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29 Aug 2021 18:53:30
Walking back from the match,
Terrific game we play like that all seaso we will be top half.

The guy posting fosun out please stay off this site with your stupid Post you are a complete fool.
We played so well just that elusive goal
Agree Jimenez looked out of sorts but he will come good. Great atmosphere brilliant fans.
Tge urd players fernandes and pogvba were feigning injury as they were outclassed by the superb neves and mouthino.
Was it a foul on neves?
Should the ref mike Dean looked at var?
It incensed the crowd neves Lage.

It was classic man utd they didn't deserve anything from the game but went away with the win.
Wolves till I die.
I'm gutted but will live.
Up the wolves

{Ed014's Note - spot on mate, you were awesome and they were 2nd rate all over the pitch.

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29 Aug 2021 19:05:50
There will always be dopes on here Phil, bet it was good to be at the game atmosphere sounded good.

29 Aug 2021 19:18:43
Mike Dean should be banned from reffing any matches until a full investigation is done on him, one of the most corrupt refs i've ever seen.

29 Aug 2021 19:24:21
Same old kind of post from you!
We are like Eurovision, no points, no goals and no hope😂.

29 Aug 2021 19:24:26
For me Phil yes it was a foul.

No blame really on Mike Dean to be 100% truthful

Where he's standing he can't see the contact and in his mind it could be Neves 'landed badly twisted his ankle' because Neves delayed going down. Simple.

100% blame on VAR!
Absolutely 100% on VAR.

Teams that get relegated DON'T create chances, we do.
Jiminez needs 2/ 3 more games to get back up to speed I think.

My only input would be could the subs have been made sooner maybe?

29 Aug 2021 19:37:06
Smarter another troll coming out of the woodwork, most of us enjoy Phils posts on here they're a breath of fresh air nice and positive and always polite which is more than can be said for constant negative poisonous posters like yourself Smerter.

29 Aug 2021 19:46:20
Yes Sydney the atmosphere was fantastic just that elusive goal.
I enjoyed the match clearly disappointed we lost.
Thanks italia wolf for clearing up my question.

I was angry frustrated just having been walking through a mob of utd fans when I posted above, I'm back home now and if anyone wants to post like smarter then carry on I bit earlier but no more ha ha must be a good feeling rubbing in the defeat to everyone on here who is disappointed and gutted we lost.

I thought every wolves player was superb like said above jiminez looked out of sorts but he did the running and went in fully committed to headers.

I think bittersweet is a good word to describe how I'm feeling.

Final word for Adama Traore 1st half absolutely out of this world 2nd half thought he jaded slightly.

29 Aug 2021 19:53:37
Thanks, let’s see in a month shall we.

29 Aug 2021 19:55:45
Yes I did put Smerter instead of Smarter as i'm mocking your stupidity Smarter.

29 Aug 2021 20:53:27
Smarter I feel sorry for you. Its Sunday night and you have nothing better to do that spout nonsense on this forum. You've possibly just seen our team run a so called premiership contending club all over the place, finally lose to a dubious goal and you can't even be polite to one of our most honest and genuine posters. Get a look at yourself, you sound eurovision quality, empty pointless and irrelevant.

29 Aug 2021 21:12:20
Jog on back to Baggie land Smarter! Everyone enjoys Phils post which are at least constructive and engaging! Same old from you, not capable of constructing a valid point just one non stop whinge!

Yawn yawn, I can only assume you are stood next to a tree as that's the only way your ever looking smarter even then it's touch go mind! 🤣.

{Ed014's Note - hey Bully, is Smarter a Wolves fan or just a troll?

29 Aug 2021 21:13:34
Hope you had a great day Phil, even if the lads couldn't do it this time. Keep up the posts and the optimism buddy the world would be a MUCH happier place with more like you in it! 👍🐺.

29 Aug 2021 22:16:34
There was a man utd fan coming out the ground who had a life size cardboard figure of Ronaldo.

My seat was dead centre second row from the back perfect view.
The cameras were infront a bit and above I could see all the commentators but didn't recognise who.

Outside the Billy Wright stand the man utd coaches there were loads of foreigners and fans congregating waiting for the players to come out.

There were some nice people sitting next to and around me at the match.

Ha ha no moaners.
One was saying of how well we are playing this is different gravy we are class, this made me laugh.

When walking up and back from town I had a few abusive chants to me from man utd fans one was a young whench shouting utd utd ya f ing crap blah blah blah.

Football is a obviously a sport and you have to take the highs with the lows.
Even though we lost I had a good time and that's all what matters.
The crowd was all happy and behind the team but not happy in the end because we lost.

When walking up town I stopped and chatted to a bloke who was enjoying the fine weather outside his yard with a can and a fag, one thing he said to me was if wolves get at utd and don't sit back we will beat them he wasn't far off being correct.

29 Aug 2021 22:29:16
Thanks bullysboy I had a real good time.
The posters who post to wind up don't bother me it did when I was walking back but I was bitterly disappointed.

I post on here because of you bullysboy and all many others who are enjoying where wolves are as a club.
Yes there is things that we would like better but on here the vast majority talk sense.
There maybe difference of opinion from time to time but mostly it's debated amicably.

Ps no work tomorrow yippee lol

Enjoy the Bank Holiday tomorrow.

Up the mighty wolves.

29 Aug 2021 23:06:34
Pps Doh I watching the film 300 didn't realise the time and missed us on MOTD2.

Ppps nice 1 for your comments Edo14 on how your saw wolves today.

30 Aug 2021 06:28:45
Well that was the third bitter pill with Wolves playing the better. We move on now and our fortune will surely change. Loving Bruno’s attacking style. COYW.

30 Aug 2021 10:52:24
Couldn't write on here yesterday, felt robbed!

Reading the above positive posts (great comments Phil) makes me feel a lot better, I agree with almost all the comments so thanks for posting guys.

A Nuno fan, I was very nervous what Bruno was going to bring, only three games in, and I'm absolutely loving this exciting style of play.

I hadn't expected a lot from the first three fixtures and I was right, but what I was wrong about was that we would actually be the better team in those fixtures.

Mike Dean, I have said for years he has to be corrupt, no ref can be that inept by accident and just when it matters and don't get me started on VAR.

Its going to be a good season filled with exciting entertaining football, its early days and we already look really good, the goals will come I have no doubt.

On current play I am expecting a top half finish, upwards and onwards.


30 Aug 2021 11:19:54
Agree LordThor I'm too confident of us having a top half finish.
If you think that our new manger Bruno Lage has only been at the club less than 2 months how he has got tge team playing has exceeded most fans expectations.
Just think if this continues the world's our oyster if you believe.
There's no reason to say it's foolish to think this way as I got the same vibe within the crowd.
On the other hand I understand where the unbelievers are coming from but to me There's a way and a time to voice these concerns.

29 Aug 2021 22:00:59
Honestly can't tell Ed, definitely a troll either way but as you guys know none of us on here have a lot of time for rudeness, especially when it's aimed at our best supporter (Phil:) 😵.

{Ed014's Note - ok thanks Bully, I’ll get rid. Phil is a top bloke.

29 Aug 2021 23:33:02
Ed014 Smarters is definitely a troll mate, never seen him on this pages until today he reeks of trollism (is that even a word lol? ) .

{Ed014's Note - thanks mate, I’ll bin him off.



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