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23 Aug 2021 19:00:05
Despite being a Wolves fan for 60 years, I have only just joined this site. I am wondering if anyone agrees with me that Fosun are just using our club as a platform for trading younger players of which there are already quite a few examples. I am beginning to wonder as long as we remain in the premier league they will be happy and able to continue with that plan without investing vast sums.

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23 Aug 2021 21:04:42
And the point of that would be what? Fosun have already stated it's only FFP holding them back. To grow and succeed in the modern game you have to build slowly. 2 years ago the under 23's were told they'd have to be self sufficient. They'd have to buy and sell players and sell players coming through to buy more players to hope they find a couple of gems along the way. All clubs do what you are suggesting. You only have to look at Chelsea, Liverpool etc. Any fan that questions Fosuns commitment to our wonderful football club is foolish.

23 Aug 2021 21:59:57
Welcome EssexWolf. I can see why you may think that particularly with regard to the U23's. The issue with the first team is more complex and involves building a marketable global sports brand. Which is frankly what all the top clubs are trying to achieve. When the club achieves regular success it becomes obviously more attractive for players who want to sign for the club. So in answer to your question, no not really, I just feel times have changed not necessarily for the better or worse and clubs are now more commercially aware than they were in the 60's when the fan base was far more local and clubs were still largely run by locals.

24 Aug 2021 06:35:09
I think wolves have been in the premier league to long now the wage bill to high. To get relegated would be a financial disaster. For wolves and fosun.

24 Aug 2021 06:54:23
Why talk about relegation?
It would be financially bad for any team why us wolves.
We played well and unfortunate not to get any points from the 2 teams who had already beaten the champions man City this season.
I can't see a team like us with the proof stated above as in relegation.
Each to their own thoughts I guess.

24 Aug 2021 11:16:34
Why are we waiting for Spurs an Man u to decide if they want Traore and Neves, we have just sold two players an gained £18 million so are Fosun not prepare to give £7 million to buy Guedes. We are short of quality player in our squad just look at our bench on match days so I do not understand what is going on.

24 Aug 2021 11:53:19
I agree with you baza.
There is definitely something u nderhand going on at our great club. Teams all around us are bringing in players for fun. Even teams that a few years ago couldn't have dreamt about being mentioned in same breath as us. We let Liverpool buy Jota on a buy now pay later scheme and now Spurs are trying it on with a loan to buy for Traore.
Just when you think the Neves thing has died down Man. U are still waiting in the wings.
Guess we have to accept that we are now a selling club. How we have let it slip eh.
Sorry to go on but I love my club and hate to see it slipping back down the leagues.

24 Aug 2021 13:11:53
So far we've played two top teams, and should have got points from both matches, having been the better side for most of the games
But it's same old story. Can't finish, if we address that, then the sky's the limit, coyw.

24 Aug 2021 13:28:03
I agree greyleg, a quality striker and we'd be top of the league.
Bruno in the space of five weeks has got us playing strong attacking football.
He needs to be backed with any money we have available for strengthening the squad.

24 Aug 2021 16:15:52
Apparently we turned down loan to buy for Traore and haven’t we bought more quality than we’ve sold? Jota sale was a shame but he wanted to go, doc sale was good IMO, people need to have a little faith. Why would fosun continue to build the wolves brand if the have lost interest? If we were as big a brand as say Man Utd we could spend like they do. It takes time though.

24 Aug 2021 17:13:47
Doherty sale to Spurs was possibly for £13m after commission but Semedo cost us somewhere between £28m and £35m with add-ons (along with a ridiculous salary for a questionable defender) . Although the Jota money looked good on paper, you sense that the Hoever deal was inflated to help out Liverpool to achieve the Jota fee at that time. Of course I have faith but I hope we’re a bit more savvy in the last week of this market than we have been in the last couple of windows. The jury is out for the next 7 days.

24 Aug 2021 17:17:20
Fosun definitely haven't lost interest, but FFP prohibits what money they can invest in the club so the club has to be self sufficient. The days of Man City and Chelsea of old are no more for clubs with rich owners. The drop in gates, merch sales, prize money last season has to be taken into account and Fosun can't just write a cheque to fill the gap or give the club an extra few million to buy a player if the money isn't generated by club revenue.

Spending money doesn't always guarantee success. QPR and Fulham have spent a fortune in the PL and both ended up getting relegated. Derby have blown a fortune trying to get out of the Championship and look closer than anything to ending up in League One.

The model has always been to buy players to sell at a profit from the moment they took over the club, so seeing this happen shouldn't really be a surprise. We're owned by a corporation and not by a fan and they will behave as such, which hasn't worked out too badly on the pitch so far.
We all know the squad would benefit from a few additions, but I'd much rather any transfer money is spent wisely to improve the team and not just on a "name" to appease fans.



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