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26 Aug 2021 13:33:58
It’s either going to be a hectic few days or a tricky situation for Bruno, does he get the three or four players he’s asked for or does he find that he’s not getting the backing he needs to do the job ( and three or four doesn’t mean one or two more squad players) .

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26 Aug 2021 16:11:54
It's getting interesting and nervy at the same time oxley. We seem to be linked with certain players then moving on to second choices, why dosnt anyone want to join us? Is it because we can't offer European competitions? We won't meet wages? Or is the club not being represented well? . Perhaps the links are just tenuous journalism. End of the day bruno might find himself with no recruits.

26 Aug 2021 19:44:03
Abbey- it because the club are being ambitious by going for quality youngsters. Only problem with them is that the only reason they are leaving there current team is cause they want Euro footy, which we can't offer! Better to be ambitious and try to get quality rather than go for average players no one else wants! 👍.

26 Aug 2021 21:40:46
Agree BullysBoy for a club like Wolve there is usually no point in signing players who are no better than what we already have. We aren't City who can afford to buy up the sort of experienced cover that they can. So financial reality suggests young signings better than the U21's / U23's that we already have is the way to go. I think I'd rather see us give the younger players a chance than pay over the odds if we can't get better players than we alteady have.

27 Aug 2021 07:21:23
I agree bullysboy, where do we get the 3 players that bruno wants then? . And why are we touted to being willing to pay 7m for 29yr old keifer Moore from championship. I'm sure a lot of it is journos and we're working quietly as normal but time is running out. My gut feeling is that we were waiting for big money to come in from adama or neves which hasn't happened (thankfully) .

27 Aug 2021 10:11:56
Arddunby : Financial reality goes out of the window when you own a Premier League football Club, we weren’t talking about money worries when Fosun bought the Club, quite the opposite, they’re either a super rich multi million pound International business who want a successful football Club or they’re not, you only have to look at some of the Clubs in the Championship and beyond who couldn’t, wouldn’t or failed to invest at the right time (we played one the other night) worrying about financial reality really isn’t an option if you want to stay amongst the elite, even more so if you want to compete.

27 Aug 2021 11:28:28
Super-rich international businesses probably don't even need to actually make a profit from a football club, except to keep within FFP rules. There are wider tangible and intangible benefits from club ownership, that can enhance the brand of the business. For Fosun, to elevate Wolves to become one of the best known clubs in the world, would be tremendously rewarding in countless ways. This is the potential but the question is if Fosun can achieve it. Ownership of Wolves is grouped within the aptly-named 'Happiness' division of the Fosun empire. They will certainly bring a lot of happiness to Wolves fans in they get this right.

{Ed002's Note - Have you been at the brown acid?}

27 Aug 2021 11:35:14
Ron that does seem to be the case for some clubs I agree with you on that, and can see why fans think a lack of ambition exists. Fosun took a gamble that paid off on the first season paying big fees for Neves and Jota along with others to get a guaranteed Prem return. The way I see it (which may be wrong) is the further you progress as a club the bigger the gamble and harder to get the return on investment (assuming the club is run as a business rather than the city rich sheikh plaything model) . Other factors like new transfer rules haven't helped but the competition in the club itself (harder to get a starting place) and from other clubs makes it harder to sign good young players now than 4 years back. Barcelona eventually found that you can't pay top players ridiculous wages for ever, and I suppose that's the trade off the club is having to come to terms with.

28 Aug 2021 11:42:39
It’s five years since “the gamble” and some of the high earning big money signings have moved on, as for FFP there’s nothing in the rules that says you can’t increase the capacity of your stadium, some Clubs even build new ones. the fifty thousand capacity stadium that was talked about five years ago would now be generating an extra Million pounds plus every match, is it too much to expect to have a Premier League team playing in a Premier League stadium or is that something we have to watch other Clubs do? Make all the excuses you like we’re being left behind.

28 Aug 2021 16:16:18
Certainly the ideal time to have rebuilt the stadium would have been during lockdown, but it is common for any organisation to reign in spending during hard times and invest at the peak of success prior to a downturn. It would have been one hell of a gamble to spend 50 mill on the ground not knowing how long it coukd be left empty!



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