can’t understand is why VAR didn’t review and intervene when the goal was scored?
As an ex official I understand fully that we all made mistakes at times just like players believe it or not referees are also human 😁
VAR is there to review and sort out obvious errors but it still appears the VAR officials are protecting their colleagues rather than looking at it in respect to the game overall?
Wolves were the better side but as others have posted finishing needs to improve. With regards to Raul he seems to be playing out wide more than as a centre forward . After his horrific injury it will no doubt take time for his confidence to return fully but hopefully this will be sooner rather than later. Exciting attacking play by Wolves so hope it all comes together and results give us what is deserved.

30 Aug 2021 11:24:06
I saw pretty much the same Oxley but Jimenez did have an amazing opportunity when Traore raced through half the length of the pitch.
I think it will come the goals the new manager hasn't been with the players long less than 2 months so I believe in time we will come good.

30 Aug 2021 11:39:16
Exref I still believe there is a bias and incentive (I don't mean back handers but commercial) to keep the big teams er 'big' for tv etc. They've got the wider fan base hence wider pockets. Had neves attacked pogba like that and trincao gone on to score I bet VAR would have ruled utds way. I know Southampton etc but that seems to generally be the way. Also this 'tactical' time wasting and braking up, and breaking up of play when the opposition are on the ascendancy seems obvious to all but the officials. Ferdinand sitting holding his foot in our box does not necessitate our stopping play at the other end. Pogbas cramp. Same with subs with seconds to go. Hard to prove hard to stop I guess but easy to get away with.

30 Aug 2021 11:41:24
The goals will come. Despite the result there were improvements in that we tested the keeper more yesterday than against Leicester and Spurs. Against 'weaker' defences we'll definitely come away with positive results.

There are a couple of things I'd like to see more of. One is more players getting into the box. For example when Marcal has the ball to cross, Trincao, Semedo, Traore and either Neves or Moutinho need to get in the box and occupy a defender. At the moment it's Raul verses at least 3 other bodies and the keeper. I'd challenge any forward to score with those odds. Doherty used to do this and got a few goals himself as a result. Semedo isn't as good in the air, but if a defender is on him it's one less on Raul.

The other is for the front 3 to vary things a bit more. Raul gave away the ball a lot yesterday because he had no one near him and was isolated for a lot of the play. Trincao and Traore need to come in the middle sometimes, play a bit narrower and give Raul an option when he holds up the ball. This was something Jota used to do and will help us when trying to break teams down.

It's all things I'm sure will be worked on in training whilst the manager gets his ideas across. All in all though I'm enjoying watching the football again and have full faith the results will come.

30 Aug 2021 14:19:24
I don’t believe there is a conspiracy to favour the bigger teams. What has changed, however, is that the professional referees and the elite squad particularly referee the Premier week in week out and become more friendlier with players. How many times do you see players and officials calling each other by first names?
Now I appreciate that man management of players is important and that times have changed as far as self discipline is concerned within our society and in football but there is an old saying “familiarity breeds contempt “
In my time at football league level and before the Premier League even the top officials such as Keith Hackett, George Courtey, Clive Thomas etc would be officiating in Division One one week then Division 4 or even the Alliance League another. As a Linesman I was teamed with Kieth Hackett we could do Liverpool or Man Utd one week then be at Stafford Rangers or Wrexham or Torquay the next. It kept your feet grounded and made sure officials never became bigger than the game. Some of today’s elite referees become celebrities in their own minds etc
What I do believe is that VAR is sometimes protecting officials rather than working for the game overall.
I honestly dot believe officials are biased but when errors occur the safeguards are not being used correctly.
This game is all about opinions.

30 Aug 2021 15:38:26
All respect to Exref. There are inconsistencies tho and maybe it's my bias for the underdog but the bigger the team the more likely it seems to go their way.

30 Aug 2021 16:16:40
Too much incostinancy imo something isn't adding up, why aren't these officials investigated?



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