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14 Aug 2021 18:38:03
Not disappointed at all about the result a lot of positives to take from it we had 18 shots yes 18 to Leicesters 7, Marcial love him allready we've been lacking a player for awhile that isn't afraid to rough up players a bit and he seems to be that guy.
I have a very good feeling about Bruno.

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14 Aug 2021 19:29:45
Good post Rated, agree about roughing it up a bit.
You look the first season we came up, in plenty games Jota and or Neves got yellow cards most weeks and I think we've lost a bit of that bite since.
I like Marçal, let's hope he stays fit.

14 Aug 2021 20:34:23
To all the posters on here who have had a go at me because I have aired my opinions which are construed as negative-that's fine-but don't tell me to 'be quiet' or accuse me of not being a Wolves fan, because I am airing concerns that have been historical in repetition at this football club, season after season since September 1964-you work it out! Also suggest you listen to other Wolves fans on other media platforms who are airing similar views. Not as important as this platform-obviously!

14 Aug 2021 20:59:13
SQ it is constant from you though every post is moaning or negative and people are getting tired of it.
I welcome all views but you just seem to want to constantly bash the club, owners and players.
On the positive at least we didn't lose 3-2 to Watford lol, chin up mate still 37 games to go.

14 Aug 2021 21:04:55
Everyone's entitled to their opinion
Everyone's views are different
Everyone sees things in a different light
Everyone sees different things in a game
As far as I'm concerned every wolves fan is welcome on this site.
Keep your posts coming.

14 Aug 2021 21:50:00
I don’t think anyone wants to hear a fellow fan saying the team we all love is nailed on for relegation. Also saying the players aren’t good enough and we need to get quality in isn’t a productive statement, I agree with other posters I’ll be behind my team even if they aren’t good enough. When the effort is obvious why not get behind the players we have. Yes we could spend more money but I believe the club is doing what they can, we could be like arsenal signing a new defender for £50mil then lose to Brentford. Also SQ every season since we’ve been back in the premier you and some others say we will get relegated, clearly you have been wrong thus far so why not realise that and maybe question if your outlook is negative and possibly outdated. Not wanting to cause offence, I’m just trying to understand why someone would feel the need to criticise their team when said team are doing ok, after all we are in the premier league not div 4.

14 Aug 2021 22:50:49
SQ you are airing concerns which are historical since 1964? Get a grip mate, I was born in 64 and things now are much much better than many many, almost all of the years since, if Fosun want out, if we are selling all our best players, if we aren’t breaking our transfer record year after year, if we haven’t got world class stars wearing our shirt ( Jimenez, Neves, Moutinho to name 3 ) or if we have been in a relegation battle every year since promotion then moan, I will moan with you but to be so negative all the time and before the season has even started ain’t doing anyone any good, I apologise for stating earlier that you ain’t a wolves fan, you obviously are but act like one and back your team 🐺.

15 Aug 2021 00:35:40
I'm ok with today, we didn't get hammered, we narrowly lost to a pretty decent team, and that's the premier League for you, I'd be worried if I was palace or arsenal fan, we just need a couple of decent signings, not kids, we have loads of them

15 Aug 2021 06:50:54
Sq 'be quiet' was because, as outlined above, you have nothing positive to say and you are simply reiterating the same negative line over and over to the extent that I query whether your simply a stirrer.
1964? Where were we in 1970/ 71 and on ward? Anyhow everyone has an opinion everyone has a right to express it, but you do seem to recycle the relegation doom and gloom over and over and over. So look ob the bright side sometimes, it's been a miserable 50 odd years for you if you truly think were that bad now. I'm sorry if you took offence but please realise folk would like to read some sensible reasoned criticism instead.

15 Aug 2021 07:01:05
We are all entitled to our own opinion please or offend, but we all have one thing in common. We love our club and want what is best for it.

15 Aug 2021 08:56:13
For my view on negative comments, there seems to be a certain section of fans who seem to actively want bad things to happen (probably stems from the Bhatti Brothers days) . These people constantly refer to the “Morgan and Moxey era” and anyone who celebrated anything positive during their tenure were labeled as “happy clappers” this mentality has poured over into the “Fosun era” I think this mindset is toxic as Fosun have proved their intentions.

Now, don’t get me wrong here I’m a bit frustrated at the lack of strengthening in certain positions AMF being one. Granted we got a decent young CB who seems to be the real deal and a genuine diamond. We need a forward (not knocking Silva, he’s not the complete article yet but I think he’ll come good) . But we’ll see more new faces before the window closes. And let’s not forget, we’ve done well to keep key players.

As for yesterday there were many positives to be taken from.

15 Aug 2021 09:50:05
My thoughts are the same as Greyleg though some views I think are over stated but see that as wanting to get their feelings across.

On personal level I enjoyed the day yesterday even though I worked myself up into a frenzy and was disappointed naturally that we lost and both my bets I lost, lol like I said I'm not betting for along time, tge buzz I had for the first Saturday of the season the bookies saw me coming and I got sucked in to believing I was on a winner.
I prefer to think the best outcome and are always prepared for the pit of disappointment in my stomach when it doesn't go the way I wanted.
Onwards we go 9 nil agaisnt forest lol only joking we will scrape through but will win.

15 Aug 2021 09:50:18
Shots on target 3 - goals nil - points nil - Most of us knew we’d be bottom six after three games, then the season starts with a trip to Watford who play with power, pace and score goals, not good enough to play pretty football, not big enough to scrap it out, Bruno’s still waiting for the three or four players he’s asked for, can only hope he gets them and they’re ready for a relegation battle.

15 Aug 2021 09:52:25
Recent results against Leicester (who are a good side) have been 0-0 or 1-0, one way or the other, if my memory serves me correctly. No cause for undue concern in the latest result.

15 Aug 2021 14:35:07
It's called a fan site every one can write what there opinion is it may be gloomy 90% of the time but hey ho if you don't like what they say that's tough luck the pack sticks together no reason for people not to air their concerns you just correct them and remind them of the past and were we were before fosun took us over you can't argue that fosun have no ambition unfortunately ffp are there for a reason we can all be disappointed at people coming in but if we get to keep our top talents so be it I would much rather have neves and traore than what 70 million that we would by no doubt only be able to afford 1 decent player why not be happy we get to keep 2 stars rather than swapping 2 for 1 not fosun fault some supporters rather than believe transfer gossip than the owners who said to buy players we have to sell our best talent but we will not sell unless our valuation is not met clubs don't want to pay more than 30 million for traore or nerves we want 50 for each.



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